Electric Vehicle Popularity Charges Ahead in Arizona

EVs (electric vehicles) are surging in the Grand Canyon State thanks to expanding charging networks, financial incentives, and an array of compelling new models. As of June 2021, over 28,000 EVs were registered in Arizona according to figures from the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association (AADA).

Arizona now ranks 7th nationally in total EV registrations, experiencing whopping 43.8% growth from 2020 to 2021. This enthusiasm shows how EVs can thrive even in red state geographies given the practicality, performance, and savings they provide.

Join me in exploring today‘s six most popular EVs in Arizona based on registrations, dealership sales and wait list demands. For Tesla flagships, Nissan affordability plays and premium BMW offerings, we‘ll overview pricing, range, cutting-edge features and key buying considerations.

Arizona Revved Up on EVs

Let‘s begin by framing Arizona‘s supportive environment that is supercharging EV adoption statewide:

Financial Incentives – Buyers enjoy state and federal perks, including:

  • Up to $7,500 federal tax credit
  • Reduced Arizona vehicle license taxes & registration/renewal fees
  • Some utility discounts on home charging installation

Charging Network Growth – Arizona now has over 800 publicly accessible charging stations with dozens added in 2022 alone, especially in metro areas like Phoenix and Tucson. More workplace and multi-family dwelling charging further enables EV lifestyles.

Desirable Models – National market leaders like Tesla plus new offerings from Nissan, BMW and others provide appealing and affordable options tailored to Arizona buyers.

Green Mindsets – Preserving Arizona‘s awe-inspiring landscapes that lure visitors and residents alike motivates buyers supportive of EVs‘ environmental benefits too.

Arizona presents a prime example of an EV-friendly climate transcending partisan politics given the lifestyle and economic benefits zero-emission vehicles provide. With the stage set for significant growth potential, let‘s look at today‘s most popular models.

#1 Tesla Model 3

With its combination of innovation,

#2 Tesla Model S

#3 Nissan LEAF

TrimRangeBase Price
LEAF S149 miles$27,400
LEAF SV149 miles$28,800
LEAF SL Plus226 miles$36,040

#4 BMW i3

#5 BMW 530e

#6 Chevrolet Volt

Model YearElectric RangeMPGeCargo Capacity
201653 miles106 city/93 hwy10.6 cu.ft
201753 miles107 city/96 hwy10.6 cu.ft
201853 miles108 city/98 hwy10.6 cu.ft
201953 miles108 city/100 hwy10.6 cu.ft

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