The Complete Guide to Electric Cars, SUVs and Trucks for Sale in 2022

Are you considering an electric vehicle (EV) for your next car purchase? This comprehensive EV model overview answers every question for first-time EV buyers. Jump to the section matching your desired vehicle type – or read on for an introductory 101 guiding you through key decision factors when shopping electric cars, trucks and SUVs in 2022.

Electric Vehicle Market Overview

Electric vehicles have roared into the mainstream car buyer conscience over the last few years. But the context behind terms like "electric vehicle" and "EV" still cause plenty of confusion. Let‘s level-set what makes EVs unique first.

EVs use rechargeable battery packs to power electric motors at their wheels, rather than internal combustion engines like traditional vehicles. You plug them in to charge up rather than filling a gas tank. These differences translate to a smoother, quieter driving experience with instantly available acceleration. They also produce zero direct emissions, helping combat climate change.

Recent electric vehicle sales growth just keeps accelerating – jumping over 80% year-over-year in 2021 to 608,000 vehicles. Credit improving technology that drives costs down while extending driving range between charges. Mainstream brands like Ford, GM, VW and Hyundai now sell compelling EV options as they invest billions into electrifying their lineups.

Let‘s explore the latest batter-powered cars, SUVs and trucks you can purchase right now as an eco-minded driver.

Electric Cars: Value to Six Figures

All automakers include affordable compact commuters and luxurious status symbols among 2022‘s crop of electric cars now on sale.

EV Sedan/HatchbackRange (mi)Accel. 0-60 mph (s)Base Price
Audi e-tron GT2383.1$103,400
BMW i43015.7$56,400
Chevrolet Bolt EUV2596.3$33,500
Hyundai Ioniq 53035.1$44,000
Lucid Air5203.0$169,000
Mercedes EQS3505.9$103,360

Luxury brands tempt with lavish interiors and sports car agility. The 2022 Mercedes EQS sedan matches its splendid driving refinement with a nowhere-else 350 miles EPA estimated range. At the opposite end, Chevrolet positions the practical Bolt hatchback as a budget doorway to EV driving.

Industry-leader Tesla continues innovating alongside newer players like Lucid Motors. Performance metrics for Tesla‘s Model 3 and Model S sedans speak for themselves – with multi-second 0-60 mph acceleration achieved by variants packing 1,000+ horsepower.

But public charging infrastructure limits long-distance usability for many owners today. Consider city dwellers or routine daily commuters under 100 miles roundtrip as the sweet spot for current entry-level EV cars. Higher cost Extreme Fast Charging-compatible models mitigate range anxiety substantially for highway road trippers.

Electric SUVs: Practical and Quick

Americas top-selling vehicle category sees fantastic selection among electric SUVs spanning affordable compacts to luxurious seven-seat family haulers.

EV SUV/CrossoverRange (mi)Accel. 0-60 mph (s)Towing (lbs)Base MSRP
Audi e-tron2225.54,000$66,995
Hyundai Ioniq 53035.2n/a$39,700
Rivian R1S31438,000$78,000
Tesla Model X3483.85,000$120,190
Volkswagen ID.42807.52,200$40,000

Tesla‘s Model X pioneered the segment, pairing exotic gullwing doors with supercar acceleration. Towing and hauling lag newer rivals, though. The Rivian R1S pickup blends serious electric off-road chops with 316 miles of range. Value champ VW ID.4 won‘t excite driving enthusiasts – but its spacious, comfortable cabin easily swallows families.

Recent electric crossovers sell like hotcakes thanks to familiar form factors. Hyundai‘s stellar Ioniq 5 packs 303 miles range and rapid charging into a creatively packaged hatchback/SUV mashup that starts under $40,000. For outright range from a, luxury automakers like Mercedes and Audi tempt with 300+ mile premium entries.

Electric Pickup Trucks: Growing Selections

America loves pickup trucks – EV options emerge slowly but surely onto the market with more on the way.

EV TruckRange (mi)Accel. 0-60 mph (s)Tow Rating (lbs)Base MSRP
Ford F-150 Lightning230Mid-4 sec (est)10,000$41,769
GMC Hummer EV32937,500$108,700
Rivian R1T314311,000$67,500

The legendary Ford F-150 pickup takes its first steps into the EV future this fall with the new Lightning hitting dealers. Impressive torque and towing establish serious work capability from this electric truck icon. Reservations filled up 18 months of production within days of Ford opening orders.

For EV truck buyers desiring straight line performance over all else, the frankly outrageous GMC Hummer EV pickup specs shed any hint of environmental subtlety. 60 mph arrives in an absurd 3 seconds courtesy of nearly 1,000 horsepower in certain variants, courtesy of a 24-module battery pack.

Only Rivian sells full-scale electric truck production currently, with its R1T impressing early adopters as a legitimate electric adventure truck. But offerings from Tesla, Chevrolet, Ram and others arrive imminently to fill out the segment.

Key Electric Vehicle Factors for First-Time Buyers

Switching to electric for your next vehicle purchase brings alongside as many questions as it resolves. Here‘s the quick scoop on addressing range anxiety, charging logistics, and total cost of ownership if EV driving remains unfamiliar.

Range: Your Mileage Will Vary – Rated battery range from testing doesn‘t precisely mirror the real-world miles you‘ll achieve. Driving style matters more efficiently navigating stop-and-go traffic versus all-highway cruising speeds. Cold winter temperatures sap batteries worse. Consider your regular commute distance, schedule public charger stops for longer trips, and add at least 20% extra margin versus EPA ratings for safe buffer.

Home Charging: Your Best Friend – Forget queues at public EV charging stations. Install a 240-volt outlet in your garage for affordable home charging to easily wake up to a "full tank" every morning. Cost and complexity does rise for more powerful "Level 2" charge point hardware cuts hours off total juicing time.

Lower Operating Costs Outweigh Initial Outlays – EVs carry higher sticker prices but save long-term by slashing maintenance needs and bypassing gas station fill ups. Analysis vary a bit but most estimate EV total cost of ownership break-even arriving within 3-5 years of purchase. Saving $2,000+ per year adds up fast!

Shared Platforms With Gas Cars – Numerous electric vehicles today actually share significant mechanical componentry with their non-EV siblings to save costs. The Volkswagen ID.4, Audi e-tron Q4, and Skoda Enyaq electric SUVs all ride on (and feels quite similar to drive) thanks underlying economies of scale.

Incentives Defray Pricing – Federal tax incentives can chop EV sticker prices by up to $7,500 for buyers depending on brand and model. State and local districts add on rebates, tax credits or perks like HOV access as additional sweeteners where available.

EV Buying Considerations By Vehicle Type

With market landscape context established, let‘s explore notable models available in showrooms right now grouped by body style categories.

Electric cars bundle range, performance and charger availability into practical packages from compact runabouts to luxury flagship sedans.

Electric SUVs carry people and cargo with eco-friendly cruising ranges now commonly over 300 miles from almost every brand.

Electric pickup trucks remain rare but hugely capable – combining instant EV torque for hauling with better ride quality.

For all categories, keep targeting models fitting 80-90% of your realistic daily range needs for the best ownership experience. EV infrastructure continues expanding traveling convenience each year for weekend road trips or total range matters less day-to-day.

Electric Vehicle Shopping Made Simple

I hope this guide brought clarity to the rapidly changing electric vehicle marketplace if considering an EV purchase soon. Comparing specs and features for the 12+ battery electric models covered today scarcely scratches the surface of 2022‘s deepening pools of EV options. Exciting new entries from Cadillac, Nissan, Subaru and more automakers launch throughout 2023 as zero emissions transportation goes mainstream.

But rather than more vehicle models, today‘s bottleneck sees supply struggling to keep up with red-hot electric demand even at higher sticker prices. Be prepared to join reservations lists at this early phase of EV adoption. Consider leasing first before buying outright to hedge against ownership concerns. And don‘t fear the transition – modern electric vehicles deliver an instantly satisfying driving experience plus sustainable mobility. Driving electric puts a smile on your face and keeps the planet healthier for future generations.

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