The Top 7 Electric Convertible Cars We Have Our Eyes On

Hi there! As an electric vehicle industry analyst, I‘m thrilled to walk you through the top 7 highly anticipated electric convertible cars we expect to make major waves in the coming years. Put on some driving gloves and let‘s hit the open virtual road!

Overview: The Top E-Convertibles Revving Our Engines

Convertible variants allow drivers to connect more fully with the thrill of performance driving by embracing the wind-in-your-hair freedom these models offer. Meanwhile the rapid rise of electric vehicles (EVs) promises smooth, instant torque along with lower maintenance and reduced environmental impact.

The prospect of combining these appeals in cutting-edge drop-top EVs has EV enthusiasts like me practically salivating! As battery packs grow smaller yet more powerful and more automakers hop aboard the vehicle electrification train, a tantalizing array of eco-conscious convertibles lies just over the horizon.

Join me for an insider‘s overview of 7 mouthwatering electric convertibles on the way, from legacy luxury brands and iconic muscle cars to retro-futuristic offerings loaded with next-gen flair. We‘ll analyze projected range, acceleration, pricing and unique features so you can compare these soon-to-launch electric stunners. Let‘s drop that top and go for a ride!

1. Tesla‘s Mind-Bending New Roadster

As the #1 name in electric vehicles, all eyes turn to Tesla when talk shifts to upcoming EVs. While CEO Elon Musk continues to tease the long-simmering Roadster, it should prove well worth the wait when deliveries finally commence in 2023. As a "halo car" showcasing the brand‘s most advanced engineering, this $200,000 second generation Roadster successor already claims the crown as quickest production car ever built.

Just check out these ludicrous projected performance specs:

  • 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds
  • 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds
  • Quarter mile in 8.9 seconds
  • Top speed over 250 mph

Augmented by Tesla‘s exemplary track record cramming huge driving ranges into svelte battery packs, the new Roadster also promises 620 miles on a single charge. This ensures you can enjoy extended weekend drives and road trips while surfing the massive instant torque wave of its tri-motor powertrain.

Add the head-turning aesthetics of a sleek, futuristic variant on classic sports car cues, and the 2023 Tesla Roadster should live up its hype as the ultimate expression of speed, technology and sustainability combined in one phenomenal EV package.

Profile view of red Tesla Roadster convertible

Let‘s compare some key specs across these exciting upcoming electric convertibles:

Vehicle0-60 mphRangeBase Price
Tesla Roadster1.9 sec620 mi$200,000
Bentley EXP 12TBD300+ mi*$250,000*
MG Cyberster< 3 sec500 mi$50,000
Fiat 500eTBD185 mi$34,000
Mini Convertible EVTBD200 mi*$40,000*
GMC Hummer EV3 sec329 mi$110,000
Chevy Corvette EVTBD300 mi*$100,000*

*Projected estimate

2. Bespoke Luxury: The Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e

Fabled ultra-luxury automaker Bentley captures what pure decadence could look like when married to an emission-free electric powertrain in its still-conceptual EXP 12 Speed 6e model. Officially unveiled in 2017 but not yet slated for production, this drop-dead gorgeous grand touring convertible encapsulates the height of refined British elegance and custom coachbuilt artistry.

Rumors suggest the future EXP 12 Speed 6e aims for at least London to Paris range between charges when it eventually debuts. Combined with copious torque output, I expect this all-electric drop-top will retain Bentley‘s hallmark buttery-smooth power delivery and unflappable composure even at autobahn speeds.

Of course bespoke finishing details like meticulously stitched leather, rare veneers and personalized dashboard clocks will continue to justify the automaker‘s stratospheric pricing. I anticipate $250,000 as the opening ante to slip behind the EXP 12‘s tailored wood and leather heated steering wheel.

For the ultra wealthy searching for a posh electric cruiser offering imperious style and a rarefied aura of exclusivity, the Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e checks all the boxes. The privilege of wind-tousled hair while surfing a wave of near-silent electric torque doesn‘t come cheap, but then nothing from Bentley ever does!

3. Retro-Future Fun: MG‘s Cyberster

If the Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e epitomizes old world elegance, the exciting MG Cyberster convertible showcases glittering sci-fi flavored modernity and youthful verve. This unexpected EV concept from venerable British automaker MG still awaits confirmation for production, but its radical styling and video game-inspired cockpit already have digital natives champing at the bit.

The cyberpunk coupe-crossover shape stands out from any angle, while inside the future vibes continue thanks to a coupe-like digital dashboard and literal gaming controller mounted in place of a traditional steering wheel!

  • 500+ mile range
  • Sub-3 second 0-60 time
  • Gaming-style user interface and dash
  • Estimated $50k starting price

Blending go-kart-like agility and stiff performance with quirky retro styling and strong digital integration, the MG Cyberster aims to deliver maximum affordable fun to the plugged-in Generation Z crowd.

Dramatic side profile view of the MG Cyberster concept car

4. Ciao Bella! Fiat‘s Cute 500e Cabrio

From Cyberpunk future elegance, let‘s downshift to petite retro dolce vita charm with the Fiat 500e all-electric cabriolet. Already winning adherents across Italian cities, this microcar-sized soft top puts sipping espresso while surfing nimble urban streets on tap.

The 24 kWh battery delivers around 185 miles range by EPA estimates. But tap into the excellent regenerative braking while bombing around traffic-snarled streets, and Fiat boasts potential range extension up to 267 additional miles. Consider cobbling together a run between Rome, Florence and Milan relying solely on kinetic energy captured under braking!

  • 185 mile nominal range
  • Up to 267 additional miles via regenerative braking tech
  • Iconic Italian cute factor aesthetics
  • Sub-$40k anticipated US pricing

Offering quintessential continental style to sustainably sip la dolce vita, the wee Fiat 500e cabrio makes driving guilt-free as easy as a stroll down a vine-draped Tuscan lane. Magnifico!

5. Electrified Espresso: The Mini Cooper Convertible EV

Speaking of strolling European avenues with wind fluttering through your hair, BMW-owned Mini has enjoyed massive popularity with its diminutive Cooper models, including the always smile-inducing open air Mini convertible. Building on this cheery, energetic foundation, Mini is working towards debuting its first all-electric cabriolet model around 2025.

As a brand built on delivering spunky driving dynamics and playful personality, the zippy Mini Convertible EV will surely retain everything fans love about tooling around town in these perky urban runabouts. Mated with instant torque response from its electric motor, I expect this punchy drop-top will make squeezing through gaps in traffic even more grin-inducing.

Look for Mini to launch the model in the U.S. close to its European release complete with the high degree of customization options Coopers are known for across the pond. Whether selecting a titillating shade like British Racing Green or the iconic Union Jack roof graphic, imbuing these small cars with big personality should prove easier (and greener) than ever electrically-powered.

Pint-sized eco-cruisers eager to retain maximum smiles per electrified mile need look no further than the forthcoming Mini Cooper Convertible EV. Sporting classic British motoring style with contemporary electric pep, it looks to be quite the cheeky little juice box on wheels.

6. Hydrogen-Powered Hummer: GMC‘s Beefy Beast

General Motors electrified truck subsidiary GMC shattered all expectations of what a green vehicle could deliver with its audacious reboot of the gas-swilling off-road ready Hummer. Originally launched as a Super Bowl ad in early 2020, initial reactions to the models now entering customer hands prove smiles measured in miles don‘t solely belong to the Mini Cooper.

In fact with a tri-motor powertrain churning out 1,000 horsepower and a tactile rush like a rollercoaster launch thanks to its approximately 3 second 0-60 time, the unapologetically aggressive Hummer EV pickup offers outrageous torque-monster performance cloaked in seriously rugged trappings.

Reminiscent of airflow management on a trophy truck racer, the Hummer EV touts a modular infinity roof with removable transparent sky panels for that wind-in-your-hair sensation even while tackling off-road trails. Other enhancements include rear-wheel steering, 13.4 inches of ground clearance and an air suspension system enabling up to 15.9 inches of height adjustment.

With some models selling at markup for $200,000 over MSRP at dealerships, the earliest Hummer EV Launch Edition pickups have proven so popular they‘re already sold out.

  • 1,000 horsepower / 11,500 lb-ft torque
  • 0-60 mph in approx. 3 seconds
  • Available modular convertible-style roof
  • Hot resale demand with 200k over sticker price

While its sheer imposing bulk requires a leap of imagination to classify among svelte sports car convertibles, with legit off-road chops and simply shocking on-road performance from its electric powertrain, the GMC Hummer EV pickup flips huge truck allure on its head into the sustainable age.

7. Corvette EV: From Gas Guzzler to Electron Glutton

Last but not least sits an electric convertible representing perhaps the biggest tectonic shift amongst these cutting edge drop tops: the mythical Chevrolet Corvette morphing from unapologetic old school V8 muscle into a GM flagship showcasing the brand‘s EV mission.

Since 1953 the Corvette formula has largely followed locked in stone conventions: thunderous V8 up front powering rear wheels, plastic composite bodywork swaddling the mechanicals, a howling exhaust note to match its raucous power delivery.

But in early 2022 General Motors President Mark Reuss finally confirmed reports that an electrified Corvette sits squarely within the automaker‘s EV rollout plans. Could there be life yet for this dynamo sports car legend within an emission-free world yearning for maximal torque?

Signs point to yes based on sustained demand for convertible versions which currently account for almost 50 percent of all Corvette sales. With such entrenched appeal for flipping its lid under sunny coastal skies, I fully expect Chevy to carry over open air options as the Corvette transitions to EVs.

Details remain sparse on expected output targets, but credibility runs high that an electrified Corvette could continue upholding the model‘s track record as an affordable supercar killer. Instant silent thrust channeling rearward along with greater at-the-limit chassis balance could potentially surpass even the highest horsepower option available now through tuning.

Combine 0-60 times potentially dipping below 2 seconds with cleaner guilt-free driving courtesy of battery packs and Chevy seems poised to gift gearheads a drop top capable of fulfilling speed dreams sustainably.

Mark my words: the sun hasn‘t set yet on ruling the open roads with sophistication, grace and face-flattening forward thrust in future Corvettes!

Key Considerations Before Buying an Electric Convertible

If this look into imminent electric convertible offerings has your curiosity piqued, what factors should drive your buying considerations before taking the e-drop top plunge?

Range & Charging: Assess your daily commute needs and road trip expectations. 300+ miles of range per charge sates most scenarios, but fast charging capability also plays a role planning longer trips.

Manufacturer Track Record: Established EV pioneers like Tesla promoting deep software-hardware integration offer increasing reliability. However big names new to electrification remain intriguing and should improve with experience.

Government Incentives: Depending on your region, tax rebates, discounted registration, HOV lane access and free public charging can radically reduce cost of ownership.

Ongoing Battery Tech Improvements: Consider leasing to allow upgrading sooner, capturing benefits of future battery chemistry advancements down the road.

Personalization: With vibrant custom color and trim offerings, standing apart from the herd proves easy with hip EVs like Mini‘s Cooper or MG‘s Cyberster sporting a gaming cockpit!

Reviewing these key questions around expected vehicle usage, manufacturer pedigree, purchase and operating costs along with personal priorities should help guide your electric convertible buying decisions as more tempting models proliferate.

The Open e-Road Beckons!

What roaring torqueawakening awaits as DeleteOperation carmakers embrace vehicle electrification paired with timeless soft top driving panache? From bargain coupes to six figure ultra-lux land yachts, the coming crop of electric convertibles highlighted here demonstrate EV innovation splitting lanes with style, power and sustainable responsibility across market segments.

Which thrilling next-gen drop top entices you most? GMC‘s shockingly potent Hummer pickup, Mini‘s cheery urban runabout turned electric, perhaps MG Cyberster‘s radical remix of a classic British roadster or a true icon like Corvette evolving its attitude for coming decades? For the ultimate expression of speed, style and technology, I have my eyes locked eagerly on Tesla‘s impossibly quick Roadster rocketing to forefront of automotive performance.

But regardless your preference, with open air freedom beckoning as battery costs keep dropping and electric motors continue gaining traction replacing emissions-spewing engines, the electrifying driving future looks both shockingly quick and rewarding beyond measure. I for one eagerly await more coveted car models receiving sustainable makeovers in the coming years as EV populates showrooms at large!

Share your thoughts on favorite electric convertibles emerging below! Let‘s take this exchange out for an open-air zero emission cruise.


EV Analyst & Convertible Car Enthusiast

FAQs: Your Top Electric Convertible Questions Answered

Q: Which automakers currently offer an electric convertible for sale?

A: Fiat began deliveries of its petite 500e all-electric cabriolet in late 2021, available currently only across parts of Europe. Otherwise eagerly anticipated debuts from companies like Tesla, Mini and MG have yet to materialize at dealerships. But the instant torque and silent power of EVs paired with wind-in-the-hair driving freedom suggests demand for more convertible options will proliferate models arriving very soon!

Q: Can an electric convertible road trip reliably?

A: Absolutely! Models like Tesla‘s 2023 Roadster tout over 600 miles of projected range from one charge, enabling long distance cruising. Meanwhile mainstream options around 300 miles arrange should allow convenient stops spacing fast charging stations along extended road trips.

Q: Does body style impact EV range or battery capacity?

A: Not significantly – the sleeker shape of most convertibles creates marginally less aerodynamic drag versus metal-topped hard tops or SUVs. However modern streamlining already aids most models, and avoiding folding the roof at high speeds optimizes airflow. With capacity for large battery packs underlying passenger cabins, convertible range should compete well segment-wide as the field expands.

Q: What electric convertible offers the fastest acceleration?

A: Based on stated manufacturer performance targets, the forthcoming 2023 Tesla Roadster appears poised to claim the crown at a physics-defying 1.9 seconds when blasting 0-60 mph!

Q: Do EVs require less maintenance than gas convertibles?

A: Absolutely! Far fewer moving parts in electric drivetrains coupled with regenerative braking systems translate into significantly reduced service requirements compared to complex internal combustion engines and friction-based braking hardware.

I‘m confident the answers above help provide valuable insights on the emerging electric convertible segment! Let me know any other ownership questions arising around these exciting next gen models.


EV Analyst & Convertible Car Enthusiast

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