Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV Pickup

I‘m excited to give you an in-depth preview of Chevy‘s highly anticipated 2024 Silverado EV pickup truck. As an electric vehicle analyst, I‘ve followed the Silverado EV closely since its announcement. In this guide, I‘ll cover all the essential details – pricing, range, towing power, charging speeds, available features and more – to help you decide if it‘s the right EV truck for your needs.


The Silverado EV marks Chevy‘s first fully electric Silverado model, bringing zero-emissions capability to one of America‘s best-selling vehicles. GM states it‘s "not a conversion of a Silverado, but an EV reimagination of what Chevy Trucks can be."

It shares some styling similarities with existing Silverado trucks but with a more modern, aerodynamic look. Underneath it rides on GM’s dedicated Ultium battery platform. The same framework will soon underpin vehicles from Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet and other brands.

I’ll compare both Silverado EV variants slated for production – the WT (Work Truck) and luxurious RST First Edition. You’ll find key stats like horsepower, range, charging rates and cargo volumes so you can see exactly how these two trucks measure up.

Pricing and Release Timeline

Let‘s kick things off by answering two of the most common questions – how much does the Silverado EV cost and when can you get one?

Silverado EV WTStarts at $39,900Mid/Late 2023
Silverado EV RST First Edition$105,000Mid/Late 2023

Those prices don’t factor any potential tax credits or state incentives, which could reduce effective cost significantly. For example, the current $7,500 federal EV credit combined with certain state rebates could discount a WT by over $12,000!

As a workhorse-focused truck with 400+ miles of range and ample capability, even the no-frills WT looks enticing if final MSRP sticks close to $39,900. Of course with any new vehicle launch, real-world market prices depend on supply and demand dynamics.

Production begins in early 2023 at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck “Factory Zero” facility. The company remains on track to ship the first Silverado EVs to customers around Fall 2023. configs will follow in 2024 and beyond.

Now let’s get into the detailed specs and capabilities.

Powertrain and Performance Specifications

The efficient Ultium platform allows bold performance claims even in these full-size trucks.

SpecWork TruckRST First Edition
Power510 hp664 hp
Torque615 lb-ft780 lb-ft
Acceleration (0-60 mph)N/A4.5 s
Top SpeedN/A110 mph

The RST‘s substantially higher 664 horsepower and quicker acceleration highlight GM’s focus on raising luxury EV performance.

Both variants use large AC induction motors rather than permanent magnet motors. These tend to offer better sustained high-power operation. That suits tough towing applications better than stop-start urban driving.

Let‘s look closer at two vital work capability metrics – towing and payload:

CapabilityWork TruckRST First Edition
Max Towing8,000 lbs (Up to 20,000 lbs)10,000 lbs
Max Payload1,200 lbs1,300 lbs

A maximum conventional tow rating of 8,000 lbs meets what 90% of full-size truck owners need daily, analysts at Car & Driver state. Still, Chevy goes further by planning later Work Truck models with a stout 20,000 lb towing capacity via an optional Heavy Duty pack. No other EV truck can touch that figure!

The RST’s stats should satisfy most personal use owners. But potential commercial buyers will appreciate the Work Truck’s payload and potential towing muscle at its sub-$40k starting price point.

Battery and Range

Both Silverado EV variants pack the latest generation Ultium battery good for an EPA-rated 450 miles on the WT.

  • Large-format NCMA pouch cells for energy density
  • Wireless battery management and OTA update capability
  • Liquid-cooled for performance and efficiency

The megawatt-scale modules provide storage for up to 200kWh of energy while minimizing pack weight. Exact capacity specs await confirmation but should fall around 180kWh.

That huge battery enables over 400 miles between charges. It gives the Silverado EV one of the longest ranges of any EV truck announced to date. Only the Rivian R1T matches it on range if Rivian’s claims hold up.

SpecWork TruckRST First EditionCompetitors
Battery Capacity200+ kWh (estimated)200+ kWh (estimated)Rivian R1T: 180 kWh
Max Range450 miles (EPA est.)TBCF150 Lightning 230-320 miles
Charge Ports8 x 120V, 2 x 240V8 x 120V, 2 x 240VRivian R1T: 11 kW capacity

You can recharge those modules using several methods:

  • Up to 11.5 kW AC charging (Level 2)
  • 350 kW max DC fast charging

Those specs enable swift rejuicing if you find a compatible DC fast charger on the road:

  • Add 100 miles in just 10 mins
  • Replenish 10-80% in under 45 minutes

That‘s on par with most premium EVs in 2023 for high-speed DC charging rate. Combined with the ample driving range, it minimizes concerns over becoming stranded before reaching the next charger on highways.

I’ll also note the battery’s bi-directional capability. That means you can use the Silverado EV to power your home during an outage, tools and accessories at a remote work site or even charge another EV in an emergency!

Exterior and Interior Dimensions

You‘ll be striking an imposing silhouette driving the Silverado EV around town with its 233 inch total length and 76 inch roofline. The various measurement differences versus key competitors are:

DimensionSilverado EVF150 LightningRivian R1THummer EV
Length233 inches232.7 inches217 inches216.8 inches
WidthTBC83.6 inches79.3 inches86.7 inches
Height76 inchesTBC71.5 inches80.9 inches
Wheelbase145.7 inches145.4 inches135.8 inches135.6 inches
  • Longest overall length of any current EV truck
  • Equal longest wheelbase as F150 Lightning

Despite its size, four-wheel steering provides impressive maneuverability at low speeds. More on that later under key features.

Inside, a modernized interior brings the Silverado firmly into the EV era:

  • Spacious room for five adults
  • Full 17-inch touchscreen display
  • Google built-in services with Google Assistant, Maps and Play
  • 40/60 folding rear seats to mix work and personal use

There’s no cheaper “stripped down” two-seater work truck version planned yet. Commercial buyers get functionality like vinyl seats and rubberized floors on lower WT trims however.

Storage, Towing and Payload

You‘ll want to make full use of the available cargo and hauling capabilities in your electric workhorse. Here‘s what the Silverado EV offers:

Front Trunk

A front "frunk" adds secure, weatherproof storage atop the glass-covered front trunk:

  • Fits large bags, backpacks, tools
  • Convenient access to interior 120V outlets
  • Similar size on WT and RST trims

Rolling Bed Cover

The standard 5’ 11” bed spans over the rear wheels to maximize width:

  • Lockable heavy-duty rolling cover
  • 400 lb rating for carrying equipment
  • Increases usable space behind cab

Fold-Flat Midgate

Need to haul especially long items? The midgate separating the cab and bed enables extending available cargo room:

  • Extends bed to 9 feet when midgate folds down
  • Further reach to 11 feet with multifunction tailgate down
  • Allows transporting building materials, ladders etc

Towing Capabilities

If you want to hitch up and haul major weight, the Silverado EV delivers via its stout chassis and ample torque:

  • Up to 8,000 lbs towing capacity on Work Truck
  • 10,000 lbs for RST

The WT can optionally upgrade to pull an enormous 20,000 lbs trailer – far more than any gasoline-powered full-size truck!

  • Stationary charge leveling
  • Integrated hitch camera views

Multiple hitches allow tailoring hitch height. Self-leveling correction ensures stable load dynamics.

Key Features and Available Upgrades

I wouldn’t be giving you the full picture without covering some of the signature features that set the Silverado EV apart.

Four-Wheel Steering

Nimble handling from this large vehicle comes courtesy of a responsive steering system:

  • Counter-phase mode below 25 mph
  • In-phase mode above 25 mph
  • Tight turning radius for parking and off-road

Multi-Flex Midgate

The multi-position midgate is a neat trick, allowing you to customize cargo capacity for changing needs:

  • Holds longer cargo with seats folded
  • Maintains interior access unlike apermanent wall
  • Midgate can stay upright holding rear seat passengers if partial extension is adequate

Power Export

Use your Silverado EV like a mobile generator or emergency charging station:

  • 10.2 kW / 120V and 240V outlets
  • Export enough for high draw tools like welders
  • DC charge another EV in an emergency

Drive Mode Selector

Tailor your driving experience with modes for different scenarios:

  • ZEV mode for emissions-free driving
  • One-Pedal Driving for max regeneration
  • Tow/Haul intensifies regen braking
  • Off-Road raises ride height on air suspensions

Higher RST models add performance traits via:

  • 4 Second 0-60 Launch Control
  • High Performance All-Wheel Drive
  • Electronically controlled limited slip rear differential for putting power down

Super Cruise Available

Take the stress out of long hauls with this award-winning system:

  • Automated hands-free driving
  • Precision lidar map data enables over 200,000 miles of compatibility
  • Driver attention monitoring via interior camera

14 Camera Views

Stay aware of your surroundings via the Silverado EV‘s cameras:

  • HD Surround Vision displays obstacles
  • Several trailer view options
  • High mount stop lamp camera sees inside bed


We await final safety test confirmation but the latest driver aids should help avoid collisions:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Front Pedestrian Braking detects cross traffic
  • IntelliBeam High Beams

I expect strong results given Chevy‘s safety track record across it‘s range. The company takes an analytical approach using sensors, cameras plus radar and processes enormous amounts of data to enable its advanced systems.

For example, Super Cruise averages 2 million miles per day of hands-free driving data to continuously improve performance.


The Chevrolet Silverado EV is shaping up to be an intensely compelling battery-powered truck brimming with capability. Both the Work Truck and RST First Edition trims balance utility and innovation, outmatching rival full-size pickup trucks in many areas today.

Of course final judgement depends on how it performs in owners‘ hands after production begins. But make no mistake – the Silverado EV‘s combination of affordability, charging speed, range, power export tricks and good old fashioned GM truck brawn makes this a serious contender for America‘s next favorite EV.

I‘ll keep monitoring the story and reporting back as we near its mid-2023 launch. For now, though, I‘m left deeply impressed by what GM‘s engineers have accomplished with the 2024 Silverado EV so far. This feels like an all-electric workhorse built for the 21st century jobsites with plenty of bells and whistles in the mix too.

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