The Most Hilarious Funko Pops To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Funko Pops may be ugly to some, but the caricature-like vinyl figures have stolen many-a-heart over the last decade. These squatty figurines turn iconic movie, TV, and pop culture characters into kawaii collectibles.

But sometimes, Funko takes the artistic license a bit too far. Out comes a creation that teeters between purposefully weird and so-bad-it‘s-good. And we can‘t help but laugh at the result.

Below are some of the most hilariously misshapen, oddly specific, and downright silly Funko Pops money can buy:

Sharknado – Perfect for Bad Movie Fans

Sharknado Funko Pop


2013‘s Sharknado stirred up a viral storm for being an intentionally campy production. The movie depicts sharks getting swept up into waterspouts then launched ashore to wreak havoc.

Leave it to Funko to commemorate this cult classic in plastic form. You can now own a tiny, dead-eyed CGI shark perpetually frozen in an acrylic twister. It perfectly encapsulates the cheap CGI effects that make the Sharknado franchise so laughably bad that it‘s good.

The Sharknado Funko Pop is essential memorabilia for fans of goofy, sci-fi disaster flicks. At 3 3⁄4 inches high, it packs lots of kitschy detail into a petite package. Display it on your desk, shelf, or media console as a conversation starter.

Casual Friday Meredith – The Office Fans Rejoice

Casual Friday Meredith Funko Pop


In arguably one of the funniest episodes of The Office, the staff celebrates a clothing-optional "Casual Friday." Meredith interpreted this very loosely and showed up braless in a dress best described as "snug."

Leave it to Funko to immortalize this moment for The Office fans to enjoy forever. Meredith‘s Funko sports the infamous green dress, with a strategically blurred nipple peeking out.

Her vacant, dead-eyed stare contrasts beautifully with the utter chaos of the scene. And the fact that they gave an obscure side character an entire Funko Pop is funny in itself.

Office fans will appreciate this vinyl tribute to Meredith Palmer‘s utter lack of shame. Let Funko Pop Meredith be a daily reminder that it could always be worse—you could be Meredith.

Pajama Domo Batman – An Adorable, Head-Scratching Mashup

Domo Batman Funko Pop


Batman I get. Domo the monster I somewhat get. But them together in matching PJs? Consider my interest piqued.

Domo Dark Knight is an adorable and undeniably random mashup. The iconic bat ears blend seamlessly into Domo‘s fluffy white head. His black mask and cape perfectly mirror Batman‘s ordinary garb.

But then the similarities end, with Domo dressed head-to-toe in fuzzy footie pajamas. He could join Batman hunting down criminals…right after naptime that is!

This Funko Pop embodies the unexpected whimsy that makes these figures such a delight. He would make a perfect desk tchotchke to spark chatter and spread smiles.

Fun fact: 100% of surveyed Domo Batman owners said he sparked joy and amusement among office mates and home visitors.

Freddy Funko as Venus De Milo – A Funko Fail


The official mascot of Funko meets a classic Renaissance sculpture—what could possibly go wrong? Well…everything, apparently.

Freddy Funko does his best Miley Cyrus impression as Venus de Milo. His freakishly buff, flesh-toned arms contrast humorously against Venus‘ signature missing limbs.

But what earns him a spot on this list is the terrifying face. Something clearly went wrong rendering the side profile because an ordinary nose grows out at a 45° angle. His mouth and chin deliver the same punch, jutting towards the heavens like oversized underbites.

We don‘t know if Funko intentionally botched this one for comic effect. But there‘s no doubt it belongs in our laughably bad Funko Pop Hall of Fame.

Bigfoot Playing Football – This Funko Defies Logic


This Funko Pop embraces two conflicting myths with straight-faced sincerity: 1) That Bigfoot is real and 2) That Bigfoot enjoys recreational sports.

Details supporting #1 include his authentic fur coat and stealth black coloring. But then #2 comes in hot with the hand-egg and teeny helmet sitting slightly askew atop his fluffy head.

Everything about Bigfoot Playing Football defies logic. But that ridiculous premise makes this one of the most smile-inducing, head-scratching Funkos out there.

Use him in your Sports Ball-themed decoration or let him motivate you to embrace unlikely hobbies. If Bigfoot can give football a fair try, why can‘t you pick up Underwater Basket Weaving?

Austin Powers‘ Mojo – Yeah Baby!


Austin Powers losing his "mojo" becomes a pivotal plot point in the spy spoof series. So of course, Funko immortalized his libido in physical form with this hilarious collectible.

No, it‘s not what you think. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Mojo stands nine inches tall in a transparent tube. Lime green liquid and funny facial expressions complete the phallic imagery. (Who at Funko pitched this idea?!) Display Mojo on your shelf as a conversation-starter for immature adults everywhere.

For Austin Powers fans, this ranks high among the most hilarious pieces of memorabilia ever conceived. And how many people can say their favorite fictional character‘s magic swirly bits occupy shelf space?

Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis: Thumb A-Loofa


Part sloth. Part flower. All weird. Thumb A-Loofa looks like someone‘s prehistoric pottery project modeled after their endocrine doctor.

His sleepy wide-set eyes peer from a terracotta face. Green fuzz covers his entire body like algae invading an abandoned garden gnome.

But the pièce de résistance? The giant thumbs sticking straight up where ears should sit. Hence, the apt species name "Thumb A-Loofa."

Science Fiction Mystery Minis excel at creating fictional species from unsuspecting household items. And Thumb A-Loofa ranks high on the weirdness scale while still inducing a chuckle.

Fleegle from The Banana Splits Movie – Nightmare Fuel


Technicolor Hanna-Barbera cartoon, The Banana Splits aired from 1968-1970 featuring the adventures of four funny animal rock musicians. The series depicted the titular band — Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky — performing comedic skits and songs.

Fast forward fifty years and someone had the great(?) idea to make a horror movie based on the family-friendly show. The 2019 film depicts the animal band animatronics malfunctioning and going on a murderous rampage.

This Funko captures lead singer Fleegle in all his terrifying, Uncanny Valley glory. Murder weapon in hand, his blue fur matted with blood. I cannot imagine who asked for this, but the sheer absurdity makes me laugh.

Horror fans and collectors of disturbing oddities finally have the perfect addition. Just don‘t be surprised if he haunts your nightmares, too.

Funko Pop Town: Bigfoot Mowing His Lawn


Yet another Funko release forcing the elusive cryptid Bigfoot into banal suburban tasks: mowing the lawn. They didn‘t even try hiding the absurdity with this one.

Bigfoot Push Mower depicts everyone‘s favorite hairy hominid grooming his estate while wearing high-waisted denim overalls, an untied bowtie, and trucker hat.

His black, soulless eyes contrast with the almost pensive look on his furry face. Is he contemplating his never-ending quest to remain hidden from humans despite looking like Chewbacca‘s country cousin?

Or perhaps he‘s worried his souffle will fall while baking for the monthly cryptid potluck. Who knows what goes on inside that head of his!

One thing‘s for sure, the shear ridiculousness makes this a must-have for collectors of eccentric Funko Pops.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hilarious Funko Pops

Choosing the perfect hilarious Funko Pop for your collection means asking yourself a few questions:

Does the premise make me laugh out loud? The weirder, the better for comedy. Absurd mashups (like Pajama Batman) elicit the most giggles.

Is the execution unintentionally bad? Many hilarious Funkos happen by accident—like the terrifying Fleegle figurine. These "so bad it‘s good" Pops belong in any funny collection.

Will it spark a reaction? The best conversation pieces involve lots of "wait, what even is that?!" Use your hilarious collectible to break the ice with visitors.

Does it speak to my sense of humor? When you look at it, does it tickle your specific funny bone? There‘s a hilarious misfit Funko for every comedy taste out there.

How To Start Your Own Hilarious Funko Pop Collection

Starting a Funko Pop collection centered around humor means getting creative with curation. Follow these tips to build an amusing ensemble of eclectic figures:

Choose a size and space. Funko Pops consume precious real estate rapidly. Decide if you‘ll keep them in one place or displayed throughout your space. This determines what size collection you can realistically maintain.

Select loose categories. Do you want just funny pop culture figures? Weird animal mashups? Ironically bad designs? Defining your scope makes curating easier down the road.

Take stock of your budget. Most standard Funkos cost $10-$15 apiece. But limited editions or rare finds can demand much higher prices. Set financial boundaries before falling down the rabbit hole.

Buy ones that genuinely make you laugh. At the end of the day, choose Pops that spark joy and amusement every time you look at them. Surround yourself with silliness!

FAQs: Funny Funko Pop Collection Must-Haves

Still hungry for more hilarious figures to complete your set? Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about expanding your funny Funko stash:

What‘s the funniest Funko Pop you can buy?

For pure weirdness, Bigfoot Playing Football probably elicits the most tickled confusion. Runners up include Domo Batman for the random combo and anything Sharknado-related (because… sharks in a tornado?!).

What is a good funny gift for Funko Pop collectors?

The Casual Friday Meredith Funko Pop makes a perfect gag gift for fans of The Office. Bigfoot Mowing His Lawn also never fails to get a chuckle as a housewarming or white elephant present.

What funny icon would make a great Funko Pop?

Funko would hit comedic gold if they made Pops of fan-favorite funny weirdos. We‘re talking Nicolas Cage, Joe Exotic, Florida Man, Aliens Guy, and more.

Do funny Funko Pops increase in value?

Ironically, the "bad" Funko Pops usually become the most valuable. Their sheer weirdness makes them rare and coveted by collectors of eccentric items. Most standard funny Pops hold their value but don‘t drastically increase.

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