The 10 Best Deadpool Funko Pops for Collectors

As "The Merc with a Mouth," Deadpool has become one of Marvel‘s most popular anti-heroes. Known for his metaware humor, regenerative healing powers enabling over-the-top violence, and love of chimichangas, Deadpool‘s growing fandom always craves more memorabilia.

Funko has delivered by producing over 80 unique Deadpool Funko Pops spanning basic sculpts, retailer exclusives, deluxe formats and more. But these vinyl figures vary wildly in styles, designs, rarity factors and overall "coolness" from a dedicated collector‘s perspective.

We‘ve compiled the definitive list of the 10 Best Deadpool Funko Pops any fan would love to own or display. From life-sized 10-inch models to glow-in-the-dark exclusives, these are prime pieces every Deadpool collection needs.

1. 10” Super-Sized Deadpool #543

Funko Pop figures typically stand around 3.75 inches tall. This 10-inch oversized variant instantly makes a statement as the centerpiece of any Funko setup. The exaggerated sculpt captures Deadpool‘s signature swaggering stance in a huge vinyl format true hardcore fans will appreciate.

The sculptwork on this figure manages to balance the bulked up oversized format with signature aspects of the classic Deadpool costume. Elements like the textured red and black suit, holstered gun and knife accessories, side pouches and knee pad details all shine through even at the enlarged scale. Creative choices like articulating the head to angle towards the left arm lifted in a partial wave really sell the personality fans have come to love.

10 inch deadpool funko

The 10-inch Super-Sized Deadpool #543 (Image courtesy

For collectors seeking the highest quality jumbo format Deadpool Funko possible, be sure to track down the Super-Sized Gold Deadpool variant. Costing over $200 more than the standard edition, this ultra rare chase flaunts an exclusive shiny metallic gold paint job. Only the truest Deadpool devotees willing to shell out top dollar need apply though!

Regardless of paint variant, this easy to obtain and reasonably affordable 10-inch option instantly makes any Funko Pop setup more impressive. It‘s scaled to awe whether flanked by other Pops or occupying a shelf solo highlighting Deadpool taking center stage.

Product10" Super Sized Deadpool
Release Year2021
Approx Value$40 (standard), $260 (Gold)
Units ProducedN/A
ExclusivityBoxLunch Exclusive

2. Marvel Universe Metallic Deadpool Funko Pop #20

Within Funko collector circles, limited edition metallic finishes indicate especially rare chase variants. Often the metallic version of a new Pop will only have a production run 10-20% the size of the common edition. Some metallic editions even number less than 500 pieces.

The Marvel Universe Metallic Deadpool Funko Pop #20 released in 2013 for San Diego Comic Con is one such impossibly hard-to-find rarity. Records verify only 480 metallic Deadpool Funko Pop figures exist in the world! As one of the very first Deadpool Pops ever made along with the miniscule production numbers, this vinyl sculpture carries supreme grail status for completionist collectors today.

Metallic Deadpool funko

Marvel Universe Metallic Deadpool Funko Pop #20

While the standard non-metallic Deadpool Pop #20 fetches around $30 mint-in-box (MIB) nowadays, this awesome limited shine variant sells for astronomical amounts 10x higher or more! I‘ve seen scandalous asking prices approaching $2,000 for verified authentic MIB examples as the Funko secondary market continues expanding. Even well-loved loose/damaged specimens easily clear $500+ frequently when listed for sale.

A crowned jewel Deadpool rarity coveted globally by the most devoted Funko accumulators, the Marvel Universe Metallic Deadpool Pop #20 stands alone as the premier grail chase piece for completionists to pursue. It displays gorgeously and holds tremendous trade value. Tracking one down requires visiting specialty retailers, toy shows or stalking online auction/reseller sites relentlessly. But landing this ultra-limited Metallic Deadpool Funko represents the pinnacle achievement for Deadpool vinyl collectors!

ProductMetallic Deadpool Funko Pop #20
Release Year2013
Approx Value$800 – $2,000
Units Produced480
Exclusivity2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

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