The Largest Tech Companies in Arkansas

Arkansas may not immediately come to mind as a major tech hub, but the state has quietly built a strong ecosystem of innovative companies. This article takes an in-depth look at the largest and most influential technology firms based in the Natural State.

Overview of Major Tech Players

While not home to flashy Silicon Valley startups, Arkansas boasts successful homegrown companies serving key industries.

Protech Solutions tops the list as the largest tech company headquartered in Arkansas, generating nearly $70 million in annual revenue. Founded in Little Rock in 1995, Protech has grown to over 90 employees and provides IT services encompassing everything from cloud platforms to payment processing.

Close behind is Apptegy, founded in Little Rock in 2015 and focused on education technology. Though a private company, Apptegy employs around 50 people and has carved out a profitable niche selling software like Thrillshare to K-12 schools to improve student and parent engagement.

Other major players include:

  • Shiloh Technologies (Rogers): Founded 1992, offers supply chain data analytics software and services with clients like Target and Nordstrom. 25 employees.
  • Access Control Devices (Benton): Manufactures automated vending machines, proximity card readers, and other hardware. 8 employees.

The only publicly traded technology company founded in Arkansas is LiveRamp Holdings, now headquartered in San Francisco. LiveRamp provides data connectivity and identity matching services, leveraging algorithms and third-party data. Formed in Conway in 1969 and formerly known as Acxiom, LiveRamp today boasts over $500 million in annual revenue.

Incubating Startups

Supporting Arkansas‘ next generation of startups is GENESIS Technology Incubator in Fayetteville. Founded in 1986 within the Arkansas Research and Technology Park, GENESIS helps provide facilities, resources, mentoring and capital access to early-stage tech ventures. Though small itself with under $500,000 in revenue, GENESIS has assisted many companies that went on to positively impact Northwest Arkansas‘ economy.

Strengths in Industry Verticals

Looking across the technology landscape, Arkansas‘ companies often focus on leveraging tech within key state industries.

For example, agriculture remains Arkansas’ largest economic sector at nearly $16 billion annually. accordingly, innovators here are creating farming efficiency products enabled by IoT sensors, predictive analytics software, and more.

Healthcare is another targeted area. Software developers are devising healthcare communication platforms and payment solutions for clinics serving rural populations.

Arkansas also has a blossoming fintech scene, tracing back over 50 years. Today, leading examples include Point Pickup Technologies offering digital financial services for the delivery space, and Decimal providing AI-powered risk analysis for financial institutions.

Promising Future

While states like California and New York dominate the absolute biggest tech names, Arkansas has quietly built technology leadership in areas like agriculture, education, retail and finance that align with the state’s core strengths.

Continued support for emerging startups through organizations like GENESIS, plus computer science education initiatives, can help Arkansas sustain success. More venture capital flowing into the state combined with targeted industry events would also raise Arkansas‘ profile.

Ultimately by playing to its roots and competitive advantages, Arkansas is poised to be a regional tech leader for decades to come.

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