Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Globally, different countries celebrate the day in unique ways. Not all regions celebrate on 14th February, some celebrate on other days due to different traditions. 

Valentine’s Day often occurs on 14th February in most regions of the world. However, some countries celebrate on other dates due to their beliefs, customs, and traditions. On this special day, many people go out for dinner, lunch, or vacation.

People also end up buying each other chocolates, necklaces, watches, roses, and other special gifts. Not only is it a special day for lovers, but also our family and friends. Even if single, you shouldn’t feel sad, you can still gift a friend or family member. Spread the love! However, Valentine’s Day isn’t treated as a public holiday, as various professionals still go to work.

1. The United States

Date: 14th February

The United States

On St. Valentine’s Day, men usually invite women to a luxurious dinner and gift them with roses. In addition, fathers buy flowers and chocolates for their daughters. In America, many people send cards, letters, chocolates, flowers, and gifts to their loved ones.

Some people even go the extra mile to go on a vacation with their loved ones. It is also an ideal time for marriage proposals and weddings. The origin of Valentine’s Day in the United States is believed to be after Saint Valentine, who is honored on February 14.

The day became associated with romantic love in England during the Middle Ages. The most common symbols are the heart and pictures of cupids. On this special day, you need to have access to the best gift delivery services to acquire surprise your loved ones with the gifts on time.

2. France

Date: 14th February

France is known as the city of romance. The first Valentine’s Day card is said to have originated in France. Charles, the Duke of Orleans in the past, was used to sending his wife romantic love letters even when in prison in 1415. This made it to become popularly celebrated.

People in France celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of lovers. One unromantic tradition is the loterie d’amour. Single men and women would match each other to find partners. However, the tradition became dangerous and was banned.

3. Chinese Qixi Festival

Date: 4th August in 2022, August 22 in 2023 (the 7th day of the lunar month)

This is a traditional Chinese festival, to commemorate the love of the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd. It is the equivalent of Valentine’s Day.

The tradition dates back to when Zhinu, the king’s daughter, and Niulang, a poor cow herder, fell in love. However, the king disapproved of it and separated them. Upon hearing the couple’s cry, he allowed them to be meeting once a year on Qixi.

Hence, the tradition grew, in which young women prepare offerings while praying for a good husband. On the other hand, couples go to pray for marriage prosperity. People give out gifts, take each other to romantic dates, movies, and dinners.

4. Korea

Date: The 14th of every month

Every 14th of each month is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. However, with different intentions.  For instance, single people eat black fried noodles on the 14th of April to express their dissatisfaction.

The gift-giving starts on February 14th in which women are expected to woo men with chocolates, candy, and flowers. On March 14th, men shower their sweethearts with chocolates and flowers. Considering how gifts are important, you shouldn’t worry when time has elapsed. While in Korea, you can consult the best gift delivery services to ensure your partner receives an ideal gift of your choice.

The other holidays include 14th January – Diary day, 14th Feb – Valentine day, 14th march – White day, 14th April – black day, 14th May – Rose day, 14th June – Kiss day, 14th July – Silver day, 14th August – Green Day, 14th September – Photo day, 14th October – Wine Day, 14th November – Movie Day, 14th December – Hug Day.

5. Spain

Date: 9th October

On this special day, men give their lovers a special dessert, mocadora, a special candy made from almonds. The celebration often falls on the 9th of October and is well known as the feast of Saint Dionysus.

This amazing feast is celebrated in Spain by making mocadoes. Additionally, on the day, there are normally beautiful, colorful parades on the streets of Spain. It is a special day for couples, singles, and loved ones.

6. Romania

Date: 24th February


In Romania, the people celebrate Dragobete Day on 24th February.  Not only, do they celebrate love, but also when many young couples get engaged. It is a celebration of Valentine’s Day and spring.

On this day, young men and women go to the forest to pick colorful flowers, while couples wash their faces with snow as a sign of good luck. Romanians celebrate love twice. On Valentine’s Day 14th, and February 24th.

The Dragobete was a young god whose celebration varied in different historical regions. He is known as the patron saint of love and is often associated with the love cupid. He used his power to remind people to never stop celebrating love.

7. Brazil

Date: 12th June

In Brazil, they celebrate lovers’ day on June 12th. People exchange chocolates, flowers, cards, music festivals, and performances on that day.

However, gift-giving isn’t limited to couples only. People exchange gifts with family and friends too. The following day is St Antony’s day, in which single people perform rituals with the hope of St. Antony giving them spouses.

In Brazil, people don’t celebrate on 14th February because it falls during carnival week, which is one of the biggest events in the county.

8. The Philippines

Date: 14th February

In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day marks a marriage day for many couples. The government is the one that sponsors the mass weddings on that day.

Mass weddings are what have led to Valentine’s popularity in the Philippines. Also, married couples get to renew their vows. People also decorate their spaces, shops, hotels, restaurants, and much more with love-related decorations.

9. Ghana

Date: 14th February

Valentine’s Day in Ghana is also celebrated as National Chocolate Day. This was done in 2007 by the Ghanaian government to promote the consumption of cocoa products and chocolates.

In addition, people go for dates, attend live performances, music events, go to restaurants, and gift each other. This chocolate day initiative was also made by the government to help reduce social vices.

10. Argentina  

Date: 14th February and 1-7th July (Sweet Week in July)

In addition to the traditional Valentine’s Day, they also have a special sweet week in July. During that week, couples go the extra mile to kiss each other in public and exchange gifts.

It is a special week, in which lovers exchange kisses, receive chocolates, and other sweets. The day started as a commercial invention, then grew to become Valentine’s tradition. They celebrate it with an extra public display of affection.

11. The Czech Republic

Date: 1st May

In the Czech Republic, couples go to worship under the statue of Rahman Maha. They kiss under the cherry tree in anticipation of good luck in the future.

Gradually, Valentine’s Day has become popular among young people in the region.  It is also celebrated on May 1st because the weather is more favorable. In addition, it is a public holiday (Labor Day) so you can celebrate the day with your loved ones.

12. Bulgaria

Date: 14th February

Just like most places, Bulgaria also celebrates Valentine’s Day, which falls on the same day as the Wine holiday. The tradition is based on the legend of St Trifon.  It is believed that while he was cutting twigs in his vineyard, the Virgin Mary (his sister), and the baby Christ passed near him.

Virgin Mary also made Trifon’s wife go back to him. She also instructed her to go to help him as he had cut himself while working in the vineyard. The custom on the day is to prune vines and pray for a fruitful year.

At present time, everybody else from the village brings fresh bread, fried chicken, and wine vessels. They then choose the best producer of grapes and wine and make him a crown.

13. Wales

Date: 25th January

On this day, couples exchange beautiful handmade wooden spoons. The tradition has been there for over 400 years.

On St Dwynwen’s Day, which is named after the Welsh patron saint of lovers, the young men, present love spoons to the ladies that they are courting. The young men are the ones who are supposed to carve the wooden spoons.

When the ladies accept the love spoons, they are regarded as tokens of engagement or betrothal.

14. South Africa Roman Fauna

Date: 14th February

On Valentine’s Day, young women sew or pin their favorite crush’s name on the sleeve, so all can see. Also, on Robben Island, to the north of Cape Town, dozens of couples tie the knot on that special day.

People also celebrate the special day by going for romantic walks, dinner, public outings, hiking, and much more. People often give their boyfriend or girlfriend thoughtful gifts.

15. Slovenia

Date: 14th February


In Slovenia, St Valentine who is the patron saint of spring is highly celebrated. On 14th February, it is believed that plants start to regenerate, as it marks the first day of working in the fields for the New Year.

Additionally, there is another belief that birds propose to each other. To witness the occasion, one must walk barefoot through the fields that are typically still frozen. Also, March 12th which is St Gregory’s day marks the Slovenian day of romance.

16. Japan

Date: 14th February and 14th March.

Originally, the day was used as a way to promote candy. However, it later evolved into the exchange of gifts between couples, also known as White Day.

On 14th February, women buy gifts and chocolates for their male companions. However, men can return the gifts till March 14th which is the White day.

Family and friends can also be given gifts, but loved ones are the ones given valuable gifts. However, on White Day, men have to spend twice or thrice what the females spent.

17. Australia

Date: 14th February.

On a special day, lovers often give each other purple shells representing romantic love and loyalty. Others decide to go on a date, vacation, or adventure. It is a great time to create new memories with your partner.

People also send cards, chocolates, or gifts to each other with jewelry.  However, it is important to source flowers that meet the ethical standard of Valentine.

18. Denmark

Date: 14th February

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular Denmark festivals in which people celebrate their loved ones. On this special day, people exchange handmade cards with some white flowers called snowdrops, chocolates, and gifts.

Additionally, men also write elaborate paper-cut notes with a humorous message signed with a series of anonymous dots. It is up to the lady to figure out who sent it.

Love is everyday

Valentine’s Day is a special day that everyone should celebrate by showing love. It is a great day for couples, singles, friends, and families. It’s not too late to find a gift, you can consult the best gift delivery services to make the surprise to your loved ones.

It is significant to go the extra mile on the same day to show your loved ones that they mean a lot to you. However, love should be showered to our loved ones each day and not just on Valentine’s Day.

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