Where Can I Reload My Cash App Card? A Comprehensive Guide for You

Have you found yourself wondering where exactly you can add more funds to your Cash App debit card? I cover everything you need to know in this detailed guide.

I‘ll explain the why, how, and where to reload cash onto your card through a bank or national retail chains like Walmart, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven. You‘ll learn the specific store processes, fees, limits, benefits, and more based on thorough research.

My goal is to equip you with insider knowledge so you can take full advantage of the convenience Cash App cards offer. Let‘s get started!

Overview: Reloading Your Cash App Card with Cash

Cash App has exploded in popularity with tens of millions of active monthly users. At its core, it allows easy peer-to-peer money sending and receiving.

Complementing this, Cash App also offers customizable debit cards that draw right from your Cash App balance. This card enables seamless spending in stores and online anywhere Visa is accepted.

But what if you receive paper cash – say as a birthday gift or payment for odd jobs? With a normal bank, you‘d deposit the bills into your account.

Cash App lets you conveniently convert that physical cash into funds on your card through nationwide retail partners.

According to Cash App‘s website, they have partnered with major chains like Walmart, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven to support cash reloads in-store.

In this guide, I walk through the detailed processes, limitations, fees, and benefits to expect when reloading at these locations versus regular bank visits.

Let‘s first cover why you might need to deposit cash onto your card in the first place.

Why Would You Want to Reload Your Cash App Card?

There‘s a good chance you signed up for the Cash Card to simplify spending from your Cash App balance in stores and online.

But if you only receive incoming peer payments, you might wonder why you‘d ever need to purposely reload cash.

Here are three situations where loading up the card directly makes sense:

1. You Receive Cash Gifts or Paper Payments

Maybe it‘s your birthday and family members hand you physical cash gifts. Perhaps you run a side gig where clients pay in cash.

Rather than keep loose bills around, it‘s convenient to transfer the amount onto your card to manage everything digitally in one place.

Without cash reloads, paper money would remain separate and cumbersome to use.

2. Desire an Easy Way to Pay Others Back

Friends inviting you out to dinner? Reloading your card provides a quick way to reimburse them through Cash App later on.

No need to make a special bank trip beforehand. Just cash in dollars for digital funds anytime.

3. Prefer Paying With Your Cash App Card

For those that have fully adopted Cash App, you likely wish to keep day-to-day spending within one environment.

Depositing paper cash into your card balance allows you to pay with your Cash App card exclusively. This maximizes control and simplicity.

Now that you know the motivation behind cash reloads, let‘s explore how and where to actually make these deposits.

Overview of Reloading Through a Bank vs Retail Locations

When it comes to turning cash into accessible money on your Cash App card, you have two main options:

  1. Bank Account Transfers

  2. National Retail Chain Deposits

Below I break down the key differences, steps required, benefits, and downsides of moving funds from a bank versus participating store chains.

Depositing Cash Through a Bank Account

The most direct method is to make a bank transfer to your linked Cash App bank account, allowing the funds to seamlessly top up your card‘s available balance.

Steps Required

  1. Visit your nearest bank branch
  2. Fill out a paper deposit slip and/or debit card
  3. Hand over your cash to the teller
  4. Confirm the account transfer in your Cash App


  • Moves cash from offline to online instantly
  • Bypasses retail cash deposit limits


  • Inflexible bank operating hours
  • Possible long teller lines
  • Cash not immediately available (delayed by bank processing times)

Depositing Cash at National Retail Chains

To enable convenient cash reloads nationwide, Cash App established partnerships with over a dozen mega-retailers like Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid.

Steps Required

  1. Enter a partner retail location
  2. Inform store associate you need to deposit into Cash App
  3. Confirm required account details
  4. Associate completes cash transaction


  • Reload debit card directly with cash
  • Instant availability of funds
  • Extended hours (24/7 for some chains)
  • Abundant locations across most regions


  • Variable fees per store policy
  • Daily and monthly deposit limits enforced

Now let‘s take a deeper look into the leading national retail chains supporting Cash App deposits.

Key Retail Chains for Cash Reloads

Cash App provides an up-to-date list of retail partners right in their app and website. Let‘s evaluate the most influential stores.


As America‘s largest big-box retailer with over 4,700 domestic locations and extensive geographic coverage, Walmart unsurprisingly tops the list as the most accessible depot for cash reloads.

Availability across every state with 24/7 operation in some cases and self-service checkouts make the store aptly suited for convenient Cash App deposits.

In my experience, Walmart associates are well informed of Cash App‘s protocols and can ably guide first-timers through the short process.

Standard practices as confirmed directly with my local Walmart store are as follows:

Where to Reload

  • Customer Service Desk
  • Money Center

Process Overview

  1. Inform associate at desk of need to deposit cash into Cash App
  2. Provide phone number and $ amount to add
  3. Associate inputs details and completes deposit
  4. Funds reflected instantly in Cash App balance


None beyond Cash App limits

With no fees and reliable execution, Walmart offers an ideal Cash App cash-in hub for application users already shopping there.


Number 2 on Cash App‘s retail ranking, Walgreens constitutes another go-to national chain for debit card reloads thanks to over 9,000 area stores peppered across metropolitan and rural regions alike.

Catering heavily to pharmacy and convenience shopper traffic, Walgreens acceptance of Cash App is key for users to transfer cash without deviating far from errand routes.

Let‘s investigate what the deposit experience entails based on data aggregated from Walgreens reviews:

Where to Reload

  • Main Cash Register

Process Overview

  1. Approach an open cash register
  2. Notify cashier of intent to deposit cash into Cash App account
  3. Present phone number and bill amount; possibly card swipe required
  4. Cashier inputs details to finish transaction


Varies by store (call ahead to confirm)

Spanning both coasts and everywhere between, Walgreens handily outflanks traditional banks with flexible loading options benefiting loyal Cash App devotees.


In third place for scale among supported national chains is the 7-Eleven convenience marketplace with over 9,000 total U.S. outposts as of 2022 according to ScrapeHero data.

Servicing the masses with its hallmark 24/7 operating agenda, 7-Eleven joins the mission to bring expedited financial capabilities to Cash App subscribers wherever they desire.

Based on crowdsourced commentary from the convenience chain‘s app profile, I can report the accompanying experience for loading your card:

Where to Reload

  • Main Cash Register

Process Overview

  1. Walk up to any staffed register
  2. Tell cashier you need to deposit money onto your Cash App card
  3. Offer phone number associated with account
  4. Clerk inputs details and completes cash transfer


Possible flat $3 to $5 service fee (verify by location)

With economical coffee and snacks to accompany cash deposits24/7, 7-Eleven makes for one-stop solubility.

While I‘ve spotlighted options from Walmart, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven thus far due to their collective mainstream presence and reasonably frictionless processes, Cash App enlists 15 additional participating chains detailed below…

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