The 7 Best Drawing Apps for the iPad: Reviewed And Ranked

Finding the Best Drawing Apps for Your iPad Art Projects

As an artist and iPad user, you now have an incredible array of app options for digital creation. The tablet format and touch capabilities open entirely new avenues for illustration, design, drafting and fine art compared to traditional media. With the maturing App Store ecosystem, the tools now rival pro-grade desktop software in many regards.

But the sheer number of choices for artistic apps can still overwhelm. To help in your search for the right digital studio, we compiled the top 7 recommended drawing apps for iPad available in 2022 based on extensive evaluation. We break down each one‘s standout features plus evaluate limitations. You‘ll also get data-backed advice tailored to skill levels on picking the best option for your needs and budget.

Let‘s dive in!

Top Drawing iPad Apps At A Glance

Before getting to the full reviews, here is a high-level overview of our 7 recommended picks:

AppBest ForPriceProsCons
ProcreateDigital painting, drawing, illustration$12.99 one-time– Intuitive interface
– 100s of customizable brushes
– Best Pencil integration
– Huge user community
– Raster not vector based
– Limited cloud support
Adobe IllustratorVector art, graphic design, typographyFree + $10-$80/month subscription– Full .ai desktop support
– Robust vector toolset
– Files sync via Creative Cloud
– Industry standard for decades
– Ongoing subscription fee
– Steep learning curve


Procreate: Best for Digital Painting, Drawing & Illustration

With over 6 million iPad users now leveraging Procreate and a shining 4.9 star rating, this app clearly resonates with the artistic community for its capabilities. Our extensive testing verifies that reputation – Procreate offers best-in-class tools tailored for crafting stunning digital paintings, drawings and illustrations.

Intuitive Minimal Design

We especially appreciated Procreate‘s careful attention to user experience. Their pared down, single-window interface fully focuses users on creating rather than battling cluttered menus. Rich gestural support like sliding to undo and convenient tool quick swapping reinforce natural drawing movement. Little UI frictions add up over long creative sessions, so details like this allow you to zone in fully.

Advanced Brush Customization & Pencil Integration

At the heart of Procreate sits the brush engines that convert Pencil movements into virtual paint marks of astounding expressiveness. Over 130 configurable brushes come built-in that mimic watercolors, oils, pencil tips and more. Better yet, you can hack any brush to tweak settings like pressure, tilt, streamline and more. This level of customization paired with stellar Apple Pencil integration makes meticulous style experimentation joyful.

Appealing Pricing Model

Unlike most competitors, you pay a single $12.99 fee to own Procreate forever – no ads or subscriptions. While limitations exist for now largely around file management, the developer‘s continuous enhancement commitment shows – since 2019 Procreate 5 delivers major upgrades like Animation Assist. Combined with rock-solid app stability and low cost, this earns our recommendation as the leading iPad painting solution.


Step-By-Step Guide For Picking Your Ideal Drawing App

With clearer perspective on the varied drawing iPad app options available today, let‘s walk through choosing the right one for your creative profile and projects. Follow these steps:

What Art Types Inspire You?

Start broad by considering what mediums truly interest you. Do you love graphite sketching flowing lines? Digital painting vibrant colors? Vector art flexibility appeals? Traditional sculpture tangibility? This self-reflection grounds the search in your passion.

Define Budget Limitations

Be honest about how much you can spend on apps and tools over 6 months. Free or cheap to start? $10-15 seems reasonable monthly? Maybe you want to fully invest in pro-level software like Adobe with monthly fees. Setting budget guard rails gives pricing filtration ability upfront rather than falling for trials you can‘t sustain.

Match Features To Your Proficiency

If newer to digital art, prioritize apps offering solid tutorials, guides and easy learning curves so you don‘t get overwhelmed. For pros with established creative workflows, seek out customization options and tools that interoperate with other programs you leverage daily.

Examine Interface & Hardware Support

Ensure any finalists deliver an interface promoting focus into flow states through creating. Drawing by nature requires maximal mental bandwidth to translate inspiration into reality – clutter demands energy. Also validate stylus support quality for precision requirements.

By methodically weighing all key factors of craft type, budget, feature-proficiency alignment and usability against your needs, confident app selection gets easy. What stands out as the ideal platform for translating your artistic imagination into gorgeous tangible pieces? The expanded digital canvas awaits!

Let us know how your app exploration goes or if any questions pop up by tweeting us @ArtGuideReviews.

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