The 5 Best To-Do List Apps Worth Downloading Today

Staying on top of life‘s tasks is a perpetual challenge. To-do list apps can provide that extra assistance to keep you organized, productive and stress-free. The global market for productivity apps recently surpassed $4 billion annually – and continues rising quickly. With hundreds of options at your fingertips, selecting the right to-do list app tailored to your needs is key.

Through deep evaluation, I have identified the 5 definitively top to-do list and task management apps available in 2023 for iOS and Android devices:

The 5 Best To-Do Apps

AppKey BenefitsPlatformsPriceRating
TodoistFeature-packed for power usersiOS, Android, Windows, Mac, WebFree or $4.99/month4.7/5
Microsoft To DoIntuitive interface with Microsoft integrationiOS, Android, Windows, Mac, WebFree4.6/5
Remember the MilkGreat for collaboration and sharing tasksiOS, Android, Alexa, Web, etcFree or $39.99/year4.7/5
MinimaListDistraction-free focus for Apple ecosystemiOS, iPadOS, Apple Watch$1.99/month4.8/5
ColorNoteSimple, ad-free, long-standing Android favoriteAndroidFree4.9/5

Below we analyze the capabilities, features sets, interfaces, platforms, and pricing models of each to-do app recommendation in detail. Read on for expert guidance on determining the ideal task and productivity manager app aligned to your individual needs.

Todoist – Premium Pick for Task Mastery

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Web
Price: Free or $4.99/month premium
Rating: 4.7/5 (1M+ Ratings)

With 25 million global active users, Todoist stands tall as the most fully-equipped to-do list app available. Premium features power users depend on include:

Natural Language Parsing

Quickly add tasks leveraging Todoist‘s automatic due date, project, and label detection capabilities.

Powerful Organization

Nest tasks within projects, break them into manageable sub-tasks, and color code via labels and filters for fast access.

Collaboration Tools

Add comments alongside tasks and seamlessly collaborate with teams and clients within shared projects.

Robust Integrations

Sync Todoist across devices and integrate natively with apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Alexa, and more.

While reasonably priced at $47 per year, Todoist‘s free version still enables figuring tasks with reminders, priorities, filters and basic features fulfilling most individual needs. But for unlocking Todoist‘s full potential boosting workplace productivity, the premium iteration is strongly recommended.

With unmatched flexibility to drill into granular organization schemes and rich support ecosystems, Todoist satisfies the discerning needs of serious productivity enthusiasts.

Download Todoist

Microsoft To Do – Best Free Option

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS
Price: Free
Rating: 4.6/5 (500k+ ratings)

As a leader in cross-platform ecosystems and productivity software, Microsoft empowered individuals to better achieve goals with Microsoft To Do – the best free offering in its category. Key advantages:

Intuitive Interface

The streamlined My Day view instantly surfaces upcoming and suggested tasks needing attention while additional tabs house task lists and notes.

Seamless Microsoft Integration

To Do interlinks closely with other Microsoft products like Outlook, Office, and Edge – enabling conveniently syncing task statuses across devices.

List Flexibility

Tasks live within various customizable lists like groceries, books to read, movies to watch – keeping likes items unified.

Microsoft To Do excels on fundamentals rather than an overflow of complex features. For no cost, users benefit from a thoughtfully designed interface reducing friction to quickly jot down tasks networked across other Microsoft apps used daily.

While basic in capabilities compared to leading premium offerings, simplicity and seamless integration carry Microsoft To Do to prominence as the free leader – now boasting over 10 million downloads.

Download Microsoft To Do

Remember The Milk – Best for Collaboration

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web, Alexa
Price: Free or $39.99/year Pro
Rating: 4.7/5 (138k+ ratings)

Since launching in 2004 as one of the very first task management apps, Remember The Milk remains a leader thanks to unrivaled collaboration features still unmatched today.

Standouts include:

List Sharing

Easily assign tasks and share unlimited to-do lists with anyone – no account required.

Group Management

Create groups with shared access for families, teams, organizations and more.

Enterprise Integration

Sync natively with Evernote, Gmail, Outlook, Alexa, Twitter, and 100+ apps via official extensions.

The Pro version unlocks greater customization like locations-based reminders, subtasks, tags, smart lists and advanced sorting – catering power users and work teams.

Yet even the free edition impresses sharing tasks seamlessly across devices and other services. For those needing transparent coordination around a shared set of responsibilities, Remember The Milk leads the productivity pack with seamless list sharing centralizing group workflows.

Download Remember The Milk

MinimaList – specialized for the Apple Ecosystem

Platforms: iOS, iPadOS
Price: Free or $1.99/month premium
Rating: 4.8/5 (20k+ ratings)

Those embedded within Apple‘s ecosystem will thrive with MinimaList catering specifically to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Signature MinimaList features include:

Intuitive gestures – Toggle tasks to complete or remove them entirely through intuitive swiping motions.

Focus mode – Eliminate on-screen controls and distractions keeping only tasks visible.

Natural language support – Use voice to add tasks hands-free using Siri.

Automatic sync – Tasks automatically synchronize across iOS/iPadOS devices using iCloud.

While retaining a free well-equipped tier, the premium edition ($2/month or $6 annually) unlocks advanced capabilities like customizable themes, iCloud sync, location triggers.

For those craving simplicity with task management optimized exclusively for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch – MinimaList checks all the boxes. Automatic Apple-first sync, gestures, Siri and widgets centralize tasks seamlessly across devices.

Download MinimaList

ColorNote – Long-standing Android Favorite

Platforms: Android
Price: Free
Rating: 4.9/5 (5M+ ratings)

With over 100 million installs, ColorNote is the simplistic Android notepad app of choice for jotting down quick notes and tasks. Key traits:

No Frills Design – While limited on expansive features, the ultra-simplistic interface perfectly nails task notetaking fundamentals.

Flexible Notes – Supports text, photo, lists, checklist and event reminder notes empowering capture of anything.

Highly Customizable – Personalize notes through colored text, fonts, sizes, backgrounds and more for quick ID.

Free and Ad-Free – 100% free forever with no ads, trials or intentionally limited versions.

ColorNote shines thanks to sheer versatility supporting varied personal notetaking styles while retaining ease-of-use through a clutter-free interface prioritizing only necessary options.

Sometimes less truly is more – and ColorNote‘s long-tenured popularity as one of Android‘s highest rated apps reinforces fundamentals occasionally outweigh flashy features. This enduringly helpful gem feels right at home on any Android phone or tablet for effortlessly jotting any quick thought certain not to be forgotten.

Download ColorNote

While hundreds of task apps flood app marketplaces yearly catering specialized needs, these 5 provide the right balance of utility, features and value proving essential for most. But simplepen and paper of course never goes out of style for that authentic analog touch!

Through intelligently leveraging the powers of technology to aid our overwhelmed memories, consistently achieving life‘s tasks becomes more feasible one item at a time. Give these capable assists a shot to build better productivity habits with a digital boost towards your goals.

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