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Is web proxy do really free of charge?

Looking forward to learning about web proxies in an enjoyable manner? Then long epistles with technical jargon wouldn’t work for you as a beginner. Instead, we divided what you need to know into interesting facts that you will enjoy reading.

Web Proxies are Tab-Specific

Web Proxies for Multiple Tabs

Do you think web proxies work at the browser level? If that has been your thought, you will need to change that mindset as that has been compromising your privacy all the while. Web proxies do not require any form of software installation or even configuration.

They are accessible via any web browser using the specific web proxy’s website URL. This means that except for the pages you access with the tab and within the web proxy interface, any other web requests go through the conventional channels and not via the web proxy.

To put it in simple terms, if you load, let say, ProxySite.com in one tab and try accessing a website using another tab, your web request won’t be routed through the web proxy (ProxySite, Kproxy, and so on.).

Likewise, even for the same tab, if you do not access the website via the ProxySite interface but access it directly through the address bar, thereby closing the ProxySite, you will also be accessing the website directly and not through the ProxySite web proxy.

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Web Proxies Modify URLs on Web Pages

Modify URLs

Perhaps, one of the reasons why you shouldn’t make use of a proxy server at all is that every response passes through the server first and can be modified before it gets to you. While all proxy systems have the capability to modify web responses, web proxies take this to another level by modifying all URLs on the web page.

The URLs will be modified from their actual strings to look like URLs on the web proxy website. This is done so that anytime you try accessing any of the URLs; it would be routed through the web proxy and, as such, keep your real IP address hidden.

This is quite a good reason why the URLs are modified and, as such, shouldn’t stop you from using web proxies. However, you have to have it at the back of your mind that the URLs you will copy from web proxy accessed web pages are modified URLs and work just like shortened URLs. If you need to copy actual URLs, then you will have to ditch web proxies.

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They are Usually Free

free web proxies

It’s a known fact that free proxies are usually of low quality, and you will have to pay to get high-quality proxies. Well, that’s not always the case. In the case of web proxies, most of them are free and work quite well.

One thing you will come to like about free web proxies is that they are compatible with many popular web services. While you can find it difficult to use free proxies for accessing YouTube, it is very common to find free web proxies you can use for accessing YouTube, Facebook, and other popular web services.

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Web Proxies are Regular Proxies with Limitation


Web proxies are nothing but regular proxies; all they do is route clients’ requests via proxy servers. This means that they can help you carry out certain tasks you will need proxies from, such as circumventing geo-restrictions, accessing geofenced content, and bypassing IP blocks.

However, all of these works from the confines of the web browser – and that’s the limitation. You cannot use web proxies outside of the web browser. This means that they are not easy to use with automation bot and other web clients aside from web browsers.

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Ads Can Be Injected into Web Pages

Ads from free proxies

It’s so funny how web users nowadays would want to avoid ads at all cost even when accessing a free service – and many web browsers help out by providing them ad blockers. There are even some proxy services that would help strip out annoying ads from web pages. However, when it comes to web proxies, you should be ready to see ads.

Except for web proxy services that have other products they make money from, it shouldn’t be surprising to see ads injected into web pages you access through their service – that’s the price to pay for using a free web proxy service.

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Web Proxies are Surprisingly Effective

Web Proxies benefit

Most proxy usage advice is for you to avoid free proxies, and one of the major reasons given is that they are easily detected and blocked. Well, that’s the half-truth. The other untold truth that you might be missing is that some web proxies, most notably free, are an exception to this rule. Web proxy services are effective even for popular platforms that have smart proxy detection systems.

It might interest you to know that there are free web proxies that you use for streaming on YouTube and accessing Google services. However, there’s still the risk of other problems associated with using them, and that’s why some users avoid them.

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Web Proxies Can Read Your Web Requests

Web Proxies with Web Requests

One scary thing about web proxies, regardless of the price tag on them, is that your web requests are plain and open to them. This means that they can read the content of your request. At first, this might be nothing to you but have you ever thought about logging into your bank website using your username and password and someone somewhere is eavesdropping?

If you have, then you would be in the same situation, and that’s why it is advisable to avoid using web proxies or even proxies, in general, to access your accounts online. Except for a reputable web proxy service, you might be opening yourself up for cybercriminals.

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