The Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers for Swimming: Reviewed and Ranked

Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts you can do. It builds endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness. It also helps maintain a healthy weight, boost mood, and reduce stress.

If you want to get the most out of your swim sessions, using a waterproof fitness tracker can be extremely beneficial. These devices allow you to closely monitor metrics like lap count, distance, strokes, pace and more. Having access to this data makes it easier to structure your workouts, set goals, and track your performance over time.

But with so many swimming trackers now available, it can be tricky to determine which is right for your needs and budget. This guide will overview the top waterproof fitness trackers in 2023 specifically designed for tracking swim workouts and offer advice to help you find your perfect match.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Swim Tracker

Here are the key factors to consider when selecting a waterproof fitness tracker for swimming:

Water Resistance

Since these devices are worn in the water, it‘s crucial to pick one with adequate water resistance. Most trackers designed for swimming have waterproof ratings between 5ATM (safe for showering and surface swimming) up to 10ATM for recreational scuba diving. Be sure to verify the exact depth rating before purchase.


To provide useful swim data, the tracker needs to accurately record metrics like lap count, stroke type, distance, pace, heart rate and more. GPS can assist with elements like distance and speed. Look for sensors capable of tracking advanced swim metrics.

Battery Life

Frequent charging will be inconvenient with aquatic activities. Seek out trackers offering battery life of 5-7 days minimum, or those with power-saving modes. Charging time is also worth noting.

Display Readability

You need to be able to view your real-time data easily while swimming, so the display must be sufficiently large and bright enough to see underwater. Color screens are ideal.

Swim-Specific Features

Many fitness trackers have pre-set activity modes for swimming and pool workouts. This allows the device to automatically detect and record swimming-related data. Other useful features include open water tracking, drill logging, etc.


Swimming trackers range from $100 to $800+ depending on the brand and included capabilities. Set your budget then seek out devices matching your needs at that price point.

Now let‘s review the top waterproof fitness trackers recommended specifically for tracking swimming exercises and monitoring performance.

Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers for Swimming 2023

Best Overall: Garmin Forerunner 945

The Garmin Forerunner 945 topped out list for overall best swimming tracker thanks to its unmatched blend of advanced metrics, accuracy, battery life and smartphone connectivity.

Designed specifically with swimmers in mind, it auto-records key data like distance, pace, stroke count and type. You can further analyze this data via Garmin‘s online and mobile platforms.

With a 5ATM rating, it can handle pool and open water swims down to 50 meters. It also includes handy features like drill logging and rest timers.

When you‘re ready to push your endurance, utilize the pool swim tracking feature to get pace alerts and critical stroke metrics. After each swim, you get a SWOLF score to indicate efficiency.

We also like the energy monitoring which uses heart rate variability for insights into your recovery status. This allows you to optimize both training and rest periods.

Other useful capabilities include onboard music storage, Garmin Pay, smart notifications, sleep tracking and various sports apps. Expect up to 36 hours of battery life in smartwatch mode.

Key Features:

  • Auto records distance, pace, stroke count/type
  • Pool swim features: drill logging, pace alerts
  • Open water swim mode
  • 5ATM waterproof rating
  • SWOLF score
  • Energy monitoring via heart rate variability
  • Onboard music storage
  • Garmin Pay
  • 36 hour battery life

Most Durable: Coros Vertix 2

The COROS Vertix 2 boasts rugged durability making it a top choice for open water swimming and watersports.

It meets a 10 ATM waterproof rating plus high-grade construction for worry-free saltwater or pool use. The scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal lens offer impact defense as well.

This GPS smartwatch provides metrics on distance, pace, stroke count and route tracking during swims. It also detects heart rate with surprising accuracy – a capability lacking in many underwater devices.

When you‘re not swimming, utilize support for over 60 sport modes as well as advanced training functions like suggested recovery times, performance condition indicators and aerobic/anaerobic effect details.

Smartwatch capabilities like weather, notifications, music controls and more keep you connected on dry land while the up to 45 days of battery life means less inconvenient charging.

If you demand a highly durable, fully-featured swimming watch with extended battery capacity, the Vertix 2 delivers excellent value.

Key Features:

  • 10 ATM waterproof rating
  • Ceramic bezel + sapphire crystal lens
  • GPS tracking with route mapping
  • Heart rate monitoring works underwater
  • 60+ sport modes
  • 45 day battery life
  • Rugged, saltwater-safe construction

Best Smartwatch: Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra stands out as the top smartwatch for swimming with its vivid display and wealth of connectivity options.

While tracking your pool and open swims, utilize the large, bright display offering twice the screen area and brighter max brightness than Apple Watch Series models. The customized Action button allows quick access to functions like metric tracking.

Built-in GPS provides highly accurate distance and route data while the depth gauge and water temperature sensors serve as helpful tools for diving adventures.

When you‘re ready to analyze the details, the updated Workout app supplies advanced metrics like stroke efficiency, pace and distance breakdowns for pool swims.

Enhanced safety features join water readiness as well. The 86 decibel siren could serve as an emergency alert while crash detection auto-dialed emergency services if needed.

This watch doesn‘t compromise smart capabilities either. Use it to field calls, listen to music and podcasts offline, access compass settings, view maps and leverage Apple Pay while on the move. Get up to 36 hours of battery life balancing activity with standby.

If you‘re invested in the Apple ecosystem and demand premium smartwatch functionality blended with durable waterproofing, the Ultra stands as the ultimate swimming companion.

Key Features:

  • Large, bright display with Action button
  • Built-in GPS tracking
  • Depth gauge and water temperature sensors
  • Advanced swim metrics in Workout app
  • 86dB emergency siren
  • Crash detection support
  • 36 hours battery life
  • Smartwatch connectivity: calls, music, maps, Apple Pay

Best Fitness Tracker: Garmin Swim 2

Serious swimmers who want a streamlined, affordable tracker focused squarely on swimming metrics should consider the Garmin Swim 2.

It records all the key swim data like distance, pace, stroke count and SWOLF scores to quantify your performance. When reviewing your history in the Garmin Connect app, you can also view stroke type detection and underwater heart rate readings.

The pool swim functions make regular training easier with features like drills mode to log kick sets and pull drills. There‘s also an auto rest timer so you can accurately clock your intervals between sets.

When you take a break on land, it doubles as an all-day activity monitor tracking steps, intensity minutes, stress and sleep. You‘ll also get smartphone notifications on the crisp color display.

Weighing only 40 grams, the slim profile offers a comfortable, non-intrusive feel that stays put as your swim. Expect up to a week of battery life in smartwatch mode.

If you want the best value focused specifically on tracking swim workouts without paying for advanced smartwatch functions, the Garmin Swim 2 is perfectly suited for you needs.

Key Features:

  • Tracks distance, pace, stroke count
  • SWOLF score
  • Underwater heart rate monitoring
  • Auto rest timer
  • Drill logging mode
  • 7 days battery life
  • Slim lightweight profile for comfort

Best Budget: Fitbit Charge 5

The best waterproof fitness tracker option for those on a tight budget is the Fitbit Charge 5.

It carries a water resistance up to 50 meters along with a dedicated Swim workout mode to auto-detect swim sessions and log metrics like laps, duration and calorie burn. The touchscreen display is large, colorful and easy to operate mid-swim.

When out of the pool, take advantage of top-notch health tracking spanning heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep and stress. Access your always-on stats directly on the wrist plus in-depth reporting and tips inside the Fitbit app.

Smart capabilities like music controls, built-in GPS, contactless payments and call/text notifications keep you connected while swimming functions focus on tracking your performance. Expect around seven days of battery life between charges.

If you want a budget-friendly yet well-rounded fitness tracker that covers basic swim metrics along with daily wellness monitoring and smart features, the Charge 5 is an outstanding option costing far below more advanced alternatives.

Key Features:

  • Swim workout mode: auto-detects laps, distance, calories burned, duration
  • 50 meter water resistance rating
  • 7 day battery life
  • Built-in GPS
  • Robust health tracking metrics
  • Contactless payment support
  • Call, text and app notifications

Using & Understanding Your Swimming Tracker

Once you‘ve picked out the right waterproof tracker based on your budget and needs, here are some tips to get the most from your swim workouts:

Tune the settings – Initially, take some time to personalize your device settings like inputting accurate personal stats, selecting preferred units of measurement, enabling needed smartphone connections and more. Refer to the product manual for specifics.

Learn the metrics – Understand what metrics like pace, distance per stroke, efficiency score, heart rate zones and more are telling you about the intensity and quality of your workout. Use this data to structure optimal swim sessions.

Analyze the app data – Sync your tracker with the compatible mobile app or online dashboard after each session. Review your performance across multiple parameters over time to quantify improvement. Gauge where you still need work.

Use alerts & pacing – Take advantage of alerts that can notify you when you hit targeted pace, distance or heart rate zones. Pacing features are particularly useful for interval training.

Experiment with drills – Logging kick, pull or stroke modification drills is supported by some devices. Isolate aspects needing improvement then check if the focused work leads to better overall session metrics down the line.

Customize displays – For ease of use in the water, set your primary exercise display(s) to prominently showcase the 1-3 metrics most important to your training goals via large numerical readouts without scrolling through lots of data.

Conserve battery – Limit battery drain by enabling low power modes, disabling unneeded sensors, reducing unnecessary smartphone syncing and more. Plan charging around your swim schedule.

Waterproof trackers specifically engineered for swimming should transform the way you train through insights no human coach could possibly match. Follow the setup guidance then learn how to best leverage your tracker‘s capabilities over time.

The Future of Swimming Trackers

The world of waterproof fitness trackers is continually evolving with new innovations and upgrades arriving year after year.

Here‘s a preview of some likely improvements coming to swimming trackers over the next few years based on technology trends:

  • Even longer battery life from more efficient power systems
  • Increased smartphone connectivity via cellular data options
  • Enhanced stroke detection and correction capabilities through video processing
  • More wearable form factors like smart swim goggles or caps
  • Integrated audio feedback for real-time coaching
  • Advanced pressure and altitude sensors for diving
  • Compatibility & Easy Data Sharing With Apps Such As NewFulness

While already highly capable in their current state, swimming fitness trackers are only slated to get smarter. We expect they will one day offer almost the utility of a private swim coach right on your wrist.

The Takeaway

Using a waterproof fitness tracker designed specifically for swimming makes it simple to quantify aspects of your workouts nearly impossible to gather manually. Tracking comprehensive data session over session allows you to pinpoint areas needing refinement, actively improve technique, achieve new personal records and ultimately get fitter through informed, effective training.

Hopefully this guide covered all the core considerations when buying the right swimming tracker for your personal needs and budget. The top options showcase the range of standout features available to help any swim enthusiast take their aquatic training to the next level.

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