Discover the Charm of Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for chicken breeds that will give a unique look to your backyard coop? If you are, you are in luck! This article will present some of the most interesting feathered-footed chicken breeds. These lovely fluffy breeds will surely “stand out from the crowd” with their one-of-a-kind look.

Whether you are looking for new cute feathered pets, fresh eggs for breakfast, delicious chicken meat, or a new addition to your farm, you can’t go wrong by choosing these adorable chickens with feathers on their feet. These chicken breeds have it all, the looks, the eggs, and the meat! They come in different sizes and feather colors. The chicken breeds with feathered feet were originally bred in colder climates, hence the feathers on their feet to keep their feet warm. We have created a list of chicken breeds with feathered feet so you can learn more about them before picking the one you think is best for your farm or backyard setting.

There are many chicken breeds with feathers on their feet to choose from. Besides the similarity in their feathered feet, these chicken breeds have different characteristics. To help you find the ones that fulfill your requirements, we have conducted extensive research to make this list of 7 chicken breeds with feathered feet.

7 Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet

Each of the 7 chicken breeds on our list has distinctive feathered feet and good looks. But, they all have unique characteristics such as country of origin, temperament, lifespan, weight, color, egg-laying ability, meat quality, and poultry show quality. Read on before you choose the chicken breed with feathered feet that best fits your purpose.

1.    Brahma

  • Country of origin: China
  • Temperament: Calm
  • Lifespan: 8 years and more
  • Weight: Male (10lbs)/ Female (8lbs)
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Color: Light, dark, or buff
  • Egg-laying ability: 3-4 brown eggs per week
Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - BrahmaChicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Brahma
Credit: @federstars

Brahma chickens are one of the largest chicken breeds with feathered feet. Therefore, they need more space than regular chickens, 12 to 14 square feet each. Due to their size but calm temperament, they are called gentle giants. They thrive in colder climates and prefer laying over the cooler months (from October to May). Besides their size and egg-laying routine you should know the following characteristics of the Brahma chicken breed with feathered feet:

  • Brahma is a great meat-producing chicken breed;
  • They have powerful wings, but their weight stops them from flying much (Brahmas can easily be kept behind a 2 to 3 feet high fence);
  • To determine their sex, you will need at least five months;
  • These chickens are around 30 inches high;
  • Brahma hens are good egg-layers sitting devotedly on their nests;
  • Brahmas spend most of their day roaming around (ideal for an urban setting);
  • It is hard to estimate the feeding ratio, so Brahmas thrive best when they are free-fed.

Brahmas enjoy variety, freedom, and roaming, so make sure there is enough space in the coop. This chicken breed with feathered feet gets along with everyone and can supply you with both eggs and delicious meat.

2.    Cochin

  • Country of origin: China (Shanghai province)
  • Temperament: Calm, quiet
  • Lifespan: up to 10 years
  • Weight: Male (11lbs)/ Female (8.5lbs)
  • Size: Large
  • Color: 25 color varieties (recognized by the American Poultry Association-APA)
  • Egg-laying ability: 2 brown eggs per week
Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - CochinChicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Cochin
Credit: @cochin_turkey

Just like the Brahma, the Cochin chickens are large with fluffy feathers. If you see them from the side their heavy structure looks like a big heart-shaped fluff ball. This chicken breed with feathered feet and full and soft body feathering thrive in a cold climate and needs shade and cool areas during summer. If you decide to add the Cochin chicken breeds into your coop, you should know that:

  • This feathery chicken breed is great for a pet, eggs, and ornamental purposes (poultry exhibitions);
  • Cochin has short wings with puffy tail feathers;
  • They are not the best first choice for meat production;
  • Cochin chickens are very mild-mannered birds excellent for any backyard and farm setting;
  • They are a bit lazy and don’t like to roam around;
  • Cochin prefers to be fed rather than rummage for food;
  • They show maternal characteristics;
  • Cochin starts laying eggs when they become 8 months old;
  • Watch their weight as they tend to get fat and lay a lower number of eggs;
  • They are one of the quietest breeds, which makes them a perfect choice for an urban setting.

Make sure you keep them in dry spaces to avoid frostbite on their feathered feet. Even though they don’t mind the cold keep them dry and away from wet puddles. Cochin is a good chicken breed if you are looking for ideal flock-mates with a gentle disposition.

3.    Silkie

  • Country of origin: China or Japan, while some favor India
  • Temperament: Docile and friendly
  • Lifespan: 7 to 8 years
  • Weight: Male (2-3lbs)/ Female (1.5-2lbs)
  • Size: Small
  • Color: 8 recognized colors by the American Poultry Association-APA
  • Egg-laying ability: 2-3 cream to tinted eggs per week
Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - SilkieChicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Silkie
Credit: @cerpotcritters

The Silkie’s name comes from the chicken’s fluffy plumage than feels like silk. This chicken breed has other interesting features as well like black skin and bones under its silky feathers, and five instead of four toes.

The Silkie is way smaller than the Brahma and Cochin and has the following characteristics:

  • The Silkie is low maintenance and easy to care for;
  • They love free rummaging but you should keep an eye out for predators;
  • They are quiet and great as house/ apartment pets;
  • The Silkie breed coexists well with other friendly breeds;
  • Silkies enjoy cuddles and love interacting with people;
  • They are small and bony and used mostly for soups and stocks;
  • You will need 4 square feet of space per Silkie in your backyard or farm setting;
  • They can’t fly so it is best to place the nests on the ground or just a few inches above the ground.

Their lovely silky feel feathers don’t protect them from bad weather. So, in a wet climate secure their access to dry and warm places because the feathers don’t keep them from soaking. If they get wet keep them warm and dry them until they regain their standard temperature.

4.    Faverolles

  • Country of origin: France
  • Temperament: Active but gentle
  • Lifespan: 5 to 7 years
  • Weight: Male (7lbs)/ Female (5.5lbs)
  • Size: Medium size
  • Color: Salmon and white
  • Egg-laying ability: 3-4 medium-tinted to light-brown eggs per week
Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - FaverollesChicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Faverolles
Credit: @dedrentsebroedstee

The Faverolles is a medium-sized chicken breed with feathered feet and great egg-laying and meat qualities. Just like the Silkie the Faverolles chicken breed is characterized by five toes. They have quite an interesting trapezoid body shape which makes them look bigger than their real size. This chicken breed with feathered feet has these distinguished features:

  • The Faverolles hens are known as great mothers and sitters;
  • The Faverolles chicken breed is curious and energetic and gets along with everyone;
  • They adapt well both in confinement and roaming around free;
  • They are suitable for beginner chicken owners and families;
  • If a strange animal approaches your chicken coop the Faverolles will loudly alert you;
  • Check their beards and feathered legs regularly because they are prone to lice;
  • They are bad fliers so you don’t need high fences around your coop;
  • They mature earlier than other chicken breeds and lay their eggs all through the winter.

If you want a friendly, docile chicken breed that makes you smile, and is great with children then the Faverolles could be the one! They are happy even in a small backyard if they have the opportunity to free-range. With the Faverolles you will have eggs well through winter and a decent meal for a small family.

5.    Sultan

  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Temperament: Calm and docile
  • Lifespan: 5 to 8 years
  • Weight: Male (6lbs)/ Female (4lbs)
  • Size: Medium size
  • Color: White
  • Egg-laying ability: 1 small white egg per week
Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - SultanChicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Sultan
Credit: @kunosparkas

The Sultan chicken breed is a great choice for an urban setting. This chicken breed with feathered feet has unique standards and appearance. Small but beautiful with feathers on all parts of the body including its feet the Sultan is adorable and great for exhibition purposes. This is another chicken breed with five toes on its feathering feet. Even though only the white color of the Sultan breed is officially recognized, there are also black and blue Sultan chickens. Here is some more information for you to consider before you start looking after the Sultan chicken breed:

  • There is a bantam version of the Sultan chicken breed;
  • The Sultan hens are poor egg layers and there is nothing much to do to increase their egg production;
  • If you want a regular egg supply, you would need a different breed;
  • Sultans are friendly and calm chicken breed and easy to tame;
  • They are a good choice for an exhibition or backyard pet;
  • They need proper housing and a grassy area for running and stretching their legs;
  • The Sultans are on the critical list so there aren’t many places where you can see them on the menu;
  • As great fliers, they should be kept inside the coop with a higher fence;
  • They don’t like cold weather and if they get wet they are subject to frostbite.

If you decide to enrich your chicken coop with this beautiful chicken breed, make sure to keep them protected from outside predators. The Sultans need a lot of care, but they are worthy as they make wonderful pets and backyard ornaments. If you add to that their great personality, and minimal health issues they could be a lovely addition to your flock.

6.    Pekin Bantam

  • Country of origin: China
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Lifespan: 5 to 8 years
  • Weight: Male (1.5lbs)/ Female (1.25lbs)
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Black, blue, buff, cuckoo, mottled, barred, Columbian, lavender, partridge, white, birchen, and silver partridge and even rarer colors which are in high demand
  • Egg-laying ability: 2 white/cream eggs per week
Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Pekin BantamChicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Pekin Bantam
Credit: @robbysbirdfarm

The Pekin chicken breed with feathered feet has a rather round-shaped body and a posture that tilts forward. The Pekin color range is wide and continuously growing because many breeders are perfecting new lines of colors. Pekin Bantams are an ideal choice for pets due to their calm temperament. This interesting chicken breed also has the following characteristics:

  • Pekin Bantams hens are very docile if handled properly, but the Pekin bantam roosters can sometimes be aggressive and self-protective of their territory and mates;
  • Pekin Bantam hens are good sitters and mothers, but are low-productive egg layers;
  • Pekin Bantams are mostly used as ornamental birds;
  • Due to their distinguished looks, they make an elegant addition to any flock;
  • They are one of the tiniest chickens breeds on the planet;
  • Pekin Bantam’s height is between 25 and 30 cm;
  • They like flying so make sure to have higher perches in the coop to keep them happy;
  • A small-sized chicken coop is just right for this chicken breed, at least 2 square feet for each Pekin Bantam.

Besides their good looks, this chicken breed with feathered feet is easy to care for. They are quiet and friendly and love getting extra attention and care from their owners. If you treat them right and show them love Pekin Bantam will be your excellent companions.

7.    Booted Bantam

  • Country of origin: The Netherlands
  • Temperament: Quiet and calm
  • Lifespan: up to 10 years
  • Weight: Male (1.8lbs)/ Female (1.4lbs)
  • Size: Small
  • Color: 20 colors (buff, barred, blue, golden, cuckoo, porcelain, black and more, but only 5 are recognized by the APA)
  • Egg-laying ability: 2 small creamy white eggs per week
Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Booted Bantam Chicken Breeds with Feathered Feet - Booted Bantam
Credit: @zwerghuhnzucht_keppeler

Booted Bantam is another small chicken breed with feathered feet that is mostly used for pets and exhibitions. They are many interesting characteristics you should know about if you are considering adding the Booted Bantam chicken breed to your coop:

  • They don’t like extremely cold or hot weather and need constant care and attention;
  • Booted Bantam chickens are perfect for poultry exhibitions due to their striking appearance;
  • They are great for small-scale farming;
  • The hens are decent layers, but the eggs are too small;
  • Booted Bantam chicken love to fly;
  • They are not noisy, so they will not wake you up early in the morning;
  • They get along with everyone, people, kids, and other breeds;
  • Booted Bantam is a rear breed, but it’s not on the conservation list;
  • They are better pets and show birds than egg layers.

If you are looking for a pet or an exhibition chicken breed with low egg production, then Booted Bantam is the right breed for you!


As you can see, there are many chicken breeds with feathered feet to choose from. Some are great for pets and poultry exhibitions, while others are used for their delicious meat and fresh eggs. If you are searching for a chicken breed with a unique look for your farm or backyard, you may consider raising chickens with feathered feet. They will look great in your coop and make lovely pets for your kids.

Use our list to find the chicken breed with cute feathery feet and legs that suit your personality and infrastructure. Don’t rush things! Review their features and find the feather-footed chicken breed that suits you perfectly!

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