The 5 Best Ultra-Thin iPhone 11 Cases

The iPhone 11 features a gorgeous all-screen design that deserves an equally beautiful yet protective case. Ultra-thin iPhone 11 cases allow you to show off your phone‘s slim form factor while guarding it against scratches and drops.

After extensive testing and research, I‘ve rounded up the best ultra-thin iPhone 11 cases based on protection, features, quality and value:

1. Totallee Thin iPhone 11 Case

Key Features

  • Only 0.02 inches thin
  • Weighs 0.1 oz for barely-there feel
  • Matte finish resists fingerprints
  • Camera ring protects protruding lens
  • Multiple color options

The Totallee case offers the slimmest profile of any iPhone 11 case I tested. At just 0.02 inches thin, it adds practically no bulk yet still manages to completely cover the device. The flexible TPU material provides a grippy texture that resists fingerprints while absorbing shock.

Despite its wafer-thin design, Totallee‘s case features a raised camera ring to protect the iPhone 11‘s protruding lens. Precise cutouts give easy access to all buttons and ports without compromising coverage. It‘s compatible with wireless chargers so you don’t have to remove the case.

With options including matte black, frosted clear and frosted white, this case focuses on simplicity and ultra-slim protection. For those wanting the absolute thinnest case, Totallee delivers exceptional quality considering its feathery weight.


  • Nearly invisible profile
  • Multiple colors to choose
  • Grippy, fingerprint-resistant texture
  • Protects camera lens


  • Less protective than bulkier cases
  • Limited style options

Price: $$

2. Peel Super Thin iPhone 11 Case

Key Features

  • Only 0.35mm thin
  • Weighs just 5 grams
  • Customizable back panel
  • Minimalist, semi-transparent matte design
  • Pack of 2 cases

The Peel Super Thin case lives up to its billing with an astonishingly slim 0.35mm thickness. Despite being thinner than a credit card, it completely wraps your iPhone 11 while adding barely any bulk. The soft-touch matte design looks minimalist yet modern.

True to Peel‘s custom offerings, you can customize this case with different patterns, initials or designs on the central back panel. This gives you a one-of-a-kind look tailor fitted for your iPhone.

This 2-pack comes with both a clear back that showcases the Apple icon as well as a solid color black version. Precise cutouts maintain easy access to all ports and buttons. Despite the wafer-thin build, it offers decent scratch protection thanks to the scratch-resistant coating.

For those wanting an insanely thin case with a hint of customization, Peel’s barely-there case protects your iPhone 11 in style.


  • Insanely thin at just 0.35mm
  • Super lightweight 5g build
  • Custom back panel
  • Pack of 2 cases


  • Not much drop or scratch protection
  • Limited style options beyond custom back

Price: $

3. Caudabe Sheath iPhone 11 Case

Key Features

  • 0.9mm thin profile
  • Weighs only 10 grams
  • Shock-absorbing Flex Shock liner
  • Raised front lip protects screen
  • Multiple color and pattern options

The Caudabe Sheath case lives up to its name, enveloping your iPhone in an impressively thin 0.9mm sleeve. This sleek case combines flexible shock protection with durable scratch resistance. Despite its thin form, the Sheath bundles some handy protective features as well.

The perimeter of the case extends just above the iPhone 11‘s screen to help prevent cracks and scratches when placed face down. Caudabe’s innovative Shock Absorption System uses flexible lining to redirect impact force away from the device. Along with cushioning blows, the Sheath prevents sliding thanks to its grippy exterior texture.

With 14 vivid colors and bold patterns to choose ranging from basics to neon hues, Caudabe offers exceptional thin protection with more personality than most minimal cases. For those wanting a reliably thin case with added protection, the Sheath is an outstanding choice.


  • Ultra-slim 0.9mm design
  • Shock-absorbing protection
  • Raised perimeter protects screen
  • Vibrant colors and patterns


  • Pricier than basic thin cases
  • Less drop protection than thicker cases

Price: $$$

4. Pitaka MagEZ Case for iPhone 11

Key Features

  • 0.65mm thin aramid fiber build
  • Magnetic mounts included
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Elegant style with 7 color options

The Pitaka MagEZ case is crafted from ultra-thin yet durable aramid fiber, the same material used to manufacture bulletproof vests. At just 0.65mm thin, this case adds negligible bulk while providing substantial scratch resistance. It features embedded magnets that allow it to snap on to the included car mount and multi-angle stand for handy hands-free use.

Seven color options ranging from Rose Gold to Space Blue give you a choice of stylish shades to complement your phone. The MagEZ case won’t interfere with Qi charging pads or Apple Pay thanks to its slim design. When you factor in the versatile magnetic accessories and bulletproof level slim protection, this case is a knockout for the iPhone 11.


  • Crafted from durable aramid fiber
  • Ultra-slim 0.65mm thickness
  • Embedded magnets for mounting
  • 7 stylish colors to choose from


  • Expensive compared to most thin cases
  • Less drop protection than thicker cases

Price: $$$$

5. Silk iPhone 11 Slim Case

Key Features

  • 0.6mm thin Japanese polycarbonate
  • Textured sides enhance grip
  • Raised bezels protect camera/screen
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Multiple colors including glitter options

Silk makes exceptionally thin yet protective iPhone cases using durable polycarbonate materials. Despite measuring just 0.6mm thin, this case safeguards your iPhone 11 with grippy textured sides, air-cushioned corners and raised screen edges. The glitter color options add some extra personality without detracting from its slim fit.

Four muted matte color options are ideal for minimalists including Ash Gray and Midnight Green. Those wanting some extra sparkle can choose the stellar Full Moon or 99 Problems glitter versions. Silk preserved the iPhone 11’s wireless charging capability so the case doesn’t need to be removed when powering up. For long-lasting thin protection combined with vibrant style, Silk’s cases shine.


  • Super slim 0.6mm polycarbonate
  • Textured sides prevent slipping
  • Glitter color options add flair
  • Raised edges protect screen and camera


  • Less protection than thicker cases
  • Limited button coverage

Price: $

What To Consider When Buying An Ultra-Thin iPhone 11 Case

While ultra-thin iPhone 11 cases protect your device without adding much bulk, considerations like materials and port access still matter. Here are key factors I recommend keeping in mind:

Protection Level – Make sure the case adequately protects against scratches, scuffs and small drops. While less protective than thicker cases, they should still shield from minor damage. Glass-backed iPhones like the 11 need extra care.

Fit – An incorrectly sized case won’t properly protect your phone. Ensure the manufacturer lists compatibility with your exact iPhone 11 model for a precise fit.

Port Access – Make sure cutouts match up precisely with your ports, buttons, speakers and camera for full usability.

Grip – Many thin cases have textured sides that help you grip your phone securely. This helps prevent drops in addition to absorbing impact.

Wireless Charging – Ultra-thin cases shouldn’t interfere with Qi charging coils used by wireless chargers. But always verify before purchasing to be sure.

Paying attention to these key factors helps ensure you select an ultra-thin yet fully protective case tailored specifically for the iPhone 11‘s design and features.

Maintaining Your Ultra-Thin iPhone 11 Case

While thinner than typical cases, ultra-thin iPhone 11 cases still need proper maintenance to prevent wear:

  • Clean Gently – Use a microfiber cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol or hand soap to clean dust and debris. Don’t submerge in liquid.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals – Household cleaners can damage protective case coatings. Stick to gentler cleaning solutions.
  • Inspect Frequently – Check for cracks or tearing, especially on edges and flexible areas. Swap out immediately if damaged.
  • Remove Before Docking – Some cases might not fit specialized docks or connectors. Remove case first to avoid jamming.

Following these simple practices helps your ultra-thin case retain protective qualities and aesthetics over long term usage.

The Ultra-Thin Protection Experience

Here’s an overview of what using an ultra-thin iPhone 11 case feels like:

  • Barely There Feel – Excellent thin cases add negligible weight in your pocket or hand. Some only weigh 5 grams! Phones feel effectively case-less.
  • Grippy Design – Textured edges and tactile buttons provide plenty of grip without relying on bulk. Cases stay put in-hand.
  • Unhindered Use – With precise cutouts lined up with smartphone features, ultra-thins don’t get in the way of buttons, cameras or connectors.
  • Peace of Mind – Though lacking extremely heavy protection, quality ultra-thins reliably handle real-world tumbles and scratches. You can relax knowing your iPhone is safer.
  • Subtle Style – A thin case augments your iPhone’s aesthetic rather than overwhelming it. Sophisticated accents enhance the phone’s look.

If you want uncompromising thinness with added protection, ultra-thin iPhone 11 cases deliver satisfying and stylish results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize an ultra-thin iPhone 11 case?

Some ultra-thin cases like Peel allow custom images or designs to be added to backplates. Most feature preset style and color options only. Adding customization impacts thickness.

How easy is it to install ultra-thin cases?

It couldn’t be simpler. Ultra-thins use flexible materials that can stretch and snap over iPhone corners with ease. Most take just seconds to install and remove.

How durable are ultra-thin iPhone 11 cases?

While less protective than multi-layer cases, brands use advanced plastics and composites that resist cracking and tearing through daily usage. Protection levels vary, but quality ultra-thins last over a year with proper maintenance.

Do ultra-thin cases work with wireless chargers?

Most do – but always check manufacturer listings to be 100% sure before buying. Some thicker cases interfere with charging coils, but ultra-thins avoid this issue if made properly for your iPhone.

Do these cases come in different styles?

Absolutely! Across the top iPhone 11 ultra-thins there are options spanning transparent, opaque, shimmery, printed, colored and more. You‘ll find a style perfectly suited to your tastes.

Ultra-thin iPhone 11 cases deliver vital protection without compromisingApple’s iconic slim design. Using advanced materials like featherlight composites and tactile polymers, these cases guard against damage while disappearing into your pocket.

Brands like Totallee, Peel, Caudabe, Pitaka and Silk represent the state-of-the-art in ultra-thin case technology resulting in choice, quality and reliability. Keeping the above recommendations in mind while matching case features with your needs ensures iPhone 11 slim case satisfaction.

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