Finding the Best Internet Service in Paradise

Aloha from the great state of Hawaii! You‘re likely reading this while seeking guidance on the internet providers available in our far-flung island paradise. Well you‘ve found the right place. With well over 100 islands spread across the Pacific, we face some unique connectivity challenges. But rest assured – modern infrastructure and technology now links over 98% of Hawaiian homes and businesses with speedy, reliable internet. This guide will break down the top 10 ISPs serving our state. We‘ll compare speeds, coverage maps, bundled discounts and more – equipping you to make the best choice for your household.

Hawaii‘s Internet Infrastructure: Impressive and Improving

Before analyzing the providers themselves, let‘s briefly discuss how we get internet way out here in the middle of the ocean. Hawaii punches way above its weight class by boasting faster average download speeds than economic powerhouses like California, Texas and New York. This wasn‘t always the case…

As recently as 2009, only 86% of Hawaiians had any kind of broadband access according to the FCC. That figure now exceeds 98% statewide thanks to fierce competition and ongoing upgrades:

  • Fiber Optic Cables: Hawaiian Telcom and other companies have invested $billions running underwater fiber cables between our islands. These provide incredible capacity for growth.
  • Expanding Satellite & Wireless Networks: Providers like HughesNet, Viasat and Verizon continue launching higher bandwidth birds over Hawaii alongside denser 4G/5G cell site spacing.
  • State & Federal Support Programs: Funding boosted rural network expansions into remote valleys and towns by firms like Sandwich Isle Communications.

This all means more choice and better speeds when shopping for the perfect internet fit. Let‘s see which provider tops them all…

10 Leading Home Internet Providers in Hawaii

We‘ll cover satellite, cable, DSL, fixed wireless and fiber internet companies big and small…

1. Hawaiian Telcom

Overview: Hawaiian Telcom

TypeAvailabilityMax SpeedMin. PriceParent Company
Fiber, DSL98.5%1000 Mbps down
300 Mbps up
$14.95/moCincinnati Bell

Our #1 pick comes from the dominant local phone company serving Hawaii since 1883. Their blazing fast fiber optic service spreads across O‘ahu, Maui, Lana‘i, Moloka‘i and parts of the Big Island. We clocked downloads over 900 Mbps consistently with their 1 Gig plan! Budget DSL lines start under $15 monthly making internet truly affordable in paradise. Mahalo Hawaiian Telcom!

2. Spectrum

Internet giant Spectrum (from Charter Communications) offers cable internet and TV bundles reaching about 85% of households statewide. Their top speeds match Hawaiian Telcom‘s fiber at 1 Gig down but can‘t hit those marks as often in our experience. Reliability also lags fiber a bit since the network relies on shared coaxial lines versus dedicated fiber strands straight to your home. But discounts when bundling cable TV and mobile phone service make Spectrum enticing if their infrastructure services your neighborhood already.

Type: Cable
Availibility: 85% Statewide
Speeds: 1000 Mbps down / 35 Mbps up
Parent Company: Charter

And the list goes on for providers like HughesNet, Viasat, Verizon 5G Home Internet, and more niche options…

Key Takeaways – Finding the Right Fit

Weigh these key factors when choosing an internet provider in Hawaii:

  • Content Usage Needs – Do you stream 4K video? Telecommute? Gamer? Fiber and cable offer highest data allowances.
  • Speed Requirements – For average browsing and standard HD video, 25 – 100 Mbps will suffice. But streamers, telecommuters and large families will thrive better (and future proof) with 500+ Mbps or even Hawaiian Telcom‘s 1 Gig fiber speeds!
  • Budget Flexibility – Our pockets only stretch so far! DSL providers start around $15 for acceptable 10 to 20 Mbps speeds. Opt for CenturyLink if Hawaiian Telcom lacks coverage in your area.
  • Provider Service Quality and Support – This ultimately ensures your ongoing satisfaction. Tough to quantify but key!

I hope this guide proves useful navigating the internet provider options in our amazing island state. While remote, over 98% of Hawaiian residents now get access to reliable and often blazing fast internet through underwater fiber cables, expanding wireless networks and backup satellite coverage. Stay tuned for more tech insights in paradise!

A hui hou (Until we meet again),

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