The Quest Pro VR Headset: Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

Meta Platform‘s next big foray into virtual reality, the Quest Pro VR headset (previously known by the code name “Project Cambria”), has been leaked and teased for over a year. Now, with an October 25, 2022 release date, specs, and features confirmed, it’s shaping up to push boundaries on both VR gaming and productivity.

Release Date

In a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on August 25, 2022, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that a new “high-end device” launching in October would cost more than $800.

This device is now confirmed to be the Quest Pro. According to reliable tech analyst and leaker Bradley Lynch, the official release date is October 25, 2022.

Zuckerberg appearing virtually via Quest Pro headset

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrating a mixed reality Presence Platform feature on the Quest Pro

This aligns perfectly with Zuckerberg’s timeline and leaves no doubt as to what he was referring to. We can expect to get our hands on the Quest Pro very soon.


The Quest Pro won‘t come cheap. As Zuckerberg said, it will retail for "significantly more" than $800.

Considering the original Quest launched at $399 and the Quest 2 at $299, this puts the Quest Pro in an entirely different pricing bracket.

For context, Apple’s rumored VR/AR headset could cost up to $3,000 when released.

It’s possible the Quest Pro ultimately lands in the $1,000 – $1,500 range. We’ll have confirmed pricing soon, but it’s clear Meta is targeting professionals and enterprise use cases that can justify higher prices.


In terms of design, leaked images show the Quest Pro looking closer to ski goggles than its predecessors.

Leaked photo of Quest Pro design

Alleged photo of a Quest Pro headset prototype via Bradley Lynch on Twitter

The rounded visor and temple arms are a departure from previous Quest models. Materials also appear more premium.

This refreshed design likely ties into the Quest Pro’s upgraded lenses and mixed reality capabilities.

Specs and Features

Here are the rumored specs via analyst Bradley Lynch on Twitter:

  • Displays: 2160 x 2160p resolution per eye (MiniLED backlit LCD)
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 1
  • Memory: 12GB RAM
  • Storage: 256GB
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Cameras: 4 IR cameras for tracking, inward-facing eye-tracking cameras, color passthrough camera
  • Other: 6E WiFi support, pancake lenses, new controllers

These show meaningful improvements over the Quest 2. But what do these specs enable?

Full-Color Passthrough AR

One of the Quest Pro’s banner features is full-color passthrough mixed reality. Using mounted cameras on the headset, you’ll be able to view real-world surroundings — overlaid with virtual elements.

Passthrough AR demo

This blurs the lines between AR and VR, anchoring fictional objects like the cartoon monster above into real space correctly.

The Quest 2 only offered black and white passthrough. Adding high fidelity color mixed with VR unlocks more seamless spatial computing experiences.

Meta itself brands this fusion of reality and VR “Presence Platform” – which hints at some of the new use cases it could enable. From games to retail spaces, full environmental integration allows more immersive virtual interaction.

Eye and Face Tracking

Another way the Quest Pro promises more lifelike avatar representation is robust facial tracking based on eye movements and expressions.

Subtle face gestures most people make unconsciously communicates a lot non-verbally in real life. The Quest Pro‘s array of tracking cameras will replicate these on user‘s digital personas.

This takes us a step closer to natural social connection in VR and the level presence needed for the "metaverse". Shared embodiment where users feel transported into virtual spaces together depends greatly on accurate facial animation.

So while still an early iteration, the Quest Pro‘s upgrades look to deliver on enough fronts to make virtual interaction markedly smoother.

New Controllers

Alleged photo of Quest Pro controllers

Quest Pro controllers via Bradley Lynch on Twitter

To best take advantage of these new mixed reality and social features, redesigned controllers are likely. Leaked images show tracking rings removed in favor of what looks like an Apple Pencil-esque design.

Rumored to be called “Starlet”, these should house enough sensors to enable precise tracking without external base stations.

Of course, standalone inside-out tracking of hands without any controllers is also expected to return.

Gaming vs Productivity

Meta has talked up the Quest Pro as a “laptop for your face” – a device as capable for getting work done as play.

The processing stack sees meaningful improvements, which should allow more detailed experiences. And productivity-focused features already trailblazed by the Quest 2 Workspace suite seem ready for prime time.

But the Quest Pro will still run all Quest 2 games and offer a high degree of backwards compatibility. This means that – for all the enterprise bells and whistles – Meta isn’t forgetting about gamers and enthusiasts either.

How Does This Shape the VR Landscape?

It’s clear from the Quest 2’s wild success that Meta has led the consumer VR charge so far. Sony continually pushes the bleeding edge with devices like the $5,000 Varjo Aero geared exclusively at enterprises.

The Quest Pro looks to bridge this gap by bringing more professional-grade capabilities to market at scale. This could expand the entire category of XR devices.

And while gaming serves as the most obvious use case, unlocking these merged-reality workspaces is key to validating VR/AR tech to the wider world.

Facebook’s rebranding as Meta signals their intent to catalyze this change behind the Quest Pro. Movement in this direction is exactly what’s needed from major players to push spatial computing forward.

So by carving out a middle ground bridging media consumption and productivity, Meta is making a gambit for the next phase of personal computing.

The Quest Pro vs Competitors

How will the Quest Pro stack up once released? Here‘s how Meta‘s new offering compares to competitors:

SpecsMeta Quest ProHTC Vive Pro 2Valve Index
Resolution2160 x 21602448×24481440 x 1600
Refresh Rate90hz (expected)120hz120hz, 144hz
TrackingInside-outSteamVR 2.0SteamVR 2.0
ControllersNew starletSteamVR 2.0Valve knuckles
PassthroughFull colorB&W onlyNo

From these top contenders in the PC VR space, the Quest Pro brings meaningful quality of life upgrades like no wires and improved insight tracking.

It won‘t match the Vive Pro 2 or Index on FOV or refresh rate. But innovative AR features like mixed reality passthrough help it stand out.

And as a standalone device, the Quest Pro retains that ease of use and lack of separate gaming PC or equipment seen with the Quest 2. So at this rumored pricing, it could offer the most complete and accessible high-fidelity VR package yet.

When Can We Expect a Quest 3?

With the Quest Pro geared more as a productivity device, many still wonder if a proper Quest 3 is coming to push gaming capabilities even further.

Information is scarce, but if Meta continues its 1-2 year iteration cycle, a Quest 3 in late 2023 seems possible. Extra processing headroom and battery capacity improvements expected by then could enable a completely untethered device surpassing modern gaming PCs.

So while niche now, if spatial computing catches on via these transitional headsets like Quest Pro, we may not be far off from true Ready Player One-style VR as an everyday escape.

Final Thoughts

Meta has made its name in consumer VR through the Quest line by reducing barriers to entry. The Quest Pro looks to now elevate that accessible experience to professional heights.

This middle ground between advanced enterprise devices and entry level headsets could be the tipping point spatial computing needs.

If the Quest Pro delivers on its promises of matched productivity and gaming prowess at scale, we may soon see mass adoption of extended realities redefine how we work and play.

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