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Japan is a fascinating place, but the allure and appeal comes from Tokyo. This is a special city because Tokyo is the world’s most populous city. The immense size of Tokyo is fascinating as well the regional culture, traditions, and food of course.

Many may know Tokyo for its sheer size, population, or organizational skills, but there is more than meets the eye. Food as well as natural beauty like the cherry blossom define Tokyo.

Not every great detail about Tokyo is featured like Sumo wrestling, but we showcase some fascinating city facts. Learn more about Tokyo, one of the biggest cities in the world below!

Tokyo worlds most populated city

Despite the crowds and immense population, Tokyo is an appealing city that charms many around the world.  To give some context, the greater Tokyo metropolitan area has a current population of around 38 million people. More people live in the Tokyo area than most countries in the world.

One of the things that many may romanticize or know about Japan, especially Tokyo is the efficiency of the Japanese overall. Managing a big population is difficult but Tokyo is renowned for its efficiency and organization of a big population.

In judging the whole city, Tokyo itself is densely populated. For example, the 23 wards in the center of the main Tokyo area have around  14 million people.

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Tokyo had a different name as it was formerly called Edo

Tokyo had a different name

Tokyo was not always called Tokyo. In fact, the former name among many was just Tok. The reason it had this name was because this part of Japan was a seat of power.

In general, the power came from the Tokugawa shogunate that controlled Japan from 1603 to 1868. In Tokyo, you can also find information about this era of Tokyo from the Edo Museum. Moreover, the name of Tokyo was formerly Edo as well.

Edo was the name of Tokyo because it references the coastal waters of the area. Edo is the Japanese word for this image. When the Edo period of control ended, in 1868, the imperial rule was restored. In the end, the name Tokyo was used again to symbolize the capital of Japan.

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Tokyo has the interesting fact of having one vending machine per 23 citizens

vending machine

 Japan is known for many things, but one curious fact about Tokyo in particular is the vending machine. Getting food on the go is a very big part of the Japanese and Tokyo experience.

Vending machines are almost everywhere you could possibly put them in Tokyo. There have been estimates on how readily available vending machines are and the average is that you will only have to go about 12 meters to see a vending machine! This is truly incredible.

The exact statistic is that there is one vending machine for every 23 people in Tokyo. Also, the variety of Tokyo vending machines will surprise you. Expect anything from candy to fish broth and  even umbrellas being sold at vending machines. In short, Tokyo has the most original vending machines in the world!

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Tokyo is considered the safest big city in the world to many

Tokyo is considered the safest big city

Many consider Tokyo to be one of the safest cities in the world. In terms of large cities similar to Tokyo, like New York city or London, Tokyo is much safer statistically.

Overall, if you were to look at the crime rate and statistics it is quite low.  One of the telling signs of how safe Tokyo is the fact that many fall asleep in public without the fear of getting their valuables stolen. So, you could fall asleep with your iPhone, sometimes visible, and be happy to see that it won’t be stolen.

In general, Tokyo is so safe that it is even fine to walk very late at night. Many if all tourists, and locals, rarely get bothered or harassed by locals. In summary, Tokyo is the safest big city in the world.

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Tokyo was the first city to hire people to push people into subways and trains

push people into subways and trains

This may sound strange at first, but there is a job in Tokyo that is about pushing people onto busy trains. When you look at the job position, People are Employed to Push You onto Busy Trains during rush hour periods.

The people employed in Tokyo to do this  are known as Oshiya, which roughly means ‘Pushers’. At one time, this position in Tokyo was called ‘Passenger Arrangement Staff.” In summary, the job entails that a person will purposely push people to get on busy trains. The aim or objective of this is to have as many people as possible on every train to help move the flow of people and ease congestion.

Tokyo was the first city to employ people to push them onto busy trains. The origin of this job dates to the early 1970s. Other cities around the world did follow Tokyo like Beijing and even New York City at some point.

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Tokyo is a town that appreciates food in a variety of ways

Tokyo food

When it comes to food, the Japanese especially the locals of Tokyo, love it in an extraordinary way. Many may not realize it but Tokyo has the most three star Michelin restaurants in the world. This may be a fact that escapes most because of common generalizations about Japan and Tokyo especially.

Before discussing Paris or any city in Italy for food, you need to consider Japan, especially Tokyo for food. Some of the local cuisine features of course sushi. In terms of presentation, the sushi conveyor belt is world renowned for your moving sushi “train” experience.

The Japanese motivation for perfection shows in Tokyo’s food scene. Artistry and efficiency  have given Tokyo more Michelin awards than any other city around!

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The World’s busiest traffic intersection for pedestrians is in Tokyo

busiest traffic intersection for pedestrians

When you think of busy intersections and traffic then think of Tokyo. The massive population means that there will be areas that have a large population going in and out through various neighborhoods. In this instance, Shibuya is the busiest traffic intersection in the world.

The sheer amount of people that cross the street at one time in Shibuya is very surprising. It has been estimated that around 2,500 people usually go through the intersection at Shibuya every time the traffic signal changes. Basically, every time the light turns green expect thousands to pass by.

Shibuya is so busy because of the proximity to the workplace and shopping areas. Therefore, many people need to utilize the crosswalk to get around the area for work and shopping. Also, it is close to the main hub of transportation of Tokyo; Shibuya station.

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The Cherry Blossom is a special part of the Tokyo city culture and overall beauty

The Cherry Blossom

Not many would realize the special significance of cherry blossoms. They are an integral part of Japanese culture overall. The cherry blossom represents Japan. Moreover, the period of cherry blossoms is very special for Tokyo. The Japanese call this time Hanami, which represents a tradition of introducing spring every year.

The amount of cherry blossom festivals as well as celebrations will surprise many in general. In particular, the cherry blossom festival season in  Tokyo is busy. Moreover, the Cherry Blossom event allowed many people to experience the beautiful sakura blossoms in full bloom.

Ueno park in Tokyo has the busiest cherry blossom festival in all of Japan.

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Tokyo is a well known and appreciated center for fashion and style

fashion and style in tokyo

Many may think of New York, Paris, Milan, or London as fashion centers. However, Tokyo has a reputation for fashion as well. For example, there is the Harajuku Style that is unique and well known to Tokyo only in Japan.

For example, there is the Harajuku district, which is renowned and famous for its alternative and edgy fashion. This part of Tokyo allows the youth of Japan to express themselves fully in all its color and glow.

Many consider Tokyo the fashion capital of Asia. The vibrancy and street style of Tokyo is what makes it a worldwide leader and influencer. Between the  Harajuku ladies with colorful outfits and styles around Shibuya, Tokyo is a unique place like no other.

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Tokyo has more neon signs and lights than anywhere else in the world

Tokyo neon signs and lights

It is an interesting fact because neon signs are not what you think of in Tokyo. However, Tokyo, especially neighborhoods like Shikjuku, are filled with neon everywhere.

If you visit the area of Shinjuku, in Tokyo, you will be mesmerized by the dazzling lights. Neon is everywhere, especially in the west exit of the Shinjuku Jr station. The whole city has more neon than anywhere else in the world. Many expect Las Vegas to have more, but are surprised about this Tokyo distinction!

​In general, in Tokyo there are many more streets than in other cities like London and of course Las Vegas. Overall, there are more streets than almost any other city in the world, and many of these streets are illuminated with neon lights.

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