Finding the Best Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for Your Viewing Needs

If you‘re looking to upgrade your television viewing experience, implementing a full-motion TV wall mount can make a world of difference. These mounts give you extensive flexibility to extend, tilt, swivel and even rotate your TV to adapt to changing seating arrangements and avoid glare.

But with so many models on the market, how do you determine which full-motion mount is right for your needs and budget? As an amateur home theater enthusiast who has tested numerous mounts firsthand, I‘ve put together this comprehensive buyer‘s guide examining the top options available in 2023.

What Exactly Are Full-Motion TV Wall Mounts?

Simply put, full-motion mounts are an articulating type of wall mount that allow you to pull your TV away from the wall and position it from multiple viewing angles. This adjustability makes them useful for rooms where people watch TV from different locations like the kitchen, bedroom, or layouts with flexible furniture.

Standard fixed wall mounts only allow tilting or very minimal side-to-side swiveling. Full-motion mounts give you much more freedom to fine-tune depth, height, sideways positioning, tilt, and even rotation in some cases. So if glare is an issue or you want viewers from around the room to have ideal sight lines, full-motion is the way to go.

Key Benefits of Choosing a Full-Motion Mount

Here are some of the biggest perks this versatile mount style provides:

  • Accommodate viewing from various seats without rearranging furnishings
  • Eliminate glare by angling screen away from light sources
  • Enable closer positioning for a more immersive, theater-like experience
  • Allow flexibility if you change room layout down the road
  • Offer placement versatility even in tight spaces
  • Let you angle a TV to use as a computer monitor
  • Provide options like portrait mode for art display

Full-motion mounts transform fixed screens into adaptable viewing that evolves with ever-changing room dynamics.

What to Look for When Selecting a Model

Navigating the range of options to find the right full-motion mount for you can get overwhelming fast. As you evaluate choices, keep these aspects in mind:

TV Size Compatibility – Confirm your TV falls within the mount‘s recommended screen size range. Measure diagonally for accurate dimensions.

Weight Capacity – Verify your actual TV weight doesn‘t exceed the maximum weight the mounting equipment can handle. This ensures safe support.

Mounting Patterns – Check that hole patterns on the back of your TV (known as VESA patterns) match one of the available configurations the mount supports. Common options are 200x200mm up to 600x400mm.

Viewing Flexibility – Note extension capabilities, articulating arm reach, tilting degree range and swivel specs that enable your ideal viewing angles.

Build Quality – Durable heavy-duty materials like steel paired with high weight capacities indicate reliable stability and longevity.

Ease of Installation – Many mounts come with drilling templates, complete hardware kits and detailed instructions to simplify DIY mounting. If you plan to install without pro help, this is useful.

Cord Management – Some models have channels within articulating arms to hide connecting cables from view for a sleek, streamlined look.

Special Features – Additional perks like HDMI ports, LED lighting and built-in shelving offer added functionality in certain mounts. But these affect pricing.

Price – Set realistic expectations about quality and capabilities at different price points. Premium materials and versatility come at a cost.

Reviews of the Best Full-Motion TV Wall Mounts

To zero in on the strongest models available right now, I compiled feedback from firsthand testing and crowdsourced reviews.

Here are my takes on top full-motion wall mounts across a spectrum of price points and usage scenarios:

Overall Best Performer: USX MOUNT XML008-K


  • Hefty 132 lb weight capacity
  • Fits diverse 47”-84” TV sizes
  • Extends 16.49” from wall
  • 180° swivel range eliminates glare
  • Handles VESA patterns up to 600x400mm

With universally compatible VESA configurations supporting TVs from 47 inches all the way up to massive 84-inch screens, the USX MOUNT XML008-K works for practically any television. Reviewers praise how sturdy the dual arm build feels, lending confidence it will safely hold large displays.

An exceptional 16.49 inches of distance from the wall paired with smooth 180-degree swivel capabilities allow you to pull this mount out for immersive viewing while eliminating glare from any pesky light sources nearby. I love having the freedom to fine-tune the most comfortable angle.

Installation may involve drilling into concrete and studs, so make sure you have the proper tools on hand. But clear instructions walk you through the straightforward mounting procedure step-by-step.

Overall, it’s tough to beat the XML008-K’s versatility and durability. While price falls on the higher end, keep in mind cheaper mounts often have lower weight limits or shakier arm extensions prone to sagging over time. This workhorse option gives you excellent flexible positioning that feels secure and built to last.

Best Budget Pick: WALI Universal Swivel Articulating Mount


  • Accommodates 26”-55” screens
  • Hovers just 2” from wall
  • Smooth tilt range of +5° to -15°
  • 180° swivel eliminates light glare
  • Supports up to 88 lb TVs

Proving you don’t have to spend big bucks to gain more adjustable capabilities from your wall mount, the WALI Universal Swivel Articulating Mount offers full-motion functionality at a reasonable price point.

While extension from the wall maxes out around 2 inches, the articulating arm provides 60 degrees of effortless tilt and 180-degree side-to-side rotation. This makes it easy to position your screen to prevent light sources from causing distracting glare.

Another benefit is widespread VESA compatibility spanning hole patterns from 100x100mm to 400x400mm, so it works with the majority of mid-sized LED, OLED and LCD television models from most brands. Just double check your specs before ordering.

Reviewers praise how straightforward installation is with the included template and recommend having two people mount larger TVs for stability. With a capacity of 88 lbs, it should handle typical 55-inch screens without any sagging or safety issues.

For shoppers wanting an affordable full-motion mount providing tilt and swivel flexibility up to 55-inch screens, the WALI Universal Swivel Articulating Mount delivers excellent value without breaking your budget.

Best for Large TVs: PERLESMITH Universal TV Mount


  • Holds 50”-90” displays
  • 29 lb minimum weight capacity
  • Extends up to 24” from wall
  • Accommodates 800x400mm VESA
  • Tilts +5° to -15°

Searching for an ultra heavy-duty full-motion wall mount to support those new ultra-big 70, 80 and even 90-inch television upgrades? This PERLESMITH universal option can safely handle mammoth screens thanks to a 165 lb weight capacity.

With a minimum weight allowance of 29 lbs, it works for smaller TVs too. But the appeal here is strength and stability sturdy enough for the largest flat panels, curving up to 24 inches from the wall for an amazing depth view.

If you’re installing without professional help, pay close attention to the stud finder step. You want a rock-solid anchor point for such substantial screens. But PERLESMITH includes a detachable magnetic level and all necessary hardware in one pack.

While price falls on the pricier end for mounts, keep in mind the weakened arm sag and safety hazards of cheaper equipment attempting to support very heavy 85 to 90-inch TVs. This heavy-hitter mount provides reliable stability.

Best for Outdoors: Pyle Universal Weatherproof Mount


  • Weatherproof steel construction
  • Integrated cable channel hides cords
  • Tilts -10° to +5°
  • VESA patterns up to 400x400mm
  • Holds 32”-65” TVs

Searching for a full-motion patio mount able to withstand the sun, rain, snow and humidity exposure of outdoor placement? The Pyle Universal Weatherproof model delivers water-resistant construction that stands up to the elements season after season.

A protective powder coating fights corrosion on the articulating arm and rear mounting plate. Integrated cable routing channels make for a streamlined setup by hiding messy cords. And the rugged steel build feels reassuringly sturdy.

With a weight capacity up to 132 pounds, it can handle the size and weight of typical outdoor television models up to 65 inches. Effortless 10 degrees of tilt either up or down make it easy to reduce glare based on sun placement.

If you’re looking to create an outdoor entertainment zone on your patio or deck protected from uncertain weather, the Pyle universal outdoor mount makes it simple to install a weatherproof TV flexible enough for perfect visibility.

What To Know About Proper Installation

Full-motion TV mounts provide awesome flexibility. But remember that articulating that much weight on extension arms makes stable installation imperative.

Here are some best practices to ensure safety and reliability:

  • Verify your mounting location has adequate studs and anchors for hardware
  • Follow all height and weight specifications for your TV model
  • Have another person help with positioning larger displays
  • Take your time securing bolts and checking alignment
  • Test articulation gently before releasing TV
  • Secure all loose cables out of pulling range
  • Check VESA fit and reassess if you change TV models

Don‘t rush the installation steps. Carefully checking your work ensures your new mount retains that smooth full range of motion.

Enjoy Your Upgraded Viewing Experience

With so many high-quality full-motion mounts to choose from, you can gain a whole new level of adaptable TV positioning perfect for media rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other multipurpose living spaces.

Gone are the days of restricted visibility based on where furnishings end up. Your entire room now has a front row seat to the action thanks to extending, tilting and swiveling flexibility.

Here‘s to choosing a mount that upgrades your entertainment experience and unlocks more from your viewing space!

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