Harness the Power of Solar in Washington: A 2023 Guide to the Top Installers

Solar energy adoption continues accelerating across Washington state, driven by expanded incentives, lower costs and residents prioritizing energy independence. This definitive guide examines Washington’s solar landscape in-depth to empower homeowners navigating the transition. With solar ballooning statewide yet supplier options widening, we spotlight the year’s top-rated rooftop solar installers helping residents maximize savings.

Washington‘s Solar Industry Growth Trajectory Looks Bright

While Washington sees typical peak sun exposure of just 3 to 4 hours due to its northern climate, solar energy systems produce enough electricity to deliver handsome utility savings.

The Solar Energy Industries Association found Washington ranked #16 nationally for total installed solar capacity as of Q3 2022. The state crossed 627 megawatts (MW), reflecting a sizable 83% jump year-over-year.

![Washington Annual Solar Installations][washington-solar-growth]

Robust momentum should continue. Wood Mackenzie forecasts over 2,100 MW of solar installations over the next five years. That represents 350% growth over the current base.

We attribute this solar boom to economics above all. As hardware and cell efficiency improves, average total installation costs in the state have dropped from nearly $3.70 per watt in 2014 to $2.80 per watt in 2022 reports EnergySage.

When combined with the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit, accelerated depreciation and utility rebates, Washingtonians can recoup their investment in home solar systems within 5-7 years routinely. Proof positive: over 150 solar companies now operate in Washington compared to just 30 in 2017 according to the state’s Department of Labor.

With options multiplying but supplier capabilities varying wildly, this guide zeroes in on six exceptional solar firms proving their merit through thousands of successful Washington installs. We spotlight their credentials, technology, services and financing options so you can determine the ideal partner to realize your solar potential.

Washington‘s 2023 Top Solar Installers

While major national providers like Tesla or Sunrun blanket the airwaves, Washingtonians benefit by going local. Nearby suppliers better grasp the region’s unique climate considerations, utility policy nuances and local building codes maximizing system productivity.

The following ranked solar providers collectively boast over 20,000 Washington installations demonstrating their capabilities translating to homeowner success.

Sunergy Systems – Specializing in High-Efficiency Solar Since 2005

Brothers John and James Fish launched Sunergy Systems in 2005 prior to most recognizing solar’s potential. The locally owned installer now covers Seattle plus Olympia, Tacoma and territory south through Longview. Their 70+ full time staff deliver $15 million in annual solar project volume.

Credentials certifying their expertise encompass SunPower Master Dealer status – SunPower manufactures the world’s highest efficiency panels – and REC Solar’s Diamond Level designation. General Manager John Morrison highlights that Sunergy’s volumes also earn customers pricing unbeatable by smaller competitors.

Benefits of choosing Sunergy abound:

  • The latest high-output equipment – Sunergy utilizes SunPower’s newest 23.2% efficient Equinox home solar solution supplementing energy with flexible storage options.
  • Tailored smart home automation – Custom packages integrate home batteries, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, back-up power and more.
  • Flexible financing programs – Choose from loans, leases, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) options allowing $0 down.
  • SolarStrong extended workmanship warranty – Unique 12 year warranty surpasses the 10 years typically included.

Sunergy delivers an A+ BBB rating and rave customer approval. Casey R. described their “Top notch service from start to finish…you can tell how much pride they take in the work they do.”

Blossom Solar – Empowering Through Education

Blossom Solar founders Dave Williams and Ryan Ciampa built the company around transparency and empowerment through education. The outfit started in California but expanded to Washington given increasing interest in solar offsetting costly hydro-generated electricity.

Blossom provides several unique advantages:

  • Free “Solar Jumpstart” consultations – Blossom meets interested homeowners to address questions before proposing solutions right-sized for needs and budgets.
  • Solar system performance monitoring – Customers gain access to a dashboard tracking system productivity data.
  • Commercial solar focus – Blossom brings deep experience outfitting large buildings and real estate developments with solar.
  • Financing to fit situations – Packages feature loans, leases and PPAs to align with financial preferences.

Blossom holds hundreds of 5 star reviews on Facebook, SolarReviews and other sites applauding their consultative and informative process. Katie P. validated their education focus sharing that “Blossom took time explaining everything about our system, options on financing, etc.”

Blue Raven Solar – Making Green Energy Accessible

Utah-based Blue Raven Solar established its Washington operation in 2015 to expand solar access through flexible financing programs. The company today staffs a dozen offices statewide serving cities like Seattle, Spokane, Redmond and Tacoma.

Their value proposition includes:

  • Complete solution design – Tailors solar plans by adding batteries, EV chargers, automation tech and more to individualize savings.
  • Special financing products – Unique loan options like zero payments for 18 months and fixed low interest rates as low as 0% making adoption affordable.
  • Equipment + workmanship warranty – Panels and hardware backed by 25-year warranties, workmanship protected for 10 years.

Blue Raven retains accredited Elite Partner status with SunPower, has installed over 5,000 residential setups in Washington and holds an impressive A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Hayley P. validated Blue Raven’s 5 star reputation stating “Fantastic company, amazing employees…I refer everyone I talk to about solar to Blue Raven!”

Pro-Stat Solar – Veteran-Founded Local Solar Expert

Locally based in Vancouver, WA, Gulf War veteran Chris Knoll founded Pro-Stat Solar in 2016 to bring premium yet affordable solar power to area homes after seeing the technology’s effectiveness overseas.

What sets Pro-Stat Solar apart includes:

  • Special military/veteran pricing – $1000 discount for active/former military recognizing their service.
  • System performance monitoring – Installations feature monitoring providing real-time production data.
  • Top gear – Utilizes REC Alpha Series Panels and SolarEdge power optimization for maximum productivity.
  • Robust 25-year labor warranty – Workmanship guarantee greatly surpasses the 10 years typically provided.

Pro-Stat retains a perfect 5.0 rating across Facebook, Google and SolarReviews – quite the testament given their hundreds of installs. Stan S. validated “They did an amazing job cleaning up and the attention to detail was impressive.”

Fire Mountain Solar – Personalized Solar Since 2001

Beginning from a home office in Anacortes, WA, Curtis and Aimee Jeppesen grew Fire Mountain Solar into a trusted local solar provider prioritizing education and customer care alongside quality implementations.

As a smaller outfit, Fire Mountain delivers advantages through focus:

  • Solar system modeling assistance – Helps homeowners understand production estimates to right-size installations.
  • DIY solar customer support – Guides those wanting to self-install panels through equipment selection, permitting etc. saving costs.
  • Existing solar system evaluations – Audits or upgrades existing setups to maintain productivity.
  • Direct access to ownership – As a small business, questions get answered directly by the owners.

Fire Mountain trains all technicians internally to their rigorous quality standards. They as well partner with premium equipment providers like Hyundai, Solaria and SolarEdge. This formula garners incredible customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A&R Solar – Transforming Over 4,000 Homes Through Purposeful Solar

A&R Solar, originally known as Artisan Electric, began in 2007 when Oregon State alums Jason Roach and Dave Richards saw solar’s promise. Now employee-owned, A&R dedicates itself to spreading solar through purpose-driven business practices.

Reasons for going solar with A&R include:

  • Custom tailored solutions – Packages incorporating batteries, EV charging and automation technology to maximize independence.
  • B Corp certified business practices – A&R proves accountability through rigorous certification emphasizing ethics and sustainability. 1% of profits fund environmental non-profits.
  • Perfect 10 installation guarantee – Workmanship warranty expanded to 10 years well beyond the industry standard.

A&R retains Diamond level credentials from REC Solar and SunPower further validating its standing earned from 4,000+ WA installs. The company also holds perfect 5.0 ratings across various solar review platforms.

Smart Solar Provider Selection Guidance

With so much riding on your solar decision, follow this advice ensuring the ideal provider match:

Seek Extensive In-State Experience

Given weather limitations, prioritize Washington-based companies having mastered local building codes, utility policy nuances and climate considerations that outside firms may overlook. Our highlighted providers have deep roots maximizing productivity.

Confirm Strong Customer Service

Vet installer attention beyond initial sales calls. Online reviews paint an unbiased picture of actual homeowner experiences – especially system issue responsiveness. Local operations also simplify securing post-sale support.

Verify Legitimate Qualifications

Too many fly-by-night solar sellers lack certified training. Leading manufacturers like REC Solar, SunPower and certain equipment brands only grant “Authorized” or “Certified” status to proven providers maintaining top-notch installation quality and service.

Compare Financing Terms Thoroughly

With systems averaging $17,000 in Washington, financing allows easier adoption. Whether loans, leases or power purchase agreements, inspect terms like fees, ownership implications, contract exits and production guarantees carefully. Reputable suppliers facilitate fair solar financing.

![residential solar installer inspecting roof][solar-installer-on-roof]

Vet solar installers thoroughly on experience, services and financing options to determine the best fit. ©RossHelen/Shutterstock

Understand Post-Installation Support

Ideally solar providers assist customers long after installation through activities like monitoring connectivity troubleshooting, incentive paperwork processing and more. Local, in-state companies simplify securing such support.

Key Takeaways – Is Now the Time for Washingtonians to Go Solar?

  • Solar energy adoption accelerates statewide as equipment improves and incentives reduce costs – Washington installed over 286 megawatts in 2022 alone!
  • Among the top rooftop solar installers in WA according to customer satisfaction are: Sunergy Systems, Blossom Solar, Blue Raven Solar, Pro-Stat Solar, Fire Mountain Solar and A&R Solar.
  • Carefully vetting solar providers on experience, technology, services and workmanship warranties results in ideal system performance and quicker investment payback.
  • With the right installer partnership, Washington homeowners can effectively harness solar to curb expensive utility bills and environmental impact.

Got Solar Questions? We‘ve Got Answers!

How much does a solar energy system cost in Washington?

  • The average price is $17,000 before incentives according to EnergySage. After the 26% federal tax credit plus Washington sales tax break, out-of-pocket drops closer to $12,000.

What are the most affordable solar financing options?

  • Every situation differs slightly, but generally solar loans allow you to claim tax credits as the system owner producing the greatest lifetime value. Leases and PPAs involve third-party ownership.

What solar incentives exist for Washington residents?

How long should solar panels last?

  • The average lifespan is 25-30 years. Many premium manufacturers guarantee 80% power production for 25 years through their warranties.

What types of solar panels perform best?

Ready to explore solar solutions for your home? Connect today with one of Washington’s premier solar consultants for insider advice and technology fitting your needs and budget.

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