The 9 Best Gig Apps for Earning Extra Cash in 2023: An Expert‘s Guide for Maximizing Your Income

Hey there! Looking to earn some extra money in your free time this year? You‘re in the right place. Gig apps have become massively popular over recent years thanks to their unmatched combination of good pay, flexibility, and accessibility. Anyone can sign up to start making money on their own schedule with just a smartphone and internet access.

This comprehensive guide will overview the 9 top-earning gig apps in detail to help you identify the best options to fit your lifestyle. I‘ll provide insider knowledge on what workers can expect from each app in 2023 regarding pay rates, requirements to sign up, features, bonuses and more. My goal is to equip you with everything needed to maximize your income potential this year!

Why Gig Apps Are Booming

Let‘s first talk about why these gig platforms have taken off so rapidly before diving into the top app recommendations:

Easy Money on Your Own Terms

Gig apps allow virtually anyone to log in on demand and start earning money on their phone. As long as you meet baseline eligibility criteria, you can get approved and taking jobs within hours, on your own schedule.

Much easier than interviews, commutes and set shifts with traditional work.

Flexibility is King

You set your availability with gig apps – work as much or as little as fits your lifestyle each week. Transition seamlessly from full-time to part-time work and back again. Perfect if you need to supplement income between jobs or want to earn casually on the side.

Higher Pay Than Expected

Between base pay rates, incentives and tips, earnings often exceed $20 per hour on average. Some top performers make $30+ regularly. Much higher pay potential than most part-time jobs.

Rapid Payments

Unlike paycheck jobs that take weeks to distribute earnings, gig apps pay out daily or multiple times per week in most cases so you get access to money faster.

Breakdown of the Top 9 Gig Apps

Alright, let‘s get to the main event – a head-to-head comparison of the 9 best gig apps for making extra money in 2023!

1. Uber

Uber dominates the ridesharing space with the largest driver network,highest passenger demand and best brand recognition. They lead rivals in keeping drivers busiest around the clock in most regions.

Pay: Expect earnings of $20-35 per hour on average after expenses like gas and mileage wear and tear. Pay boosts during high demand times can increase hourly rates further.

Perks: Uber allows drivers to cash out earnings instantly at any point during the day to get paid faster. Leaderboards, quest bonuses and rewards programs incentivize drivers further.

Requirements: Must pass a background check, have a 4-door vehicle aged 2000 or newer and valid driver‘s license/insurance. That‘s it!

2. DoorDash

DoorDash ranks as the top food delivery gig thanks to strong market share, technology and corporate backing. Known for offering the highest driver satisfaction and pay rates within the sector.

Pay: Dashers earn $20-30 per hour on average from DoorDash base pay + 100% of customer tips. Peak pay and challenges provide regular bonus opportunities.

Perks: Same day pay available. Rating protection and dedicated Dasher support resources elevate the experience. Access to sign-up and referral bonuses.

Requirements: Just need to be 18+ years old with a valid license, recent smartphone and form of transportation like a car, bike or scooter.

3. Instacart

Instacart dominates the grocery and retail delivery space with partnerships across 30,000+ national, regional and local stores across North America.

Pay: Shoppers earn $15-25 per hour on average. Pay calculated from a per batch fee + $0.60 per mile + 100% tips. "Busy pricing" during surges increases rates further.

Perks: Can preview expected earnings for each order before accepting. Shopper support focused community forums and shopper-led Facebook groups available.

Requirements: Just need to be 18+ years old with a valid license and recent smartphone. Can shop and deliver by car or even on foot.

4. TaskRabbit

On TaskRabbit, skilled taskers bid on local odd jobs and tasks posted by clients. Everything from handyman work to furniture assembly to running errands. Define your own availability, rates and service offerings.

Pay: Taskers earn an average of $40 per hour but pay rates based entirely on what individuals charge clients. Many taskers earn $50-100+ per hour for work requiring specialized skills.

Perks: Keep 100% of what you charge clients. Build repeat business and your profile over time.

Requirements: Must pass background check. Open to all skill sets – no other prerequisites to sign up!

5. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex allows drivers to safely deliver packages for Amazon in their local area on a flexible schedule. One of the most popular gigs for those with vehicles looking for steady earnings.

Pay: Up to $25 per hour including tips. 99% of blocks pay between $18-25 per hour according to Flex workers. Surge pay during busy times can increase rates further.

Perks: No interview or resume required. Consistent stream of delivery block job opportunities across regions.

Requirements: Must have 4-door vehicle, license, insurance and clear background check.

6. Rover

On Rover, pet lovers transform their passion into profits by providing dog walking, pet sitting visits or overnight boarding and housesitting services.

Pay: Sitters set their own rates but usually earn $15-40 per 30 minute visit on average. Overnight services earn up to $100-150.

Perks: 100% of rates paid directly to sitters. Repeat client builds over time by providing exceptional service. Scalable – take on as much or as little work as fits schedule.

Requirements: Must love pets of course! Just need to pass a basic background check as well.

7. Lyft

Lyft allows drivers to earn income by safely transporting passengers in their local area. A popular alternative earning 75-80% as much as Uber drivers in most markets.

Pay: Expect $15-25 per hour after expenses based on your market rates and hours driven. Tips allow you to earn above these averages.

Perks: Generally considered easier to get started driving for Lyft vs Uber. Lyft also highlights better company ethics and values support for drivers.

Requirements: Same as Uber – valid driver‘s license, insurance, solid vehicle condition and background check required initially.

8. Grubhub

Grubhub allows drivers to earn income delivering meals from local restaurants to hungry customers in their region.

Pay: Drivers earn $13-19 per hour from Grubhub including 100% of tips. Occasional bonuses during peak times can boost earnings.

Perks: Perks like tuition assistance, discounts on phones and vehicle maintenance differentiate Grubhub‘s driver support offerings.

Requirements: Valid license, background check, insurance and delivery vehicle required. Age varies by state between 18-21+ years old depending on market.

9. Turo

On Turo you can safely rent out your extra vehicles to pre-vetted locals when not using them. Essentially Airbnb but for cars instead of homes!

Pay: Owners earn an average of $9,700 per year or $36 per day approximately but top performers optimize pricing, volume and operations to earn $20k+ annually.

Perks: Passive income stream from an idle asset while cars typically remain closeby within the local community. Lower wear and tear than rideshare driving.

Requirements: Just need a clean driving record to list eligible vehicles. Extra insurance coverage included to protect owners.

Key Takeaways On Maximizing Income

Hope this detailed overview gives you a better feel for the options! Here are my recommendations based on over 10 years in the gig economy industry on how to maximize your earnings:

  • Multi-app between apps like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash etc based on what‘s busiest in your area
  • Experiment with a mix of active (Uber, Instacart) and passive (Turo, Taskrabbit) earning
  • Consider hybrid models – leverage a passion by walking dogs on your lunch break for example
  • Track expenses diligently so you know true profit margins
  • Use driver promos and referral codes when signing up

The freedom and control to work as much or as little as you want on your own terms is invaluable. And the extra earning potential doesn‘t hurt either! Whichever path you choose, I‘m confident you‘ll find gig work empowering. Feel free to reach out directly if any other questions come up!

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