Decoding How Much You‘ll Pay for Every Tesla Model in 2023

You likely landed here because you‘ve considered going electric with your next vehicle purchase. And the Tesla brand probably caught your eye first, given its automotive luxury paired with environmental responsibility.

Tesla completely redefined electric vehicles, proving they can outperform gas-powered cars while eliminating tailpipe emissions. But this trailblazing technology does come at a cost. Let‘s break down the functionally distinct models in Tesla‘s portfolio so you can decide if one fits both your lifestyle and budget.

Tesla‘s Meteoric Rise as a Car Company

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers in Silicon Valley, led by longtime CEO Elon Musk. While new car companies rarely succeed, Tesla excelled by taking an ultra-luxurious electric sports car initially priced over $100,000 and using the profits to fund more affordable models.

Now in 2023, Tesla has etched itself as one of few mass-market EV automakers. The company‘s four premium models span sedan, SUV, and very soon – pickup truck and sports car varieties. Despite economic challenges, over 450,000 people still have outstanding reservations for Tesla vehicles not even produced yet.

What compelled so many consumers to bet big on the Tesla brand? For starters, industry-leading range eliminating range anxiety. With EPA estimates crossing 400 miles for some versions, charging needs diminish greatly. Blistering acceleration also distinguishes Tesla models, thanks to instant electric torque. Meanwhile, Tesla‘s commitment to over-the-air updates keeps vehicles fresh years after purchase.

Now let‘s examine what each model costs today along with the technology powering these capable electric cars.

Tesla Model 3: The "Affordable" Tesla Sedan

As Tesla‘s cheapest model by far, the Model 3 sedan helped Tesla boost production nearly 10x since 2019 as more consumers could afford this versatile EV. Pricing starts at $43,000 before any gas savings or incentives. Three Model 3 configurations exist:

ConfigurationBatteryRange0-60 mphPrice
RWD50 kWh272 miles5.8s$43,000
AWD Long Range75 kWh358 miles4.2s$57,000
AWD Performance75 kWh315 miles3.1s$63,000

Tesla‘s cutting-edge platform architecture and battery technology enables Model 3 versions to deliver range and performance rivaling $100k+ luxury cars. A minimalistic interior also cuts costs while a centered tablet screen upgrades cabin tech.

Popular Model 3 add-ons that impact pricing include:

  • Autopilot: $15,000
  • Premium paint: $2,000
  • 20” induction wheel upgrade: $4,500
  • White interior ($2,500 for faux leather)
  • Tow hitch: $1,000
  • Full self-driving: $15,000

With such options, expect most Model 3 configurations to sticker between $60-80k.

Tesla Model Y: Model 3 Versatility as a Crossover SUV

Capitalizing on the raging consumer appetite for SUVs, Tesla launched the Model Y crossover in 2020 on existing Model 3 infrastructure. Size, range, and performance closely align with remarkable utility for people/cargo hauling.

The Model Y seats 5 to 7 passengers depending on thechosen interior. Customize your desired acceleration and range too:

ConfigurationBatteryRange0-60 mphSeatsPrice
AWD Long Range75 kWh330 miles4.8s5/7$65,000
AWD Performance75 kWh303 miles3.5s5/7$69,000

This electric crossover features comparable optional upgrades too:

  • 6 or 7 seat interior
  • Tow package + hitch
  • Autopilot + FSD
  • Induction/Uberturbine wheels
  • Premium paint
  • White interior material

With a $65-70k starting point before customizations or added tech, expect fully-loaded prices crossing $80-90k.

Cost to Buy the Tesla Models S and X Flagships

If sedans or compact SUVs have inadequate space or performance for your demands, Tesla‘s premier Model S sedan and Model X SUV flagships deliver max luxury and tech. Sold since 2012 and 2015 respectively, the S and X are for executive travel with seven-figure incomes.

Let‘s contrast the Model S variants, the hornest EV production sedan ever made:

ConfigurationBatteryRange0-60 mphPrice
AWD Long Range100 kWh405 miles3.1s$105,000
AWD Plaid100 kWh390 miles<2.0s$136,000

With 1,020 horsepower allowing under 2.0s 0-60 mph sprints, the Model S Plaid batters exotic supercars. Expect loaded prices approaching $200,000 when fully customized.

How does Tesla‘s largest EV – the palatial Model X SUV – compare cost-wise?

ConfigurationBatteryRange0-60 mphSeatsPrice
Model X Long Range100 kWh348 miles3.8s5/7$120,000
Model X Plaid100 kWh333 miles2.5s5/7$140,000

With seating for up to seven amplified by nitrous-injected acceleration, the Model X also crosses into six-figures when adding all the fruit.

Clearly no restraint exists with the S and X models regarding luxury, size or road performance.

Cybertruck and Roadster: Tesla‘s Future Models

While Tesla‘s four current models span affordable to ultra-luxury buyers, two futuristic models are coming by 2024.

The Cybertruck pickup targets mainstream practicality starting under $50,000. Powered by Tesla‘s 4680 battery cells boosting range and torque, three Cybertruck configurations will emerge offering 300+ to 500+ miles of range while towing over 10,000 pounds in some trims. With polarizing origami styling and ultra-strong exoskeleton, Cybertruck pre-orders require just a $100 refundable deposit.

Meanwhile the next-generation Tesla Roadster pushes supercar performance limits with claims of 1.1s 0-60 mph times, 620 miles of range, and seating for four. This all-electric exotic starts at $200,000+ with SpaceX-inspired cold gas thruster options. As Tesla‘s fastest accelerating vehicle ever built, the second-coming Roadster arrives in 2024 for well-heeled driving enthusiasts who find even the Model S Plaid too tame.

Which Tesla Model Matches Your Budget?

Deciding how much you should spend for electric driving euphoria depends heavily on your household finances and intended car usage. With industry-leading range eliminating charging anxiety plus deathtrap acceleration grinning drivers ear-to-ear, Tesla vehicles compel like no others.

Yet these sensational electric cars span from merely expensive with the Model 3 to astronomical pricing akin to Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini territory for the top Plaid and future Roadster trims.

While specific pricing fluctuates, expect to spend:

  • $50,000 to $90,000+ for the Tesla sedans (Model 3 and Model S)
  • $70,000 to $140,000+ for the Tesla SUV models (Model Y and Model X)
  • $40,000 to $75,000 for the upcoming Cybertruck pickup
  • $200,000+ for the next Roadster halo sports car

Options, upgrades, and taxes further add thousands for most buyers. Is deliciously torqued electric performance worth the premium over gasoline alternatives? For hundreds of thousands of Tesla early adopters globally, driving the future eclipses any price tag.

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