Why Choose Escape Hour in Calgary?

Escape Hour in Calgary is a real-life escape room game! Teams of 2 to 8 players are locked in a themed room and they must work together to solve puzzles, riddles, and clues to escape the room within 60 minutes. Escape Hour has several rooms to choose from with a variety of themes such as horror or pirates.

Why choose Escape Hour in Calgary

  1. Fun and exciting

Fun and exciting

Escape Hour is a lot of fun for groups. Players have to go through a series of challenges in order to escape the room. It is a great team building activity, and there are even birthday party packages available. Players work together to solve the various puzzles in an hour.

  1. A good way to spend time with friends

Escape Hour can be very rewarding, especially for groups that work well together, since they will most likely escape the room within an hour. It is also a great way to spend time with friends or new acquaintances since it can be very social. Escape Hour has several escape rooms of different themes, such as horror and pirates.

  1. It is affordable

There are various packages available for Escape Hour in Calgary, starting at $22 per person. This includes the two hour rental fee and the price of the room. There are also birthday party options for those who wish to have a different setting for their party.

  1. Prizes and achievements available

Prizes and achievements available

For groups that manage to escape the room within the hour, there is a time certificate along with a picture of your group printed on an escape card which you can bring home as a souvenir.

  1. Individual or team competition

If participants want to have a more competitive feel, they can choose the individual competition option. This will cause their results to be timed separately. For those wishing for a less competitive atmosphere, there is also the group competition option where groups are scored based on how long it takes them to escape the room as well as other factors.

  1. Variety of rooms and themes

There are currently five themed escape rooms available at Escape Hour. Groups that choose to play will be able to select their favourite theme. There is a pirate room for those who want a nautical adventure, an Egyptian room for those wishing for something more historical, and even a haunted forest room if you wish to try something spooky.

  1. Stay in the area afterwards

After you have finished playing, Escape Hour offers a great opportunity to explore the area. There are plenty of restaurants in Calgary that are perfect for groups who wish to eat after their escape room experience is over. It is also possible to just walk around the city before heading home or continuing with plans.

  1. Cheaper than other entertainment

Cheaper than other entertainment

Escape Hour can be cheaper than going to a movie or renting movies from Redbox when you have larger groups, and it is also quite affordable for smaller groups as well. Escape Hour rooms are available at $22 per person for weekday rates and $27 per person during the weekend and after 6 p.m. on weekdays.

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