An In-Depth Overview of The 7 Most Lucrative Tech Careers Kansas Has to Offer

Ask any seasoned tech professional – Kansas may not yet rival legacy Silicon Valley when it comes to reputation, but the Sunflower State has silently been carving an identity as a blossoming heartland tech hub.

Between an expanding roster of prominent homegrown startups and larger enterprises like Garmin, C2FO and Payless establishing headquarters in Kansas, world-class tech talent and innovation run rich here.

Bolstered by affordable living costs and a blossoming entrepreneurial spirit, Kansas presents major opportunities across virtually all facets of technology. Read on for an insider‘s overview of 7 of the highest salary tech jobs Kansas currently has to offer.

A Quick Glance at Kansas‘ Hottest Tech Roles:

RoleAvg SalaryNotable Responsibilities
Senior Software Engineer$88,317Lead complex development projects, optimize systems architecture and code quality
Solutions Architect$120,128Strategize technical roadmaps, design integrated systems tailored to needs
Information Technology Security Manager$118,396Govern security policies and controls, manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance
Data Scientist$117,880Build statistical models, mine data insights, identify trends and patterns
Cloud Architect$123,855Design robust cloud infrastructures, manage migrating/deploying applications
DevOps Engineer$106,164Automate deployment workflows, oversee systems/infrastructure, enable collaboration
Machine Learning Engineer$120,166Develop and optimize sophisticated ML models, lead machine learning initiatives

Let‘s Explore These Lucrative Kansas Tech Roles More Closely:

Senior Software Engineer – $88K

In the world of software development, senior engineers stand at the pinnacle. These seasoned coding gurus can fluently speak languages like Java, Python, C# and Ruby to architect complex, scalable programs from the ground up.

Leaning on years of expertise transforming ideas into high-performance applications, senior engineers set the gold standard for design patterns, debugging, testing and optimization best practices across their teams.

They comfortably interface with stakeholders of all technical proficiencies to understand broader business objectives and translate solutions appropriately. Superior coding skills meet unmatched leadership capabilities.

In Kansas, senior software engineers earn just above $88K annually on average. Demand for their niche mastery continues trending sharply upward – the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 22% growth nationally in broader software development roles through 2030.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Scope client requirements and make critical technology recommendations
  • Produce elegant, efficient code across full stack of application layers
  • Conduct comprehensive testing, identifying defects and performance bottlenecks
  • Implement fixes, refine architectures and improve infrastructure scalability
  • Set standards across CI/CD pipelines, ensuring seamless version control integration
  • Mentor junior developers throughPair programming and code reviews

Must-Have Experience/Skills:

  • 5+ years professional coding experience
  • Mastery programming in Java, Python or JavaScript
  • In-depth understanding of cloud platforms like AWS
  • Broad familiarity spanning relational/non-relational databases
  • Razor-sharp analytical abilities and solution design skills
  • Test-driven development (TDD) expertise
  • Agile software development methodologies

Solutions Architect – $120K

Solutions architects reside in rarefied air, hovering between the worlds of business strategy and complex technological implementation to shape future-proofed success.

These big-picture thinkers avec deep technical specialization assess needs for tools, analytics, infrastructure and functionality. They map visions into pragmatically actionable roadmaps to meet enterprises‘ objectives through delivered technology capabilities.

From initial planning phases to oversight ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery, solutions architects‘ guidance and expertise navigate organizations securely into the future via integrated platforms and applications.

Architects earning six-figure Kansas salaries masterfully communicate complex topics comfortably between executives and engineering teams. Their comprehensive toolboxes combine quintessential leadership with wide-ranging technical savvy spanning infrastructure, DevOps, automation, analytics, security and more.

If you derive satisfaction envisioning comprehensive solutions and rallying teams united behind a well-architected shared vision, this could be the career made for you!

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Perform extensive needs analyses and capability evaluations on existing IT landscapes
  • Make recommendations on optimal enterprise platforms, infrastructure and applications
  • Develop long-term roadmaps applying emerging technologies to address business goals
  • Oversee large-scale implementation initiatives across internal/external teams
  • Ensure adherence to budgets, timelines and user experience best practices
  • Continuously monitor solution performance, fine-tuning as necessary

Must-Have Experience/Skills:

  • 5+ years designing technology solutions for the enterprise
  • Exceptional grasp of infrastructure engineering and application development
  • Backend data modeling proficiencies
  • Advanced know-how securing cloud environments
  • Change management and stakeholder engagement fluency
  • Sharp analytical abilities balancing vision and pragmatism
  • Superb communication, leadership and strategic planning

Information Technology Security Manager – $118K

With data emerging as one of most precious corporate resources, skilled security leadership is absolutely indispensable. IT security managers align expansive technical controls protecting data integrity with governance maximizing trust and accountability across organizations.

These well-compensated cybersecurity specialists oversee continuously evolving barricades safeguarding networks, applications, endpoints and cloud infrastructure from debilitating breaches. Diligence governing access permissions, monitoring for vulnerabilities, and responding to threats keeps operations running smoothly.

In Kansas, seasoned IT security managers bring home in the neighborhood of $118K annually. Successful long-term defense requires a balanced toolbox combining technical abilities like threat analysis and risk assessment with managerial competencies around communication and strategic development.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Perform ongoing risk evaluations on security landscape
  • Create and implement robust cybersecurity policies and controls
  • Lead vulnerability testing/remediations upholding compliance
  • Define security requirements for networks, infrastructure and applications
  • Educate personnel company-wide on minimizing exposure
  • Direct incident response processes and continuity planning
  • Track security KPIs enhancing defenses with data insights

Must-Have Experience & Skills:

  • 5+ years managing multifaceted cybersecurity implementations
  • Current knowledge of frameworks like SOC2, ISO27001, NIST
  • Tool expertise across SIEM, firewall configuration, IAM, EDR, VPN
  • Governance and policy development experience
  • People management and communication abilities
  • Sharp decision-making balancing security with business objectives

Data Scientist – $118K

Behind every great modern business decision lurks an elite data whisperer illuminating insights that confer utterly game-changing competitive advantages. Data scientists represent the caped crusaders of analytics, summoning statistical superpowers, programming proficiencies and scientific thought leadership extracting precious intelligence where others only perceive aimless numbers.

These prestigious number ninjas model the future with predictive prowess, quantifying uncertainty around forecasts with astonishing accuracy. Their dashboards visualize success; their experiments inform continuous improvement. Data scientists operate with one foot glacially grounded in mathematical rigor, the other blazing trails through yet-uncharted data frontiers.

Kansas data scientists average around $118K in total yearly compensation as demand for their otherworldly abilities reaches a fever pitch. Nearly every function from marketing to manufacturing seeks to embed data science firepower enhancing decision making. Programming languages like Python and R have become standard tools of the trade used manipulating and exploring immense datasets.

Day-to-Day Data Science:

  • Ingest structured/unstructured data from pipelines integrating SQL/NoSQL databases
  • Cleanse, transform and consolidate datasets for machine learning model consumption
  • Perform statistical analysis leveraging graphing, dimensionality reduction, clustering
  • Build mathematical models predicting customer churn, component failures etc
  • Quantify the statistical significance of model performance metrics
  • Deploy models into production monitoring performance and degradation
  • Communicate technical findings via dashboards visualizing data correlations

Must-Have Skills:

  • Advanced statistical modeling and analytics techniques
  • Expert programming in Python or R
  • SQL/NoSQL data manipulation across pipelines
  • Experiment design methodologies minimizing bias
  • Visual presentation and storytelling abilities
  • Machine learning engineering foundations
  • Mathematics/Computer science educational background

Cloud Architect – $124K

Migrating into the cloud promises tantalizing benefits – reduced latency, limitless scale, lower costs and greater workflow flexibility, to name just a few. Of course, envisioning ideal futures is one thing and pragmatic execution quite another. The road to cloud-powered paradise overflows with traps for the incautious.

That‘s where elite cloud architects shine brighter than any star in the great data center sky. These visionaries assess existing IT landscapes and requirements to strategically map best-fit cloud solutions balancing technical capability, user experience and budget.

With migration roadmaps charted comes hands-on oversight shepherding transitions across storage, networking, infrastructure and development resources. Architects also implement robust cloud security fortifying defenses and compliance.

In Kansas, top-tier cloud mastery earns architects average pay approaching $125K. Successful navigation through complex migrations demands dynamic technical versatility complemented by project management and communication finesse ensuring no stakeholder gets left behind.

Day-to-Day Cloud Architecture Includes:

  • Auditing on-premise infrastructure and applications, then providing cloud alternative analyses
  • Determining ideal mixes of SaaS/IaaS/PaaS across target environment
  • Designing infrastructure diagramming compute, database, security and storage
  • Directing data migration sequencing applications by priority
  • Configuring cloud-native services like load-balancing, auto-scaling
  • Continuously monitoring costs, usage, performance metrics

Must-Have Skills:

  • Multi-cloud platform expertise across AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Application migration and modernization experience
  • Data center consolidation and disaster recovery knowledge
  • DevOps integration and automation fluency
  • Stellar communication presence rallying support
  • Governance and budget management abilities

DevOps Engineer – $106K

Businesses live or die based on their ability to ship quality software matching pace with an endlessly shape-shifting market. DevOps culture, processes and infrastructure exist expressly to accelerate release velocity and improve collaboration between developers churning code and ops teams deploying to production.

DevOps engineers occupy uniquely versatile roles right at the nexus of frenzied coding and system administration. These workflow facilitators streamline everything from builds through testing on down to monitoring across the entire development lifecycle.

Automating manual tasks and optimizing cycle times endows teams with more energy innovating capabilities rather than fighting fires. Meanwhile, improved observability surfaces crucial performance data and empowers proactive enhancements before customers ever catch a whiff of issues.

In Kansas, fluent DevOps orchestration earns around $106K annually. Successful engineers flexibly pair programming abilities like PowerShell scripting and Python alongside sysadmin chops managing Kubernetes clusters or Terraform infrastructure-as-code.

The Life of a DevOps Engineer:

  • Automate provisioning of development, testing and production environments
  • Containerize and manage microservices applications with Docker/Kubernetes
  • Author Infrastructure-as-Code templates simplifying deployments
  • Instrument observability with logging, tracing and custom metrics
  • Facilitate CI/CD integrating version control with deployment pipelines
  • Provide 24/7 on-call support for critical production systems

Key Skills:

  • 5+ years in sysadmin and Infrastructure-as-Code roles
  • Linux/Windows administration and networking abilities
  • Configuration management via Ansible/Chef/Puppet
  • Container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes
  • AWS/Azure administration experience
  • CI/CD tooling know-how with Jenkins/CircleCI etc

Machine Learning Engineer – $120K

Machine learning represents the literal brains behind monumental modern advancements powering personalized recommendations, fraud detection and even self-driving cars. Cutting-edge ML models exhibit an almost preternatural capacity assimilating inconceivable data volumes then crunching insights enabling never-before-seen intelligent features.

Yet data troves alone create no value absent the middle layer extracting signals from noise to feed neural network statistical engines. Enter machine learning engineers – part mathematician, part computer scientist, part magician.

These technical elite judiciously apply statistical principles and programming expertise crafting bespoke ML systems delivering automated, adaptable decision-making. For enterprise stakeholders, the benefits manifest as game-changing organizational capabilities and market advantages.

Kansas’ most skilled machine learning artisans average around $120K in yearly compensation. Highly coveted across virtually all industries, exceptional ML engineers must demonstrate proven abilities engineering robust models achieving remarkable predictive results on large, noisy datasets.

The Life of an ML Engineer:

  • Work closely with business teams to identify use cases benefiting from ML automation
  • Clean, transform and consolidate training data programmatically
  • Perform statistical analysis shaping understanding of correlation structures
  • Engineer and fine-tune deep learning neural network model architectures
  • Rigorously evaluate model skill quantifying accuracy metrics
  • Deploy models inferencing predictions from live production data inputs
  • Continuously monitor and retrain models adapting to evolving conditions

Must-Have Skills:

  • Expert-level Python and/or R programming
  • Deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow/PyTorch
  • Data analysis/manipulation including PCA, normalization
  • Software engineering foundations – Git, unit testing, modularity
  • Cloud platform experience with AWS/GCP/Azure ML tools
  • Exceptional communication distilling complex topics into focused insights

The array of world-beating companies continuing to emerge from the Silicon Prairie, paired with low cost living and a blossoming startup ecosystem, position Kansas as a hidden gemtech hub awaiting discovery.

As the nationwide talent crunch cripples hiring across virtually ever industry, Kansas employers hunger for skilled technologists to assume urgent high-paying openings. For software engineers, data scientists, cybersecurity experts and other technical specialists, the Sunflower State presents a golden ticketdestination to strategically launch your next career ascent!

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