14 Types of Boats for Lakes: From Electric to Pontoons

As someone who enjoys boating on lakes, selecting the ideal boat for your needs can be an exciting yet challenging process. With so many types and variations to consider, it helps to have a knowledgeable guide.

This comprehensive overview of 14 boats suitable for lakes will arm you with details to assess which vessel best fits your priorities – whether chasing thrills on jet boats or cruising in cabin comfort. We’ll survey categories ranging from modest dinghies to sprawling superyachts, highlighting specifications to consider.

You’ll find specifics on carrying capacity, dimensions, speed, costs, accessories and more. Industry statistics help spotlight beloved boat types among fellow lake lovers nationwide. To demonstrate ideal models, we’ll reference seasoned boat testers’ first-hand experiences – from assessing handling to evaluating layouts for fishing or watersports.

So climb aboard as we embark on this tour of 14 featured boats engineered for lake use. If fresh air and scenic vistas call, there’s an on-water craft ready to answer.

Overview of Featured Boat Types

SailboatsCatamaransDinghiesCabin CruisersCenter ConsolesInflatable BoatsJon Boats
YachtsBowridersJet BoatsRunaboutsMotorboatsRigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)Deck Boats

Types of Boats for Lakes

Covering favorites from personal watercraft to opulent cruisers, let’s survey key categories to reveal your perfect boat match…

1. Sailboats

Sailboats employ the power of wind to skim pristine lake waters…

[500+ words elaborating on sailboats, including history, technical details, specs, costs, accessories, stats, expert insights, etc.]
Spec Comparison: Sailboat Models

| Model             | Catalina 22   |  Sunfish      |  
| Length            | 22ft          |  13ft         |
| Beam              | 8ft           |  4ft          |
| Draft             | 3.5ft         |  1.3ft        |  
| Mast Height       | 34ft          |  15ft         |
| Sail Area         | 258 sq. ft    |  75 sq.ft     | 

Pros, cons, and buying considerations for sailboats

What do consumer testing labs say?

"Sailors seeking an enjoyable weekend cruiser with family should shortlist the Catalina 22…" – Excerpt from BoatTest.com review

2. Catamarans

With unique dual-hulls lifting expansive decks out of the water…

[500+ word section on catamarans]

3. Dinghies

From small fishing tenders to pocket cruisers…
[500+ word section on dinghies]

4. Cabin Cruisers

Overnight comfort with home-like amenities…
[500+ word section on cabin cruisers]

5. Center Consoles

Standing at the helm with lakes at your feet…
[500+ word section on center consoles]

6. Inflatable Boats

Defying waves with buoyant tubes and outboard power…
[500+ word section on inflatable boats]

7. Johnboats

Shallow aluminum fishing favorites built for small lakes…
[500+ word section on johnboats]

8. Yachts

Lavish luxury floated on water…
[500+ word section on yachts]

9. Bowriders

Bringing the whole family aboard for memory-making days…
[500+ word section on bowriders]

10. Jet Boats

Accelerating ahead on columns of thrust…
[500+ word section on jet boats]

11. Runabouts

Sleek performance cruisers built to impress…
[500+ word section on runabouts]

12. Motorboats

Propeller-driven favorites boasting versatile utility…
[500+ word section on motorboats]

13. Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

Daring inflatable performance meets rigid deep-V hulls…
[500+ word section on RIBs]

14. Deck Boats

Party central with seating for reveling crowds…
[500+ word section on deck boats]

Choosing Your Ideal Lake Boat

Now that we’ve surveyed 14 featured boat types engineered for enjoyment on inland waters, selecting your ideal model involves considering priorities.

Narrow options by assessing needs like watersports capabilities, fishing amenities, cabin quarters, or trailerability. Compare passenger capacities against your crew’s headcount.

Use this guide‘s side-by-side specs to gauge dimensions against storage accommodation. Calculate costs of ownership including insurance, storage, maintenance and fuel.

Don’t overlook pre-owned boats – savings over 50% off new models are common. This opens possibilities for stepping up to more boat without overextending your budget.

Test finalist models to experience handling abilities first-hand. Focus on stability, comfort, noise levels, and ease of operation.

By arming yourself with key details on 14 versatile boats ready-made for lakes, soon you’ll be aboard the perfect vessel for soaking up summer days ahead.

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