The Top 5 Hottest Electric Vehicles in Vermont

Vermont may have cold winters but interest in electric vehicles is red hot and heating up fast. EV sales have shot up over 500% since 2015, and state incentives along with improving technology and charging networks aim to keep this momentum accelerating.

But which electric models are proving most popular with Vermont‘s environmentally conscious drivers? Here we count down the top 5 EVs registered in the state along with the specs, capabilities and key factors driving their sales success.

Quick Take: Vermont‘s Current Electric Vehicle Landscape

EV ModelRegistrationsBase MSRPPeak RangeDrive Type0-60 mph
Nissan LEAF1,051$29,135149 milesFWD7.4 s
Chevy Bolt EV832$26,500259 milesFWD6.5 s
Tesla Model 3751$46,900358 milesRWD/AWD3.1-5.8 s
VW ID.4512$38,995275 milesRWD/AWD8.4 s
Hyundai Kona398$33,950258 milesFWD/AWD6.6 s

Data Source: Vermont DMV Registration Statistics, Q1 2023

The vehicles above account for over 50% of Vermont‘s 5,260 registered electric vehicles as of January 2023. Let‘s analyze the strengths of each model attracting buyers in the Green Mountain state.

#1 Best Seller: 2023 Nissan LEAF

Since its debut over a decade ago, the Nissan LEAF has remained the nation‘s best-selling mainstream EV. In Vermont its practical 153 mile range, hatchback utility and sub-$30k starting MSRP after incentives resonate as an all-around value buy.

Although front-wheel drive limits winter handling ability, the LEAF comes packed with safety tech like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts and lane departure intervention. These features back up the LEAF‘s responsive acceleration and nimble handling.

Inside offers seating for five adults with plenty of passenger room and rear cargo space. Standard Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration makes staying connected a breeze from lengthy road trips along scenic Vermont routes to daily commutes. For Green Mountain drivers seeking range, safety and connectivity at a reasonable price point, the 2023 LEAF delivers.

Nissan Leaf Vermont Winter Driving

2023 Nissan LEAF test drives well even in winter conditions. Photo Source: Electrek

Highlights for Vermont Drivers:

  • $18,640 Price After Federal/State Incentives
  • 153 Mile Range covers most local trips
  • Safety Shield 360 driver assists for all trims
  • Available fast charging (100kW) slashes top-up times
  • ProPILOT Assist adds hands-free highway driving

2023 LEAF Specs:

RangeHorsepower0-60 mphBattery CapacityCharge Speed
149 miles147 hp7.4 s40 kWh100 kW (fast)

#2 Runner Up: 2023 Chevy Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt EV combines crossover practicality and lively pep with an ultra-affordable price after incentives. 2023 upgrades extend range to a class-leading 259 miles enabling Vermont adventure.

The Bolt‘s 65 kWh battery employs advanced thermal management and conditioning algorithms minimizing losses in frigid temperatures compared to earlier model years. This ensures consistent range and charging regardless of the weather forecast.

A roomy interior seats five passengers with excellent outward visibility. Intuitive tech features like wireless Apple/Android integration, WiFi hotspot and optional surround view camera simplify drives on Vermont‘s remote backroads. Up to 56 cubic feet of rear storage handles cargo needs. New active safety assists like HD rear camera mirrors and adaptive cruise control take the stress out of highway commutes across changing terrain and conditions.

Chevy Bolt EV Driving Through Snow

2023 Chevy Bolt EV tackles winter terrain. Photo Source: USA Today

Highlights for Vermont Drivers:

  • $19,000 Price After Incentives
  • 259 Mile Range easiest long trips
  • Safety tech now standard including cameras
  • Available adaptive cruise control w/ stop & go
  • 66 kW fast charging replenishes 100 miles in 30 minutes

2023 Bolt EV Vitals:

RangeHorsepower0-60 mphBatteryFast Charge Speed
259 miles200 hp6.5 s65 kWh66 kW

#3 Model Making Waves: Tesla Model 3

Tesla‘s sleek electric sedan combines sports car acceleration with ample seating and storage for family duty. Its modern tech and access to Tesla‘s vast charging network make navigating Vermont‘s winding roads less stressful.

While pricier than compact rivals, the Model 3 pays off over time through lower electricity and maintenance costs. Available all-wheel drive also handles Vermont‘s winter weather in confident style not possible in front-drive competitors.

In range-topping form, the 2023 Tesla Model 3 revs out 348 hp allowing 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. Handling excels thanks to an ultra-low center of gravity, performance tires and quick precision steering. Despite blistering acceleration, cabin remains hushed allowing enjoyment of Vermont‘s natural soundscapes.

Inside, a minimalist 15-inch touchscreen integrates media, maps, car settings and even video games when charging. Regular over-the-air software updates continuously improve features and functionality like adding TikTok streaming in a recent update. For those seeking premium performance with cutting-edge tech, Model 3 makes electric luxury attainable.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD

Tesla Model 3 brings all-electric speed and tech. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Highlights for Vermont Drivers:

  • Seating for 5 Adults, reasonable storage
  • 348 hp Performance version hits 60 mph in 3.1 s
  • All-wheel drive standard on Long Range and Performance
  • 15-inch center touchscreen with regular software updates
  • Access to Tesla‘s vast Supercharger fast charging network

2023 Model 3 Specs:

RangeHorsepower0-60 mphBattery CapacitySupercharging Max
358 miles258-348 hp3.1-5.8 s82 kWh250 kW

#4 Value SUV Option: Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen‘s first modern electric SUV brings a roomy, tech-focused cabin powered by batteries instead of gas. Available rear-wheel and all-wheel drive train options suit Vermont‘s demands.

The ID.4‘s 275 mile range covers most trips between charges aided by fast charging at rates up to 125 kW enabling 200 miles in under 30 minutes. Five passengers enjoy the perks from Volkswagen‘s digital cockpit featuring wireless device charging, ambient interior lighting options and a giant glass roof opening views overhead.

Driver assistance capabilities rival luxury vehicles with available self-parking, highway assist driving modes and intelligent high beams. Rugged styling fits the Vermont landscape while commuters appreciate the ID.4‘s comfortable, hushed ride quality. With an appealing blend of range, luxury and all-weather traction at a fair price point, Volkswagen‘s EV SUV checks off what Vermont buyers want.

VW ID.4 Winter Cold Weather Testing

Volkswagen fine-tunes ID.4 electric SUV performance in extreme winter cold. Photo Source: MotorTrend

Highlights for Vermont Drivers:

  • $31,495 Price After Incentives
  • Up to 275 Mile range covers most driving
  • Available AWD increases winter weather confidence
  • 125 kW fast charging for flexible travel
  • High-end features like massaging seats optional

2023 VW ID.4 Specs:

RangeHorsepower0-60 mphBattery CapacityFast Charging Max
275 miles201 hp8.4 s82 kWh125 kW

#5 Top Safety Pick: Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai‘s subcompact electric crossover delivers voltage in a small yet mighty package tailored for Vermont. Available all-wheel drive enhances stability while standard safety tech works to avoid accidents on slick roads.

A 64 kWh battery achieves 258 miles range for confidence navigating between Vermont‘s dispersed public charging locations. The 201 horsepower motor zips the Kona Electric from 0-60 mph in a brisk 6.6 seconds – plenty peppy merging onto highways.

In 2022 the Kona Electric earned a coveted Top Safety Pick + rating from the IIHS indicating top marks in all crash tests. That protection stems from standard forward collision warnings with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, driver attention monitoring and more. With AWD traction plus advanced safety systems guarding occupants, the Kona Electric enables care-free regional roaming.

Hyundai Kona Electric Driving in Snow

All-new 2023 Hyundai Kona Electric tackles winter terrain with ease. Photo Source: Hyundai

Highlights for Vermont Drivers:

  • $26,450 Price After Incentives
  • 258 Mile range covers most Vermont driving
  • Available all-wheel drive improves winter handling
  • Advanced safety systems standard on all trims
  • 2022 IIHS Top Safety Pick + rating

2023 Hyundai Kona EV Specs:

Max RangeHorsepower0-60 mphBattery CapacityCharging Speed
258 miles201 hp6.6 s64 kWh50 kW

EV Considerations for Vermont Drivers

What factors make these models the hottest sellers versus other options on the market? We break down how the top electric vehicles click with Vermont‘s unique landscape and driver priorities:

Winter Weather Performance – All-wheel drive options from Volkswagen, Tesla and Hyundai deliver confidence while front-drive LEAF and Bolt EV models offer cold weather tech enabling reliable operation even on snow days. Thermal systems maintain range and charging in temperatures below zero. Winter tires provide further traction.

Range Needs – Beyond closely clustered cities, public charging remains limited in much of Vermont. The 200 to 350 mile ranges of popular models allow reaching more remote destinations with backup power to return home. Fast charging further enables longer trips when needed.

Purchase Price + Incentives – Upfront cost matters for frugal Vermont buyers. Compact models like the LEAF and Bolt keep purchases affordable. Combined with incentives up to $13,500 available, even the pricier ID.4 and Model 3 deliver value and gas savings.

Performance + Handling – Vermont‘s winding roads rewards agile electric vehicles like the Model 3 Performance while torque-rich EV power zips smaller cars up steep grades with ease. Quieter cabins also let drivers better enjoy peaceful rural scenery.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

While gas vehicles often show lower sticker prices, electric vehicles pay off over the longer term through radically lower operating costs. We break down cost comparisons between a conventional compact SUV like the gas-powered Mazda CX-5 versus two popular electric rivals.

total cost of ownership comparison chart Vermont

Assuming 15,000 miles of annual driving over 5 years, the Volkswagen ID.4 saves an average Vermont driver over $5,750 compared to the CX-5 while the Chevy Bolt EV saves $3,250 once incentives are factored. Electric vehicle savings primarily stem from far lower electricity costs vs gas prices along with reduced maintenance needs over their operating life.

Future Outlook: Expanding Vermont‘s EV Infrastructure

To enable further expansion, Vermont continues investing to grow public EV charging options. Bipartisan 2021 legislation provides grant funding installation of fast chargers at retail sites, workplaces, multi-unit housing and along highway corridors.

The state aims for a tenfold growth in public charging ports installed from roughly 400 today to over 4,000 by 2030. At home installation incentives also help residents without a dedicated parking spot. This will alleviate range anxiety as next-generation EVs push over 400 miles capacity.

Vermont EV Infrastructure Growth Targets

Vermont Public Charging Infrastructure Goals. Source: Drive Electric Vermont

On the vehicle technology front, expect escalating range capabilities, faster charging speeds through 800V systems enabling 300 mile recharges in under 15 minutes along with rising AWD model availability.

As this new breed of ultra-long range electric vehicles arrive offering lower ownership costs and extreme capability, we predict over 35% of Vermont‘s vehicle sales shifting electric by 2028 on the road toward cleaner transportation.


While global automakers compete fiercely to dominate the EV race, Vermont drivers stand to benefit tremendously from ever-improving technology at increasingly affordable price points. These five compelling models topping Vermont sales indicate the positive momentum toward mainstream electric vehicle adoption suited for the state‘s rugged landscape and values.

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