What Is Neil Degrasse Tyson’s IQ, Is He the Smartest Person Ever?

Hi there! You may know Neil deGrasse Tyson from his acclaimed science TV shows and podcasts. Or maybe you‘ve seen one of his frequent talk show appearances cracking jokes while dropping some serious astrophysics knowledge.

Clearly, Tyson has made complex scientific topics accessible and fun for the masses. But how intelligent is America‘s favorite astrophysicist really? Let‘s nerd out and explore what his IQ score and accomplishments reveal. I‘ve done the heavy research so you can get answers without the boring stuff!

Neil deGrasse Tyson by the Numbers
First, let‘s quantify Tyson‘s intellect with some good ol‘ fashioned IQ test scores. You‘ve probably heard IQ thrown around as a benchmark for intelligence. But what do the numbers really mean?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It‘s a score calculated from standardized tests designed to measure human intelligence and cognitive abilities. Average IQ falls between 85 and 115. The highest recorded IQ ever was around 230.

Now onto Neil‘s numbers…Experts estimate his IQ clocks in at 123. That means better than 9 out of 10 people but no Sheldon Cooper. He ranks in the "superior intelligence" zone, but doesn‘t reach the 130+ "genius" category.

But does that 123 IQ really capture Neils‘s brilliant brain? Let‘s dig deeper…

Beyond the Numbers
While Tyson‘s above average IQ proves he‘s no dummy, IQ only measures a narrow slice of intelligence focused on memory, logic and spatial skills. There are SO many other types of smart!

Take it from me, data IQ doesn‘t always translate into people skills or business savvy. And Tyson himself has never been at the top of his math or science classes. What makes him a genius is his ability to GET this stuff across.

He knows how to take insanely complex astrophysics and spin an interesting story to help Regular Joes like us grasp the concepts. Not even joking – I can follow along with actual astrophysics thanks to Neil!

Teaching intelligence and communication IQ off the charts! He really connects through humor, geeky cultural references and just raw enthusiasm for science. You can‘t fake that passion!

Now I know IQ isn‘t everything. But fo reals…dude has crazy qualifications! Double Harvard degrees, runs the Hayden Planetarium and dozens of awards. Respect the accomplishments!

Of course, no one‘s perfect. Tyson occasionally sticks his foot in his mouth on social media or podcasts. Dude certainly isn‘t the smoothest talk show guest! But he handles backlash with honesty and humor. Gotta respect it.

The Verdict
While Tyson doesn‘t claim the highest IQ or pioneering scientific achievements, he possesses a rare talent for illuminating big ideas. Can‘t measure that impact!

So Neil deGrasse Tyson has my vote as the coolest genius turning people onto science through sheer smarts and contagious excitement. We need that!

But I gotta ask: Does breaking down space stuff for us mere earthlings make Neil the GOAT? Hit me up, I want to hear your thoughts!

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