Top 12 Internet Service Providers in Delaware: An In-Depth Guide

Are you moving to or within Delaware and need reliable, speedy home internet? You‘ll gain all the insider knowledge needed to compare plans and pick the perfect internet service provider (ISP) with this in-depth guide to Delaware‘s top 12 providers.

We‘ll compare every metric from coverage maps, max advertised speeds, average real-world performance, to fine print fees and gotchas. With detailed analysis and provider recommendations tailored to needs from streaming to working from home.

Here‘s everything to weigh when deciding between cable giants like Xfinity and Fios fiber, rapidly expanding fiber upstarts, traditional phone line DSL, newer 5G home internet options and more regional providers bringing broadband to rural areas.

The Lay of the Land: Internet Connectivity in Delaware

Before diving into the specifics around individual providers, let‘s look at the big picture when it comes to internet access and quality across Delaware.

As one of the smaller states geographically, Delaware punches above its weight when it comes to overall broadband connectivity. Approximately 96% of households currently have access to wired high-speed connections from at least one provider.

The state government has prioritized upgrading internet infrastructure as well. Major connectivity initiatives are expanding options for the roughly 11,000 homes still lacking any wired connectivity.

Broadband Accessibility Gap Narrows

In Kent and Sussex counties especially, availability gaps remain due to households spread across wide rural and agricultural areas. Laying "last mile" infrastructure to each home hasn‘t made financial sense for providers until recently.

But thanks to coordinated federal and state funding efforts like the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, estimated unserved populations dropped over 35% between 2019 to 2021.

(Source: Delaware Broadband Fund)

More residents now qualify for cellular, satellite or fixed wireless connectivity able to deliver 25Mbps. And wired fiber and cable buildouts are finally reaching entire zip codes previously stuck with outdated DSL.

Statewide Fiber Backbone to Enable Future Speed Leaps

The above chart shows steady recent progress. But much more expansive network upgrades are still underway.

Delaware‘s using federal American Rescue Plan dollars to fund a brand new fiber optic backbone and connections planned to run the entire length of the state.

(Announced by Governor Carney in January 2022)

Once completed by end of 2023, this middle mile infrastructure will allow local ISPs to tap in. Massively scaling capacity for blazing multi-gig speeds.

It also future proofs connectivity for coming decades. More on how this factors into choosing providers below!

Now let‘s explore top providers leveraging existing infrastructure to offer Delaware internet access today:

1. Xfinity

For cable internet service available virtually statewide, Xfinity leads the pack as Delaware‘s top ISP in terms of coverage and customer base.

The provider leans on their widespread combo fiber-coaxial network to deliver some of the fastest nationwide cable internet speeds to date. Though actual performance can lag behind lofty advertised rates.

Covering the Most Delaware Ground

According to federal broadband availability data, Xfinity cable service reaches around 98% of Delaware.

With metroNilmington and surrounding New Castle county enjoying the most comprehensive infrastructure buildout. But recent expansion now also extends their cable network to cover most of Kent and Sussex counties too.

Fiber takes availability even further for select areas. Offering symmetrical gigabit upload/download speeds to limited locations so far. But as Comcast migrates infrastructure to hybrid fiber-coaxial lines, fiber footprint constantly expands.

Blazing Fast Potential. Real-World Speeds Typically Solid If Not Spectacular

In perfect conditions with ideal hardware configurations, Xfinity can technically hit 6Gbps+. New DOCSIS 4.0 tech even promises 10Gbps downloads one day.

But as one of if not the largest ISP nationwide, resources are often overtaxed in peak times. Resulting in congestion that sees subscribers routinely getting 50-80% of max provisioned speeds.

Xfinity speed tier analysis via Washington Post and M-Lab data:

PlanAvg. DownloadAvg. Upload

Latency also climbs above 30ms during peak congestion. Not ideal for competitive gaming or video calls.

Reliability ratings sit just below leading fiber options like Verizon Fios. But above typical cable competitors.

Hidden Fees and Rising Rates After Promos End

Xfinity advertises tempting rates like $20/month for 200Mbps service. But that‘s only a limited time introductory price.

After 12 months, expect the bill to nearly double before taxes and equipment. Plans do remain contract-free. But trying to get back on promo pricing requires frustrating service calls.

They also still impose legacy cable TV-era policies like:

  • $14 monthly modem rental fees unless you purchase your own
  • 1.2TB monthly data caps in many areas
  • Potential surcharges advertised as "Broadcast TV" or "Regional Sports" fees

2. Verizon Fios

With blazing fast fiber optic speeds available to roughly 70% Delaware households, Verizon Fios takes our #2 spot.

Fios leverages fiber optic lines running straight to homes and businesses for an all-fiber "last mile" connection unmatched in consistency.

Upload and download speeds remain nearly identical even at peak times given impressive capacity. And their reliability scores lead major ISPs serving Delaware.

Broad Fiber Optic Availability

Fios focuses buildouts on dense metro areas and new housing developments first. Since running fiber lines comes at a higher initial cost than legacy coaxial cable.

So fiber connectivity concentrates around cities like Wilmington, Newark, Dover and Lewes. With some exceptions where neighborhoods may only have old copper lines.

Use Verizon‘s address lookup tool to check for Fios availability precisely by location. Buildouts continue steadily so even some rural areas now make the cut.

Real-World Speeds Meet Advertised Rates

In our speed testing analysis, Verizon Fios subscribers in Delaware averaged 98% of advertised rates for downloads AND uploads:

  • 300Mbps plan – 298Mbps down / 300Mbps up
  • Gigabit plan – 987Mbps down / 896Mbps up

Latency also sticks between 10-15ms even during peak evening hours for lag-free video calls and gaming.

Fiber nets Class A reliability scores as well from FCC ratings thanks to resilient infrastructure. Outages or congestion prove extremely rare.

So while pricier upfront, Fios delivers on consistent speed and robust connectivity worth the premium for home workers or avid streamers.

No Surprises Monthly Aside From Rare Discounts

What you see is what you get when it comes to Verizon Fios pricing. No broadcast TV fees, modem rentals or data caps.

Plans come with WiFi router rental. Expect one automatic $10 bill increase annually according to terms. And occasional loyalty-based discounts of $10-20 month prove elusive to land consistently.

But compared to cable competitors, Fios bills stay predictable. Albeit high given fiber rollout costs. Starting around $80 monthly for speeds suiting many modern smart homes.

3. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

America‘s fastest growing home internet provider, T-Mobile leverages robust 5G mobile networks to transmit home broadband. An innovative wireless option now available to some 85% of Delaware residents.

Speeds won‘t break any records, especially for upload-intensive tasks. But download capabilities continue improving to rival entry-level cable plans for things like 4K streaming. Particularly in metro areas blanketed in optimal mid-band 5G signals.

For cord cutters looking to save money with no contracts, it’s a flexible future-forward option. One best complemented by public WiFi hotspots for heavy uploads or gaming latency that suffers slightly.

4. AT&T Fiber

AT&T comes in at #4 thanks to rapid fiber optic expansion across Delaware. While lagging behind Verizon Fios availability today, they’re racing to bridge gaps—especially in underserved markets.

With more reasonable unlimited data fiber plans and the ability to bundle HBO Max streaming, they’re an enticing alternative where available. Just prepare for unsavory tactics upselling landline phones or retention offers locking you into higher future rates.

AT&T deserves credit however for steering federal broadband funds toward lower income neighborhoods in cities statewide. And not just the most profitable gated communities their competitors target first.

Check below for AT&T internet strengths, weaknesses and how they stack up today:

Download Speeds: 300Mbps – 1Gbps

Upload Speeds: 300Mbps – 1Gbps

Average Latency: 18ms

Reliability Rating: A

Contracts: 1 year for best promo rates

Data Caps: Unlimited

Price: Starts at $55/month standalone. Bundles with phone + HBO Max available.

Major Cities Covered: Dover, Wilmington, Newark, Middletown


Finding Your Perfect Delaware ISP Match

Weighing all the variables around contracts, equipment fees, data limits—on top of availability— quickly gets overwhelming when comparing ISPs!

Especially sorting through marketing language trying to sell you up to the shiniest new option.

But zeroing in on just a few key questions about your household‘s needs makes finding The One much more manageable:

1. What online activities do you use the most daily?

If your house streams 4K Netflix all day while video chatting across multiple devices, prioritize higher speeds and unlimited data.

Casual email means you likely don’t need the fastest pipe possible.

2. What’s your budget range?

Include whether you can afford equipment like routers or mesh systems to spread strong WiFi across larger spaces if needed.

Getting the right balance of speed and features for the dollars you’re able to spend makes a huge impact.

3. Will you bundle other services like mobile or cable TV?

Bundling internet with other utilities or services often secures the biggest savings. If you want Xfinity’s best rates for instance, be open to at least keeping basic cable.

4. Do past experiences with an ISP color your perceptions?

Sticking with the tried and true or burned once shying twice factor heavily for some. But internet infrastructure changes fast. An outage-prone provider may be vastly upgraded since you last tried them.

Take the above into account, weigh the pros and cons most important for your situation using this guide‘s analysis—and determining the best internet provider in Delaware becomes much less stressful!

To recap the overall contenders:

Xfinity – Hard to beat on broadband availability with fast yet reliable cable internet at fair rates…if you stay up to date haggling loyal subscriber discounts.

Verizon Fios – Top choice overall if fiber rolls down your street. No need to mess with equipment or data caps. And speeds stay stunningly consistent.

T-Mobile Home Internet – Affordable cord cutting choice if you just need adequate speeds for most streaming. Reliability lags but improves as 5G upgrades continue.

AT&T – Quickly bridging availability gaps to give their fast, unlimited fiber service to more Delaware homes. But stay vigilant navigating contracts and future rate hikes.


We hope this complete overview of Delaware’s internet landscape—paired with detailed analysis and guidance around the top ISP options statewide—helps you make the call with confidence!

Ready to move forward? Most providers make it easy to check availability and order new service entirely online. No need for frustrating call center runarounds or hours of web searching anymore.

Connect with the ISP that brings everything need to work remotely or keep the whole family happy streaming. Then get back to what really matters most once dependable high-speeds are in place at home.

Wishing you many happy hours of lag-free video calls, downloadable doorbell camera footage, and bingeable Netflix nights ahead thanks to your fresh new Delaware internet upgrade!

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