What Players Liked and Disliked In FIFA 22?


For decades, FIFA has been one of the most popular football game franchises releasing a masterpiece every year. Football fans don’t need any formal introduction for FIFA 22 as they have been playing the game since its release. For casual gamers, it would be better to explain a little bit about it.

FIFA 22 is the 29th and the latest installment in the FIFA series. It is an appealing game based on modern world football. The most relatable and best thing about FIFA is that it presents interesting gameplay featuring real-world football superstars, domestic and international clubs, and national teams.

Just like every other FIFA game, FIFA 22 delivers a great experience where you can stimulate the player and ball. The main objective of the game is to try scoring with the help of a wide range of varieties and tactics before the clock ticking stops.

It’s almost a year since FIFA 22 release and the game got much love from fans. Some players enjoyed several features of the game while some criticized it. Here are some of the aspects that players liked and disliked about FIFA 22.


What Players Liked

  • Being the latest version in the installment, FIFA 22 runs smoother than other FIFA games. It has fewer bugs and glitches.
  • Several new moves and tactics are included in the game like agile dribbling to achieve precision while moving with the ball, creative runs to attack dynamically, and an improved natural collision system to give the game a real-world feeling.
  • There is a wide range of modes that you can play solo or with friends. You can also play online with other players all over the world. The modes it offers are FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA Football, UEFA Champions League, Pro Clubs, Online Seasons, Kick-Off, Tournaments, and Skill Games.
  • Playing Ultimate team mode becomes quite easy with a lot of free stuff to get. You can earn coins by playing and winning games. You can also buy FIFA 22 coins in SkyCoachto buy your favorite players and clubs. You can also add boosts to the players using these coins.
  • The gameplay mechanics added to the game are advanced as you are able to train and play with your player at any specific position. More tactical AI (Artificial Intelligence) and hypermotion technology are used to deliver a better reading of the game and the movements of the players.
  • The game is dynamic, meaning that you can’t find a specific way to score. You need to try different tactics and strategies. This makes FIFA 22 interesting as it’s neither hard nor much of a treat to play.
  • The behaviors and commentary are improved to give a more realistic experience to the gamers. You will see players adjusting their shin pads themselves will enhance the overall game experience.
  • More precision is added to the ball movement, especially in the passing system. In FIFA 22, the ball does not randomly go to the spaces where your players are not positioned.
  • Electronic Arts (the developer of FIFA) is organizing official tournaments on a large scale to give a chance to more experienced and skilled players.
  • The graphics of the game are undoubtedly improved with more detailing of the players’ appearances. However, it mostly depends on the devices you are playing the game on.

What Players Liked

What Players Disliked

  • Some players considered FIFA 22 as a Pay-to-Win game. The reason is if you spend enough to buy the coins, you will get more advanced abilities and good players.
  • Despite the game features VAR and an advanced referee system, still at times, a foul is not given as a foul.
  • It is also suggested to improve the defending system of FIFA 22. Sometimes defenders run through the opponent players without doing anything. The goalkeeper often comes out of the box without any reason on a long through ball.
  • Career mode is frequently targeted for not being as impressive as it was in the previous installments. Nothing new and impressive is introduced in the Career mode of FIFA 22 which is considered the main mode of the game.
  • The game against AI is bizarre because the AI never commits a foul which makes it quite unrealistic. No chance to have penalties and free kicks in the AI mode.

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