So Your Blink Camera Has a Pesky Flashing Red Light? Let‘s Fix It

As the happy new owner of a Blink smart security camera, you probably didn‘t expect to be losing sleep over a blinking red light. This common issue can be unnerving but resolving it is entirely within reach. Consider this your guide to deciphering and troubleshooting the dreaded Blink camera red light blinks to restore security and sanity.

Making Sense of Blink Indicator Lights

First, rest assured that blinking LEDs are a normal function for exterior Blink cams rather than a sign of possessed technology. These indicator lights act as visual cues that communicate important camera status information. They help translate common problems for troubleshooting and resolutions.

Some key details on the Blink flashing light code:

  • Located under the camera lens on Blink device exterior
  • Illuminates solid blue when linked to wifi and functioning
  • Turns yellow when connecting to router during setup
  • Blinks red intermittently when action is required by the user

Potential triggers for red light blinking include:

  • Connectivity and setup problems
  • Battery/power issues
  • Active video recording sessions
  • General camera errors or faults

So rather than an annoying glitch, consider intermittent red flashes as your camera‘s call for help. Through some guided troubleshooting, we can rescue your Blink cam and restore peace of mind.

Step-By-Step Troubleshooting Your Blink Camera

Here is a comprehensive troubleshooting protocol for diagnosing and resolving any issue that may cause unwanted blinking camera distress signals:

Confirm Camera Setup

An interrupted or incomplete setup process is the most common reason new Blink cam owners observe blinking indicator lights straight out of the box.

To test:

  • Remove batteries from camera for 60 seconds to hard reset the device
  • Reinsert batteries and wait several minutes for reboot
  • If the blinking persists, try to complete the setup prompt within the Blink mobile app
  • Carefully follow each app setup step to connect cam to wifi and finalize configuration
  • A solid blue light upon setup completion means your camera is correctly configured

If your light still blinks, don’t worry – further troubleshooting can resolve more complex issues.

Verify Network Connectivity

Cameras communicatewirelessly via wifi radio signals just like phones and laptops. Environments filled with thick walls, metals, and electronics can interfere with these radio waves.

Let’s confirm adequate signal coverage:

  • Check that your wifi router broadcasts properly in the camera‘s installation area
  • The camera should reside well within your router‘s range; 50-100 ft pending obstacles
  • Power cycle both camera and router to reestablish connections
  • Consider moving the camera to increasingly closer proximity to router
  • Remove large obstructing objects like metal shelving between router and camera

If network interference is the culprit, adjusting position and wiring should solve any network communication issues between Blink and your router.

Stop Any Active Video Recording

A red blinking light can also indicate your Blink camera is simply recording a video as intended during a triggered activity. No cause for alarm!

  • Open the Blink mobile app and select your camera‘s live view
  • If you see a "recording" indicator on the footage, tap it to stop recording
  • The camera light should stop blinking once recording ceases
  • You can initiate recording again later by selecting "arm camera"

So blinking doesn’t always imply dire camera errors. But best to verify recordings didn’t stall for other reasons.

Install Fresh Camera Batteries

Blink exterior cameras are powered by replaceable AA lithium batteries boasting an impressive 2+ year lifespan. But prolonged use will eventually drain batteries.

Let’s refresh the juice:

  • Remove spent batteries and insert a fresh set of AA lithiums
  • Wait several minutes for camera to calibrate with new power system
  • The blinking red light should finally extinguish once the device powers back on
  • You can view current battery percentage in the Blink app

If juicing up your Blink with fresh lithium batteries doesn’t resolve the issue, additional steps can provide final solutions.

Unrecognizable person installing Blink outdoor camera

Advanced Troubleshooting Your Blink Camera

If blinking persists through all standard troubleshooting above, several advanced steps may ultimately get your camera operational. Let’s explore router resets, customer service, warranty replacements, and more.

Reset Your Internet Router

Does your router reliably connect to laptops, TVs, and phones while Blink struggles? Reset your router completely.

  • Unplug the router power cable from electrical outlet
  • Wait 10-15 seconds before reinserting power cable
  • Let router fully reboot itself – this often takes 3 to 5 minutes
  • Test your Blink camera again once Internet and wifi return

Power cycling the router renews all network connection processes which commonly resolves stubborn device issues like a blinking Blink.

Contact Blink Customer Support

Exhausted all home troubleshooting steps? Not to worry – the Blink support team deals with finicky cameras daily.

  • Visit Blink‘s customer support contact page
  • Explain the issues encountered and troubleshooting attempted already
  • Provide support personnel your camera model, router model, and all relevant software/firmware versions
  • Support reps can validate issues, recommend advanced solutions, or authorize a replacement

With intricate product knowledge and diagnostics tools, Blink support can get malfunctioning equipment functioning properly again sans headaches.

Request a Replacement Blink Camera

In rare cases of older cameras or irreparable lighting damage, replacing a Blink camera becomes necessary if blinking persists through all standard and advanced troubleshooting.

  • Double check warranty/coverage status of your existing Blink camera first
  • Backup settings, activity zones, and footage from the original camera if possible
  • Open a case with Blink support to request a replacement camera
  • Upon receipt, set up the new camera hardware using the Blink app process

Ideally support can revive a glitchy camera remotely, but replacement parts nix troublesome units for good – albeit as a last resort.

Study Blink Best Practice Guides

Sometimes the camera works fine while user practices unknowingly invite problems. Blink maintains detailed documentation on ideal camera placement, wifi parameters, mounting best practices and more.

Review support materials like:

Prevention is the best medicine as minor camera positioning tweaks can yield months of headache-free monitoring and mercifully solid blue operation lights.

Take Control of That Camera Again!

While blinking lights, unfamiliar troubleshooting, and camera quirks can quickly frustrate, just remember that solutions await and functioning equipment wins the day.

We discussed identifiable causes, methodical troubleshooting, indoor optimizations, when to contact support, and replacement options.

Here’s hoping this guide serves you well when dealing with any future blinks and camera burps. Soon you’ll forget about the travails of a blinking light as your Blink camera dutifully monitors property happenings backed by an ever-present, tranquil blue glow.

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