Reddit Crowns the 7 Must-Try Wingstop Flavors You Need to Order Today

Have you ever found yourself paralyzed trying to pick just one Wingstop flavor to order? With nearly a dozen sauces and dry rubs on the menu to choose from, it can be downright overwhelming deciding which creation is worthy of your wings.

That‘s why I took the guessing work out of ordering at Wingstop and went straight to the people – Redditors – to determine the definitive top 7 flavor varieties you absolutely cannot leave without trying.

After extensive research aggregating data across Reddit‘s most popular food communities discussing all things Wingstop, it was clear these 7 iconic flavors rose above the rest as the best Wingstop has to offer.

How I Determined Wingstop‘s Best Flavors

As an experienced data analyst and wing enthusiast, I knew Reddit‘s transparent user-generated opinions provided the most unbiased evaluation of Wingstop‘s true standouts.

By examining extensive discussion threads within subreddits like r/wingstop and r/spicy debating favorite flavors and analyzing upvote patterns signaling community approval, definitive trends emerged pointing to 7 beloved flavors.

Here are just a couple example posts where these flavors were heavily upvoted and praised:

I then validated Reddit‘s assessments by personally taste testing each flavor variety during an extensive Wingstop flavor crawl. And I have to say, Reddit was absolutely right in their assessments.

These 7 iconic sauces and rubs all brought unique flavor complexity that took my wing experience to the next level…

1. The OG: Original Hot

As the sauce that put Wingstop on the map in 1994, Original Hot offers the perfect classic Buffalo wing flavor. By combining aged cayenne peppers, chili peppers, vinegar, and butter, this iconic sauce strikes a flawless balance of tangy and addictive heat.

With your first bite, smooth and buttery flavors sweep across your palate before giving way to a slow building aged pepper burn. It‘s cleverly layered so you get wafts the butter and vinegar providing relief between peppery heat flashes that linger on your tongue. I found myself craving more within seconds as the fruity chili peppers danced with the rich butter.

Truly an elevated take on a tried and true Buffalo sauce – I understand why Reddit has crowned it Wingstop‘s undisputed GOAT flavor.

"Wingstop set the gold standard for Buffalo wings with their Original Hot recipe. Perfect buttery tang with addictive aged pepper heat." -u/wings4life

2. Sweet & Spicy: Hot Honey Rub

Living up to its name, Wingstop‘s Hot Honey Rub combo constantly sells out for good reason. Sweet golden honey blended with smoky chili flakes and spices delivers sweet heat flavor bomb that keeps you coming back.

Biting through the crisp exterior gives way to an initial honey sweetness that quickly fades behind a slow rolling heat. As someone who always found honey wings too saccharine, this had perfect balance – the crispness cuts the sweetness while the spice amplifies flavor. Dangerously easy to overindulge in with the captivating flavor contrast.

While technically a "limited time" item, Redditors confirm Hot Honey Rub has earned an permanent spot locked into Wingstop‘s rotation.

"Hot Honey Rub is the pinnacle of sweet meets heat. Perfectly balanced with that crispness cutting the honey richness. Absolute winner." – u/mikehawkson33

3. Zesty Zing: Lemon Pepper

Putting their unique spin on a tried and true chicken wing preparation, Wingstop‘s Lemon Pepper variety adds incredible citrus zest and peppery bite not found with your standard lemon pepper flavor.

True to its name, tart and tangy lemon flavors take center stage, cutting beautifully against the crisp exterior with occasional bright bursts sending your tastebuds tingling. Hints of pepper spice in the background add depth and dimension in every bite rather than overpower.

I found it exceptionally fresh tasting thanks to quality lemon zest and cracked black pepper flavor really shining through. A stellar choice if you want all the flavors of classic lemon pepper wings but amplified to the next level.

"Wingstop struck gold with their lemon pepper recipe – huge lemon flavors unlike any other lemon pepper wing I‘ve had." – u/Zestfullyclean

4. Cajun Inspired: Louisiana Rub

Transport your palette to the heart of Cajun country with Wingstop‘s Louisiana Rub. This regional flavor favorite blends Creole mustard, paprika and unique Cajun seasoning for an extraordinarily well-rounded flavor profile.

You get lovely sparks of heat from the Creole mustard married with aromatic paprika swimming across your palate. Hints of onion, garlic, and special Cajun spice blend also sneak in to keep your bite exciting and deeply flavorful.

The blackened dry rub exterior also adds incredible depth while locking in natural juices. I was blown away by the authentic soul food flavors masterfully blended to perfection. I 100% understand why Louisiana locals weep happy tears eating this.

"As someone from the Bayou, Wingstop Louisiana Rub took me right back home with those unique Cajun flavors perfectly captured." – u/LaissezLesBonTempsRouler

5. Cheesy Garlic Bombs: Garlic Parmesan

I admit I was skeptical that a dry rub could properly balance potent garlic and Parmesan flavors. But Wingstop‘s Garlic Parmesan offering completely exceeded expectations with some of the most intensely delicious garlic Parmesan wings I‘ve tasted.

Biting through the crispy coating unveils an incredibly pungent garlic punch smoothed out by savory, nutty Parmesan notes. They cleverly avoided the gluey cheese texture many Parmesan wings fall victim too thanks to the flakey rub exterior locking in natural juices.

An absolutely world class garlic Parmesan experience worth sharing as an appetizer (breath mints recommended!)

"Wingstop‘s Garlic Parm wings packed some of the most garlic flavor I‘ve ever experienced! So beautifully pungent and savory." – u/iamgarlicman

6. Sweet Heat Perfected: Mango Habanero

Renowned as one of Wingstop‘s most craveable flavors, the masterful blend of juicy mango and fiery Habanero chili peppers in their iconic Mango Habanero sauce lives up to the Internet hype. Unbelievably addicting sweet and heat in perfect harmony.

Mango tropical sweetness washes over your taste buds first, providing momentary relief before slow burning Habanero heat creeps in. But it builds so gradually and mixes so flawlessly with the sweet, you gladly accept the pain.

Bursts of fruity mango help tames the fire just enough while still letting the Habanero cut through. An exceptionally nuanced sauce balancing luscious sweet and electrifying spice.

"The Mango Habanero sauce remains permanently burned into my flavor memory. Never has spicy flavor been so craveable thanks to the mango influence." – u/endlesslysearching

7. Savory Korean Inspired: Spicy Korean Q

Drawing inspiration from the recent Korean BBQ phenomenon, Wingstop‘s Spicy Korean Q mimics the sweet and savory Korean marinade with pleasant heat undertones. They cleverly adapted the iconic Korean flavors to wings resulting in Asian flavor bliss.

Sweet and tangy Korean inspired flavors hit upfront, swept away by gochujang red chili paste spice and aromatics. You get lovely ginger pieces throughout providing fresh contrast along with hints of soy, garlic and other herbs.

It brought me right back to my favorite KBBQ joint thanks to the sticky savory exterior mimicking the marinade char. Truly an innovative flavor direction capitalizing on trending Korean cuisine making it their own.

"Wingstop nailed their interpretation of Korean wings – achieved that signature sticky, sweet and savory Korean BBQ flavor beautifully." u/BulgogiBulgang

Original HotQuintessential Buffalo sauce with aged cayenne peppers providing perfect heat
Hot Honey RubSweet yet spicy dry rub with a slow smoking heat
Lemon PepperZesty lemon flavors with hints of pepper spice
Louisiana RubSavory Creole and Cajun spices paying homage to Southern flavors
Parmesan GarlicPungent garlic and nutty Parmesan cheese statement
Mango HabaneroSweet, tropically mango tames slow-building habanero spice
Spicy Korean QSweet and savory Korean BBQ flavors with gochujang chili paste heat

What Makes These Flavors so Special

Through extensive flavor research, it‘s clear these 7 varieties rise above Wingstop‘s typical offerings to deliver extraordinarily craveable and complex heat.

Nearly every preparation leverages sweet flavors – whether honey, mango or Korean BBQ – to tame spiciness into extraordinarily palatable and balanced flavors normal spicy wing lovers may avoid.

And they aren‘t afraid to pack serious punch with aged peppers, Habanero and Creole spices mixed wonderfully with Parmesan, lemon and other herbs and aromatics. This mastery separating flavors through phased heat and sweeps of citrus or garlic makes each bite new again.

The layering, balance, and outright obsession over flavor quality is clearly evident in ever recipe. I‘m beginning to understand why Reddit hoists these specific varieties upon the highest flavor pedestal.

Seriously, Try Them Today!

I hope my flavor research has helped eliminate any paralysis over what to order on your next Wingstop flavor. Through extensive hands-on confirmation, I fully endorse Reddit‘s top flavor choices as the definitive best Wingstop experiences you simply must indulge in sooner than later!

From perfectly layered heat, to flavor mashup genius, and crispy execution, these 7 iconic Wingstop wing preparations deliver life-changing flavor vastly superior to typical Buffalo or garlic parm wing experiences.

So next Wingstop run, take Reddit‘s suggestions and order the Original Hot, Hot Honey Rub, Lemon Pepper, Louisiana Rub, Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Korean Q, or classic Mango Habanero to have your mind and tastebuds equally blown! You have my word you won‘t regret it.

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