Let‘s Explore the Best Graphics Card Upgrades for Your RTX 2070 Super

Hey there! If your trusty Nvidia RTX 2070 Super is finally showing its age after years of faithful 1440p service, some tempting upgrade options now await. In this guide just for you, we’ll survey fresh graphics card contenders—unlocking more frames, eye candy visuals, and buttery gaming goodness along the way.

First, let‘s recap what made the RTX 2070 Super so great in its prime.

Recapping the Strengths of Your RTX 2070 Super

The RTX 2070 Super first arrived in July 2019, delivering exceptional 1440p gaming speeds at $499. For this reasonable price, it served up performance nearing Nvidia‘s flagship RTX 2080.

Glancing at its core specs quickly reveals why:

Release DateJuly 2019
Cores/CUDA Cores2,560
Clock Speed1,605MHz base
1,770MHz boost
Memory8GB GDDR6
Memory Bus256-bit
TDP215 watts

Packing 8GB of speedy GDDR6 memory and 2,560 CUDA cores, your RTX 2070 Super became a 1440p gaming staple thanks to ample performance headroom.

However, modern games continue pushing limits. Recent demanding titles like Cyberpunk 2077 or Microsoft Flight Simulator give even the strongest GPUs a workout, especially with ray tracing visuals enabled.

Upgrading to a newer architecture like Ampere or Ada Lovelace promises big performance lifts thanks to their architectural improvements. You also gain more on-board memory to handle bloating game asset sizes.

Let‘s explore six tempting upgrade options that leave your RTX 2070 Super in the dust!

6 Powerful Upgrades for Your RTX 2070 Super

Best Overall: NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti

[insert RTX 4070 Ti image]

The newly released RTX 4070 Ti represents an excellent overall upgrade choice from your loyal RTX 2070 Super. Here‘s a comparative spec breakdown:

SpecRTX 2070 SuperRTX 4070 Ti
Launch MSRP$499$799
CUDA Cores2,5607,680 (+3x)
Memory Bandwidth448GB/s504GB/s
Boost Clock1,770MHz2,610MHz
RTX 4070 Ti Performance Uplift*n/aUp to 2x faster

\ Per Nvidia marketing claims of "Up to 2x" over RTX 3090 Ti_

As we can see, the 4070 Ti packs far more cores into an advanced Ada Lovelace architecture, nearly tripling the 2070 Super‘s resources. This unlocks up to 2x the real-world gaming performance based on Nvidia‘s internal testing.

You also gain 4GB more cutting-edge GDDR6X memory to handle visually intense new games. And clock speeds see a lofty 50% boost over your 2070 Super.

In real terms, this means considerably faster speeds at higher eye candy settings. You‘ll fly well beyond 100+ fps at 1440p, and can now enable all ray tracing features without performance falling apart. 4K gaming also becomes feasible on this $799 beast.

The only tradeoff is a higher $300 premium over your trusty 2070 Super‘s original MSRP. But viewed another way, you lock in an easy 2x performance lift for only 60% more investment. Not bad!

Let‘s keep exploring more radical alternatives too…

Best Splurge: NVIDIA RTX 4090

[insert RTX 4090 image]

Sit down for this one. If money is no object and you demand only the ULTIMATE visual fidelity, behold the undisputed new speed king:

SpecRTX 2070 SuperRTX 4090
Launch MSRP$499$1,599
CUDA Cores2,56016,384 (+6x!)
Memory Bandwidth448GB/s1,321GB/s (+3x)
Boost Clock1,770MHz2,520MHz
RTX 4090 Performance Uplift*n/aUp to 4-5x faster

\Per Nvidia marketing claims of "up to 4-5x" over RTX 3090 Ti_

Need I say more? If you demand the absolute pinnacle of 4K gaming terrorizing virtual worlds at 120+ fps, the RTX 4090 stands utterly unmatched. It achieves this via an insane 4-5x performance leap over lesser GPUs like your outgoing 2070 Super.

How so? By packing an astonishing 16,384 CUDA processing cores that are fed by 24GB of bleeding-edge GDDR6X memory with over 1TB/s of bandwidth. All amped up by the premium Ada Lovelace GPU architecture tuned to perfection. We‘re talking pixel-chewing ability never before witnessed in a consumer gaming card.

Of course, this 3x cost premium over your 2070 Super gives significant sticker shock. But there are no half-measures here. This is the card that laughs heartily when you try turning on ray tracing and 8K resolutions simultaneously.

Only a high-rolling PC enthusiast could possibly justify this $1,599 luxury. But if you are that person, may your framerates be high and your temps low!

Now, let‘s reel things back in on planet Earth…

Best High-End Value: AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX

[insert RX 7900 XTX image]

Gamers who balance performance desires with pragmatic budgets should train eyes on AMD‘s impressive new Radeon RX 7900 XTX flagship.

At $899, it significantly undercuts Nvidia‘s RTX offerings while serving up genuine 4K muscle:

SpecRTX 2070 SuperRX 7900 XTX
Launch MSRP$499$899
ArchitectureTuringRDNA 3
Memory Bandwidth448GB/s576GB/s (+30%)
Compute Units4096
7900 XTX Performance Uplift*n/aUp to 2x

*Per AMD marketing claims of "up to 2x" over RX 6950 XT

As the specs show, at just $100 more than Nvidia‘s RTX 4070 Ti, the RX 7900 XTX packs some tantalizing goodies.

You gain three times more video memory—an overkill 24 gigs perfect for feasting on immense 8K game textures without choking, helping boost speeds by 30%. The enhanced RDNA 3 architecture also juices gaming performance up to 2x over last-gen cards like your outgoing 2070 Super.

With claimed speeds over 100 fps @ 4K resolution, AMD‘s newest GPU flyer lets you play the latest titles with buttery smoothness, minus some RTX ray tracing bells & whistles. If your dreams involve maxing quality dials at 3840 x 2160 sans hiccups, the RX 7900 XTX flashes serious value.

Curious how cheaper GPU tiers fare against your elder 2070 Super too? Read on!

Best 1440p Pick: NVIDIA RTX 3080 12GB

[insert RTX 3080 12GB image]

Gamers still enjoying 2560 x 1440 displays can achieve excellent value from Nvidia‘s RTX 3080 12GB edition. At $749 MSRP, it serves up ample horsepower for slick 1440p gaming:

SpecRTX 2070 SuperRTX 3080 12GB
Launch MSRP$499$749
CUDA Cores2,5608,960
Memory Bandwidth448GB/s912 GB/s
3080 Performance Uplift*n/aUp to 75% faster

*Comparisons versus 2080 Super; expect similar uplift over 2070 Super

For $250 more investment, the venerable 3080 unleashes considerably snappier speeds via Ampere architecture gains (~75% quicker). The 12GB VRAM model gives healthy future-proofing too, so visual settings can remain cranked for years.

Expect 100+ fps gaming in most 1440p AAA titles with some compromises on ray tracing performance. But for buttery smoothness one tier below 4K resolutions, the RTX 3080 12GB makes for a suggested successor if your faithful 2070 Super is waving the white flag.

Let‘s explore options still easier on the wallet too…

Best Budget Pick: NVIDIA RTX 3060

[insert RTX 3060 image]

Gamers seeking good 1080p performance can find solid value in Nvidia‘s $329 RTX 3060 graphics card:

SpecRTX 2070 SuperRTX 3060
Launch MSRP$499$329
CUDA Cores2,5603,584
Memory Bandwidth448GB/s360GB/s
Performance Uplift*n/aAround 20-30% faster

*Uplift estimated based on faster architecture and more cores

Priced attractively at $170 less than your outgoing 2070 Super originally cost, the 3060 delivers very playable 1080p speeds in the latest games via its Ampere architecture and extra memory allotment juice.

Expect a conservatively estimated 20-30% lift over your aging GPU, achieving 60+ fps often with some adjusted settings. Ray tracing still proves demanding, but traditional rasterization and inclusion of DLSS/DLAA aid the 3060‘s cause at this wallet-friendly tier.

For smooth 1080p gaming without breaking budgets, Nvidia‘s RTX 3060 warrants a look as an easy drop-in replacement.

Key Questions to Ask Before Upgrading Your Graphics Card

With so many tempting options on the table, you may be itching to click "Buy" right now on a new pixel pumper!

Before swiping that credit card, let‘s recap key questions you should ask yourself first:

  • What display resolution will you game at? Match your upgrade to the monitor being used. The RTX 3060 fits 1080p. The RTX 4090 aims for 8K!
  • Will your CPU become the new bottleneck? Avoid mismatching components. Newer CPUs like 12th Gen Intel or Ryzen 7000 complement high-end GPUs best.
  • Can your power supply handle a more powerful graphics card? Check wattage ratings and PCIe power connectors.
  • Does the card physically fit your case? Larger coolers take up more space. Carefully measure dimensions before purchase.
  • What‘s your total budget for a new GPU? Set reasonable expectations around performance per dollar rather than fixating on the utmost speed alone. Games will play great even at lower frame rates!

Upgrading just one PC component like your loyal RTX 2070 Super inevitably causes a chain reaction of considerations across the rest of your system.

Take a holistic view to your upgrade path. Identify where bottlenecks could arise down the road, and don‘t overspend on a GPU that the rest of your gear can‘t properly support. Like over-revving an engine, sometimes too much speed creates problems!

Closing Thoughts

I hope surveying these six capable graphics card upgrades helps envision the possibilities beyond your venerable RTX 2070 Super.

Cards like the Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti, AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX or RTX 3080 12GB present excellent performance leaps for reasonable prices. They readily power higher resolutions or graphical effects lacking on older GPUs.

Yet don‘t feel compelled to upgrade until you truly need more speed. The 2070 Super still plays modern games smoothly in 1080p and reasonably well in 1440p. Only once visual fidelity and frame rates degrade below satisfaction might a new GPU make sense.

For now, keep enjoying PC gaming the way you always have on trusty old hardware! But when the time eventually comes calling for an upgrade, may your next graphics card serve you just as faithfully as the outgoing 2070 Super.

Happy gaming my friend! Let me know if any other card options or topics interest you.

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