Volvo EX90 SUV: Your Comprehensive Preview of Volvo‘s First Electric Flagship

As an automotive analyst who‘s followed Volvo closely for over a decade, I‘ve been eagerly anticipating the launch of the all-new, all-electric EX90 SUV. As Volvo‘s technology flagship slated to debut this November, the EX90 will pioneer advanced driver assistance and battery capabilities that offer a glimpse into the automaker‘s ambitious electric future.

In this guide, I‘ll comprehensively decode everything we know so far about the 2024 EX90 straight from Volvo‘s official announcements. You‘ll discover key details on:

  • EX90‘s pricing, range and performance possibilities
  • New Volvo safety systems and autonomous technology
  • Styling, interior changes and cargo capabilities
  • How the EX90 fits into Volvo‘s broader electric plans

By the end, you‘ll be an EX90 expert ready to weigh in on Volvo‘s strategy as an aspiring electric luxury leader. Let‘s get started!

Overview: What is the Volvo EX90 and Why Does it Matter?

The Volvo EX90 will be the newest addition to Volvo‘s lineup once it goes on sale, serving as the all-electric variant of Volvo‘s popular XC90 luxury SUV model that‘s sold over a million units.

As Volvo‘s first vehicle built upon their brand new SPA2 vehicle architecture specialized for EVs, the EX90 takes on huge significance for the future of electrifying Volvo‘s entire lineup by 2030.

"We made huge technological leaps forward with the XC90. And now everything we‘ve changed and developed technologically we‘ll see in the EX90 first as a full electric car," says Volvo‘s chief technical officer, Henrik Green.

The EX90 aims to deliver class-leading levels of:

  • Range and charging capability with an approximately 100 kWh battery
  • Advanced self-driving aids like Volvo‘s "Ride Pilot" autonomous highway system
  • Cutting-edge safety via interior sensors and exterior LiDAR/cameras

If Volvo manages to pull off best-in-class capabilities across these areas in a compelling luxury package, it may convince lots of its loyal gas-powered car buyers to make their first EV purchase with the EX90.

But can the EX90 take on more tech-savvy electric rivals like Tesla‘s Model X, the Mercedes EQS and Audi e-tron GT head-on? Let‘s explore the EX90‘s key defining features positioning it for success.

EX90 Pricing and Release Timeline

According to exclusive news shared with Automotive News Europe last month, Volvo targets a starting price around $70,000 for the base EX90 trim launching in 2024 as a 2025 model year vehicle.

That closely matches up with the current XC90 lineup and seats it firmly among rivals:

SUV ModelStarting MSRP
Volvo EX90 (expected)$70,000
Audi e-tron$69,000
BMW iX$85,000
Mercedes-Benz EQC$68,000
Tesla Model X$120,000

In terms of production and arrival timeline, Volvo indicated that the EX90 should begin early preview openings for customers in Spring 2023 based on a late 2023 manufacturing start in their South Carolina factory:

“We will start production in 2023 and have the official market launch in 2024. Next spring, we will start preview openings for customers and potential prospects,” stated Javier Varela, head of global commercial operations.

So you can expect to get your first glimpses of the EX90 early next year before deliveries likely ramp up through 2024.

Range and Charging:targeted over 300 Mile Capability

Similar to the pricing intel, Volvo officials reporting to Auto Express have pegged EX90‘s maximum EPA range at "just over 300 miles" from its bulk 100+ kWh battery expected to be supplied by CATL.

Considering Volvo‘s stated 2030 goal for EVs to achieve over 560 miles, exceeding 300 miles in their very first bespoke EV model would be an excellent starting point. For reference, here‘s how competitors stack currently:

SUV ModelMax EPA Range
Volvo EX90 (expected)300+ miles
Audi e-tron222 miles
BMW iX324 miles
Mercedes-Benz EQC259 miles
Tesla Model X348 miles

The advantage Volvo has here is the no-compromises SPA2 chassis letting them design EX90 exclusively for big battery packs without retrofitting existing ICE car bones.

When it comes to charging tech, look for Volvo to include compatibility with the latest 250+ kilowatt rapid rates. This potentially enables adding 180+ miles of range back in under 20 minutes of ideal DC fast charging. New route planning tech will optimize for efficient charging stops as needed so range anxiety dissolves.

Cutting-Edge ADAS and Level 3 Autonomy via "Ride Pilot"

While range promises to be competitive, Volvo is truly aiming to differentiate the EX90 package with its state-of-the-art ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) sensor suite enabling powerful safety and partial self-driving functionality dubbed Ride Pilot.

Safety/Autonomy FeatureEX90 Capability
LiDAR 360 ViewProviding 360-degreeview up to 820 feet for advanced collision detection
Driver Monitoring CamerasWatching gaze/alertness to warn distracted or drowsy drivers
Exterior Night VisionSeeing nearly 250 feet ahead using sensors/IR in darkness
Embedded Child SensorsMonitoring health signs like heart rate for back seat passengers
Ride Pilot AutonomyLevel 3 semi-autonomy allowing hands/eyes off under certain conditions

Volvo estimates this sensor hardware coupled with onboard software intelligence provides the opportunity to reduce severe crashes by 20% compared to rivals lacking similar capabilities.

Ride Pilot specifically constitutes SAE Level 3 autonomy – meaning it can fully handle acceleration, braking, steering and monitoring within its operational design domain…without the need for you to watch the road. Do note you still must be prepared to take back control if the system requests it however.

The key caveat is that Ride Pilot will roll out limited to divided highways in California at first before expanding based on software maturity and regulatory approval. So no fully self-driving EX90s from the get go, but certainly strong evolution towards that as Volvo collects data to train its neural networks.

Styling and Interior: Trading Buttons for a Giant Screen

Thus far, Volvo has only teased glimpses of the EX90 with camouflage covering during early test drives. But similar to the electric Polestar 3 introducing Volvo‘s newer design language, expect an evolution of today‘s clean, minimalist look.

Regulatory images confirm a fastback-like roofline taking advantage of the skateboard-style battery running fully underneath for lower gravity and aerodynamics. You‘ll also spot flush fitting cameras, radar sensors and LiDAR pods integrated discreetly for that high-tech look.

Inside is where the EX90‘s transformation shines brightest, with a massive, vertically oriented touchscreen becoming the nerve center for controlling settings. Yes, that means almost all physical buttons get axed in the name of elegance and simplicity!

This interior overhaul falls in line with Volvo‘s recent models, using sustainable natural wool textiles and responsibly forested wood accents to offset the otherwise very advanced and screen-heavy cockpit design. Expect superior legroom too courtesy of the stretched EV proportions.

Final Thoughts on Volvo‘s Electric Gameplan

The EX90 unveiling this November 9th no doubt marks a pivotal moment in Volvo‘s electrified future. As its first ground-up EV, the EX90 sets the pace for Volvo‘s technology roadmap through this decade leading to 2030‘s complete phase out of ICE vehicles.

It‘s a bold bet on a future where EVs match or exceed their ICE counterparts in range, luxury and capability, while pioneering autonomous driving aids that inch us towards true self-driving potential.

But while the EX90 checks many boxes in terms of competitive battery range, rapid charging support and partial autonomy, questions linger on whether Volvo can fully shake the perceptions of Tesla‘s domination on the EV mindshare front.

The good news is Volvo is combining its reputation for safety with sustainable Scandinavian motifs in ways that feel authentic. If they manage to back that up with real-world functionality that delights owners, the EX90 could easily emerge as a benchmark for upscale electric SUVs in coming years.

I know I‘m excited to learn the final missing details soon on November 9th regarding pricing, cargo dimensions, towing capabilities and trim level differences. Stay tuned for my in-depth EX90 analysis once Volvo‘s cards are out on the table!

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