What Channel Is the USA Network on Spectrum? (2023 Update)

If you‘re a Spectrum cable subscriber trying to watch something on the USA Network, you need to know where to look. Frustratingly, the exact channel number will vary quite drastically depending on where you are located in the United States. There is no one single channel number for all Spectrum users to rely on from coast to coast.

Consult the table below to find your nearest major city, then pinpoint the USA channel from there:

USA Channel Guide on Spectrum

City and StateUSA Channel on Spectrum
Albany, NY28
Anaheim, CA67
Austin, TX66
Bakersfield, CA34
Birmingham, AL25
Buffalo, NY55
Charlotte, NC28
Cincinnati, OH33
Cleveland, OH60
Columbus, OH5
Corpus Christi, TX47
Dallas, TX61
El Paso, TX38
Indianapolis, IN39
Kansas City, MO39
Lexington, KY26
Long Beach, CA60
Los Angeles, CA58
Louisville, KY33
Milwaukee, WI34
Montgomery, AL23
New York, NY16
Raleigh, NC25
Reno, NV56
San Antonio, TX31
San Diego, CA34
St. Louis, MO28

As you can see, there is no consistency or pattern to where USA lands in the channel lineup across various Spectrum regions. Even within the same state, numbers can fluctuate wildly from one city to the next. This guide should help Spectrum subscribers easily find the USA Network no matter where they reside.

A Brief History of the USA Network

The USA Network traces its origins back to 1977, when it launched under the name Madison Square Garden Sports Network. As that rather wordy moniker suggests, the channel initially focused on airing live sporting events and related programming centered around New York City‘s famous Madison Square Garden arena.

In 1980, the channel rebranded to the much broader (and catchier) USA Network. Over the course of the 1980s, USA gradually shifted away from its niche sports focus and towards more general entertainment programming. The network started airing an array of syndicated series, films, and a slowly expanding slate of USA originals.

By the 1990s, popular shows like Monk, Psych and Burn Notice cemented USA‘s reputation as a go-to destination for offbeat original programming. The channel‘s "Characters Welcome" slogan encapsulated its lineup of quirky, personality-driven series. USA continued pumping out original hits during the 2000s and early 2010s.

In recent years, USA‘s investments into pricey originals like Mr. Robot have declined. Today USA relies more heavily on syndicated reruns, reality programs and live sports to fill out its schedule. But despite this shift, USA remains a popular cable staple under the NBCUniversal umbrella.

USA‘s Sister Channels in the NBCUniversal Family

As part of media giant NBCUniversal, USA Network sits alongside several sister channels:

  • NBC
  • E!
  • Bravo
  • Syfy
  • CNBC
  • Oxygen
  • Universal Kids

Programming frequently crosses over between these NBCU networks. For example, new episodes of the current USA horror series Chucky simultaneously air on Syfy as well. During Summer Olympics coverage, USA Network and NBC divide up airing live events at different times of day. So while different in tone and content, these sister channels collectively support each other within the parent company.

What‘s Currently Airing on USA Network?

USA‘s programming slate looks quite different in 2023 compared to the network‘s heyday years ago. But even if originals are less plentiful, USA still serves up a diverse lineup including scripted series, reality shows, blockbuster movies and trusty syndicated reruns.

Scripted Series

USA Network presently has just one active original scripted series: Chucky, which landed an early Season 2 renewal. This continuation of the tongue-in-cheek horror film franchise airs new episodes in tandem on USA Network and Syfy.

Beyond Chucky, USA‘s once-overflowing well of original series like Monk has mostly dried up. Critical hits such as Mr. Robot and the anthology thriller The Sinner have wrapped up their runs over the past couple years. The future of USA‘s investments into premium originals remains uncertain.

Unscripted/Reality Series

Reality shows have become USA‘s most plentiful source of original programming lately. Series like Miz & Mrs and competition show Snake in the Grass continue attracting viewers. These unscripted shows provide cost-effective original content for USA to sprinkle throughout its schedule.

Live Sports

As an NBC-owned network, USA frequently airs various major sporting events. You‘ll often find PGA golf tournaments, NASCAR races, Premier League soccer matches, Olympics coverage and more popping up on USA Network. The channel also broadcasts WWE‘s flagship wrestling programs Raw and NXT.


USA occasionally airs high-profile theatrical films to help bolster its lineup between other programming. Some examples of recent movies shown on USA include The Hitman‘s Bodyguard sequels, Gerard Butler‘s Has Fallen action trilogy and the 2020 Dolittle remake starring Robert Downey Jr.

Syndicated Series

To round out its daily schedule between sports and reality fare, USA Network relies heavily on syndicated reruns. Crime procedurals like various Law & Order and NCIS series dominate the network‘s acquired offerings. USA also airs rerun blocks of the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some other common questions people have about USA Network:

What happened to Madison Square Garden Network?

USA Network originated as Madison Square Garden Network back in 1977, created to air NYC sports content. But in 1980 it adopted the broader USA Network branding it still uses today over 40 years later.

Who owns USA Network?

USA Network belongs to media giant NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. It serves as a sister channel to NBC, Bravo, E!, Syfy and other NBCU network properties.

Does USA still produce original series?

Yes, but not as many as during USA Network‘s "Peak TV" heyday last decade. Currently Chucky is the sole active USA original scripted series, alongside a handful of reality/unscripted programs.

Do they still make new Psych episodes/movies?

While fan-favorite comedy Psych ended its 8-season run in 2014, USA has produced a series of Psych reunion movies in recent years. These include 2017‘s Psych: The Movie, 2020‘s Psych 2: Lassie Come Home and 2021‘s Psych 3: This Is Gus.

I hope this guide has helped explain the background, programming and channel positions of USA Network on Spectrum cable. While channel numbers fluctuate by region, the network itself continues offering a little something for all audiences.

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