The 6 Best YouTube to MP3 Converter Apps Today

YouTube is home to a seemingly endless collection of audio content, from music and podcasts to lectures and more. But what if you want to listen to that content offline, or outside of the YouTube app? That‘s where YouTube to MP3 converters come in handy. These nifty tools allow you to extract and download just the audio portion from YouTube videos in the common MP3 format.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ve identified and reviewed the 6 top YouTube to MP3 converter apps in 2023 based on criteria like features, platform support, simplicity, and flexibility. Read on to discover which one is best suited for your specific needs.

A Quick Intro to YouTube MP3 Converters

Before we dive into the top picks, let‘s briefly go over what exactly these tools do and who can benefit from using them.

What They Do

YouTube to MP3 converter apps allow you to take the audio track from any YouTube video and export it as an MP3 audio file. This lets you listen to podcasts, music, speeches, lectures, and more in a format compatible with MP3 players, phones, and most devices with audio capability.

Why Use One

There are several great reasons to use a YouTube to MP3 converter:

  • Listen to audio offline when you don‘t have an internet connection
  • Play audio outside of the YouTube app itself
  • Save podcast, music and other audio to your device storage
  • Listen to audio on devices that don‘t support video formats
  • Conserve mobile data instead of streaming audio

Now let‘s take a look at the best apps available for handling this specific conversion task.

History-Computer‘s Top Picks for Best YouTube MP3 Converters

Best Overall: Y2mp3

Y2mp3 stands out as the #1 best overall YouTube to MP3 converter thanks to its uncomplicated design and reliable performance.

This web-based tool couldn‘t be easier to use. Simply copy and paste the URL from the YouTube video you want to convert directly into the bar at the top. After a few seconds of processing, your converted audio file will start downloading automatically. No bells, no whistles, just simple audio extraction.

Y2mp3 also allows you to search YouTube and choose videos right in the tool‘s interface itself. This is helpful for finding new podcast episodes, songs not already in your playlists, or content you want to sample before converting.

Since it runs in any modern web browser, it works equally well on both mobile and desktop. And without requiring any software installation, it‘s accessible from any device. For straightforward YouTube to MP3 conversions, Y2mp3 delivers excellent results through an incredibly simple process.

Best Features: Any Video Converter Free

Don‘t let the name fool you — Any Video Converter Free handles more than just video conversions. It‘s our pick for the best overall feature set when it comes to premium tools in this category.

Like Y2mp3, getting started with conversions here is a completely simple process. Just paste in your YouTube URL, choose MP3 from the output dropdown menu, and click the conversion button. Behind its simple interface though lies plenty of advanced functionality.

Any Video Converter Free places a huge range of editing tools and effects at your fingertips. You can trim unwanted sections from your downloaded audio, crop files precisely, even normalize volume across tracks or touch up tone and audio quality. It also includes nice touches like fetching lyrics and album art automatically.

When it comes to format support, it doesn‘t get much more flexible. You‘re able to export audio in virtually any popular format like MP3, FLAC, M4A, WMA, and over a dozen more. Any Video Converter Free is the prime choice for those seeking more powerful post-conversion audio editing and tweaking capabilities.

Best for PC and Mac Users: 4K YouTube to MP3

Available as a dedicated app for both Windows and macOS platforms, 4K YouTube to MP3 is our top choice for desktop power users. With support for conversion features rivaling the very best web apps, it also delivers excellent format support and lightning-fast performance.

After a quick download and install, you can start pasting YouTube video URLs directly into 4K YouTube to MP3‘s perfectly simple interface. Just like the web tools, it will automatically fetch the video data, extract audio in your choice of available formats, then save the file locally with artist name and metadata intact.

Beyond just YouTube, this tool can grab and convert audio sources from a long list of other sites as well including Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud, Flickr, and more. The downloads themselves are achieved at blazing speeds up to 16x faster than competing desktop software converters thanks to some highly optimized transfer technology built-in.

For those converting lots of YouTube playlists into audio files for offline listening, 4K YouTube to MP3 is a near-perfect desktop solution.

Best for Converting Playlists: Converto

Listening to playlists of your favorite YouTube music or podcasts offline poses a challenge. Converto makes grabbing entire YouTube playlists a totally painless process.

After authorizing Converto with your YouTube account, all of your video playlists will automatically populate right in the Converto interface. Choose the one want to convert, select MP3 or M4A output format, and click convert. In minutes, you‘ll have the entire playlist saved and ready for offline listening.

Even if you don‘t already have handy playlists put together, searching YouTube and queueing up videos for conversion is easy using the built-in search function. This tool even fetches accompanying album art and artist images automatically to embed in your exported audio files. For converting groups of songs or keeping podcast subscriptions available offline, Converto hits all the right notes.

Best for Simplicity: ClipGrab

Sometimes you just want a tool that does its primary job without complicating things. That‘s where a simpler program like ClipGrab shines for basic YouTube to MP3 needs.

After a quick free download, this desktop app opens to an incredibly simple screen with a single text field. Just paste in whatever YouTube URL you want to convert, choose MP3 format, and click Go. In less than a minute your audio file starts downloading in the background.

Because ClipGrab skips any unnecessary extras, there‘s no learning curve and nothing complex blocking you from getting files converted. It posesses just enough functionality supplemented by great speed and efficiency behind the curtains. For basic, everyday YouTube audio conversions, we appreciate this tool‘s simplicity.

The Most Flexible: Y2Mate

Finally we come to Y2Mate, the most versatile, flexible tool in our roundup. Another online converter like Y2mp3, it works in all browsers and on mobile or desktop devices. But what sets Y2Mate apart is support for audio and video file conversions spanning beyond YouTube across over a thousand websites.

Whether you want to grab audio from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, or other sources, Y2Mate can handle them all. Input a URL and output formats including MP3, FLAC lossless audio, WAV, and more become available. While there are some ads present on the site, closing these when they pop up is a fair tradeoff for the unmatched format support.

For a true jack-of-all-trades YouTube and multi-site audio/video converter, Y2Mate takes home the crown. Powerful stuff for enterprising internet users aiming to sample, convert and listen offline across a range of hosting platforms.

How to Pick the Best YouTube MP3 Converter App

With so many options for YouTube to MP3 converters available today, it helps to know what features and criteria to evaluate when choosing the right tool for your personal needs. Here are some key factors to consider while shopping around:

Feature Set

Think about what functionality beyond basic conversion that you might want access to:

  • Editing – Trimming audio files, normalizing volume, correcting pitch/tone
  • Effects – Applying filters like bass boost or stereo widening
  • Format Support – Comparing MP3 against high-quality lossless codecs
  • Extras – Automatically fetching lyrics, album art, metadata

Ease of Use

All of these tools make conversion possible in just a few clicks. But considering the user interface and process important too:

  • Is the design clean, simple, well-organized?
  • Does the app make common tasks clear and achievable?
  • How much effort does it take to convert and download each file?

Weak or overly complex interfaces quickly lead to frustration. Test out a few apps to get a feel for day-to-day use before fully committing.

Single vs. Multiple Conversions

Depending on your usage needs, support for converting batches or playlists can make a huge difference:

  • Queuing a playlist? Prioritize tools supporting bulk conversions
  • Only grabbing occasional songs? Single video tools still work great

With some tools limiting you to converting one video at a time, this is worth confirming before you dive in.

Desktop vs. Web-Based

One final key choice is deciding between a locally installed desktop program or an online web app accessed through your browser:

  • Web tools work anywhere, don‘t use storage space, and see frequent updates
  • Desktop programs avoid security concerns of web tools, deliver faster speeds, work offline

If you‘ll be converting files often, having a local app eliminates reliance on internet access. But more casual use makes web tools quick and convenient conversion options.

What It‘s Like Using the Top YouTube MP3 Converters

In practice, utilizing these YouTube audio grabbing tools proves to be a very straightforward process. The best apps make it incredibly simple:

  1. Copy Link – Grab video URL from YouTube to clipboard
  2. Paste – Paste into converter tool
  3. Adjust Settings – Choose MP3 format
  4. Convert & Download – Audio file saves locally

Total time invested ranges from a couple of minutes for short videos to 15-20 minutes for longer 1+ hour files. So you‘re able to quickly build an offline library of podcasts, music, or other audio content exported right from YouTube.

The simplicity does come with reasonable limitations though. Any audio effects, editing capabilities, metadata fetching, etc. all depend on which tool you choose. And sound quality or conversion speeds can vary as well by app.

But in testing the top recommendations above repeatedly, they consistently deliver great MP3/audio results that don‘t disappoint. You really can‘t go wrong with any of our highest rated picks.

Summary Table: Top YouTube to MP3 Converters

RankYouTube to MP3 Converter AppKey Features
Best OverallY2mp3Fast, no downloads required, can search by keywords
Best FeaturesAny Video Converter FreeMultiple output formats, includes additional features and effects
Best for PC and Mac Users4K YouTube to MP3Supports multiple formats and platforms, no additional software required
Best for Converting PlaylistsConvertoSupports MP3 and MP4, includes album art for downloads
Best for SimplicityClipGrabFast, simple, no advanced features
The Most FlexibleY2MateSupports multiple sources and formats, includes a few popups

FAQs About YouTube MP3 Converters

What should you do if your antivirus flags a YouTube converter as unsafe?

Take any warnings from antivirus tools seriously. They exist to protect your devices and data from real threats. Instead of ignoring the risks, simply opt for a different trusted converter that your security software approves of.

Can you convert videos from other platforms besides YouTube?

Yes! Most quality converters also support grabbing audio from other major platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc. However, always check that your preferred non-YouTube site is listed as a supported platform before attempting conversion through third-party tools.

How long does it usually take to convert a YouTube video to MP3?

Conversion times vary based mostly on the duration of videos themselves. Short 3-5 minute videos can turn to MP3 in just a minute or two. Longer one hour podcasts and such can take 15 minutes on average depending on internet speeds.

Is the audio quality affected during the conversion process?

Unfortunately some audio quality loss is inevitable when converting from YouTube video to MP3 audio. The exact amount depends tremendously on the individual app though, with some preserving excellent quality results and others showing noticeable degradation.

Can you convert entire YouTube playlists using these apps?

Bulk playlist conversion support depends which of our recommended apps you select. The Converto tool does allow convenient downloading of full playlists for instance. But other choices may limit you to converting one video at a time.

Can you convert YouTube videos to other audio formats besides MP3?

Absolutely! While MP3 tends to be the default and most compatible format, many tools here also support alternative audio codecs. Other great options like M4A, FLAC, WAV, and more are accessible from certain converters above for added flexibility.

Go Listen to All That Audio!

After reading through the intricacies of finding just the right YouTube audio conversion solution for your needs, hopefully the options appear much less daunting. Any of the highly rated picks above will serve you well.

And thanks to how quick and easy it is to turn YouTube videos into transportable MP3 files, building up caches of offline content is more effortless than ever.

So go out and salvage some of your favorite YouTube audio content before it‘s too late! Converting and listening to tunes, podcasts, lectures, and more without relying on internet access or mobile data is hugely rewarding.

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