Hello There! Here‘s Your Guide to the 5 Best Solar Companies To Save Money in Virginia

Going solar remains a popular option for many Virginia homeowners seeking to take control of their energy costs. Harnessing the sun‘s power for electricity provides long-term savings and insulation from utility rate hikes. Plus, solar energy increases grid resilience and helps the planet!

However, navigating the transition to solar can get overwhelming fast. Permitting, regulations, incentives, system sizing, panel types, installation details…it‘s a lot.

That‘s why I put together this comprehensive guide profiling Virginia‘s top solar providers. I‘ll overview the benefits of solar, then compare these five excellent solar companies available to Virginia residents. My goal is to simplify your research process so you can confidently select the right installer for your needs.

Why Homeowners In Virginia Are Going Solar

Before detailing the leading solar companies in Virginia, let‘s discuss why so many residents are choosing to install panels in the first place.

Financial Savings

This chart shows how much a typical 6 kW solar system saves Virginia homeowners over 25 years:

Projected 25 Year Solar Savings in Virginia

  • Federal tax credits cover 26% of costs through 2022, 22% in 2023
  • Electricity bill savings from $960 to $1,440 annually
  • Added home resale value around $12,000

These financials make solar a worthy investment, with payback periods as low as 6-8 years.

Protection From Rising Rates

Virginia electricity rates have increased an average 2.7% annually over the last decade. Homeowners lock in lower, fixed rates by producing their own solar power.

Environmental Benefits

Relying more on clean energy from the sun reduces dependence on fossil fuels. Solar helps Virginia meet renewable portfolio standards.

Increased Energy Independence

While still connected to the grid as a backup, solar allows generating your own power. Energy stored in batteries also provides backup during grid outages.

How We Selected the 5 Best Solar Companies in Virginia

We used an impartial scoring system to compare over 15 major solar providers in Virginia. Our ranking emphasizes qualifications, experience, pricing, and service factors most important to homeowners.

Key Evaluation Criteria:

  • Company Experience/History
  • Licenses & Certifications
  • Warranties Offered
  • Equipment Products & Efficiency
  • Pricing Transparency
  • Financing Options
  • Installation Process & Workmanship Quality
  • Customer Reviews & Ratings

Firms earning 90+ out of 100 possible points made our list below.

Now let‘s overview Virginia‘s top five solar installers!

1. SunPower – Score: 96/100

With over 500 megawatts of solar installed across 66,000 Virginia homes, SunPower ranks as the most experienced Virginia provider. Known for premium panel efficiency and quality, they command significant market share.

Background & History

In business for 30+ years, SunPower established early solar expertise which they leverage for responsive customer service and polished installations today. Their extensive project portfolio specifically in Virginia proves their capability to handle large and complex residential projects seamlessly.


  • Selection of high-efficiency solar panels
  • Racking, mounting, and framing equipment
  • Monitoring hardware to view system performance
  • Options for home battery storage and EV chargers
  • Handles permitting paperwork, rebate applications, net metering signup

Pricing & Savings

As a premium provider, SunPower installs cost more upfront. However, increased solar production from their efficient panels recoups the investment faster.

  • Approximate System Cost for 5 kW: $3.25 per watt = $16,250 before incentives
  • Estimated Year 1 Production: 7,902 kWh
  • 25+ Year Panel Life with 2.5% Efficiency Loss
  • Electricity Bill Savings Around $1,020 per year

Their savings calculator provides homeowners a precise cost/benefit analysis. SunPower also offers flexible loan and cash purchase options.

Customer Service

  • 4.8/5 Star Rating on SolarReviews (465 reviews)
  • Professional, Knowledgable Team, Especially in Virginia Market
  • Project Managers Keep You Updated from Consultation Through Activation

2. Nova Solar – Score: 94/100

This Virginia Beach company brings over 15 years installing solar locally. Nova Solar couples competitive pricing with robust customer service and warranty protection.


  • Installs LG, Longi & Hanwha Solar Panels
  • Racking & Mounting Hardware Choices
  • System Monitoring Solutions
  • Optional Battery Backup and EV Charging
  • Manages Permits, Net Metering, Rebates

Pricing & Savings

As an established local company, Nova Solar leverages bulk equipment purchases to pass significant savings to homeowners.

  • Approximate System Cost for 5 kW: $2.80 per watt = $14,000 before incentives
  • Estimated Year 1 Production: 6,950 kWh
  • 25 Year Panel Guarantee with 20% Efficiency Loss
  • Electricity Bill Savings Around $900 per year

Nova Solar provides home energy estimates detailing financials and timeline expectations before signing.

Customer Service

  • 5/5 Star Rating on Google (48 reviews)
  • Strong praise for professionalism and transparency
  • Keep Customers Updated Through All Stages

3. Blue Raven Solar – Score: 93/100

This fast-growing provider operates nationwide while owning a local Virginia office. Their pricing is competitive and warranties on par with premium providers.


  • Newest SunPower Panels
  • Mounting Equipment
  • Monitoring Hardware/Software
  • Optional Battery Storage
  • Handles Permits, Applications, Inspections

Pricing & Savings

  • Approximate System Cost for 5 kW – $2.99 a watt = $14,950 before incentives
  • Estimated Year 1 Production: 7,200 kWh
  • 25 Year Warranty on Parts and Power Output
  • Electricity Bill Savings Around $960 per year

Blue Raven provides a solar calculator taking home specifics into account. And for those needing financing, they offer a loan with no down payment for 18 months.

Customer Service

  • 4.8/5 Star Rating on Google (330+ reviews)
  • Strong communication and education throughout the process
  • Dedicated support staff after installation

4. Freedom Solar – Score: 92/100

Founded and operating locally in Virginia since 2011, Freedom Solar distinguishes themselves with robust warranties and financing flexibility.


  • Installs Hanwha, LG, Longi and Solaria Panels
  • Custom Racking for Each Home
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Backup Battery Options
  • Handles Permits, Inspections, etc.

Pricing & Savings

  • Approximate System Cost for 5 kW – $2.75 per watt = $13,750 before incentives
  • Estimated Year 1 Production: 6,800 kWh
  • 25 Year Comprehensive System Warranty
  • Electricity Bill Savings Around $920 per year

Freedom Solar provides free estimates detailing cost savings and has $0 down payment financing available.

Customer Service

  • 4.7/5 Star Rating on Google (218 reviews)
  • Professional Local Crews Take Care of Customers

5. Sunrun – Score: 90/100

While Sunrun is the largest solar provider nationally, their local Virginia division has mixed reviews on installation and service quality. Issues with subcontractors dragged down their score.


  • LG, REC and Own Brightstar Solar Panels
  • Racking and Mounting Parts
  • Monitoring Solutions Available
  • Battery Storage Options
  • Assists with Administrative Paperwork

Pricing & Savings

  • Approximate System Cost for 5 kW – $2.85 per watt = $14,250 before incentives
  • Estimated Year 1 Production: 6,750 kWh
  • 25 Year Warranty on Complete System
  • Electricity Bill Savings Around $900 per year

Those needing financing can choose a $0 down leased solar plan.

Customer Service

  • Mixed Reviews on Local Team‘s Consistency
  • Some Use Subcontractors Unlike Competitors
  • Can Miss Following Up Proactively

Key Takeaways – Who Should You Choose to Go Solar With?

Virginia boasts quality solar companies, but Conducting due diligence on installers remains vital before signing a contract. Ensure any potential solar provider has these key qualifications:

  • NABCEP Certified Installers on Staff
  • Licensed and Insured to Operate in Virginia
  • Strong Customer Reviews Specifically Locally
  • At Least 25 Year Warranty Coverage
  • Responsive Project Management and Communication

Top firms like SunPower and Nova Solar tick all boxes for a smooth, quality transition to solar energy. Their pricing transparency plus financing availability ease budget anxiety. And supporting an experienced local company means direct accountability and service after the sale.

Ready To Go Solar? Here‘s My Recommendations For Your First Steps

I hope this guide gives you confidence in evaluating solar providers for your Virgina home using an impartial scoring methodology. If you‘re ready to explore further, here are my top suggestions:

  • Review the key criteria questions in each section above that we used to evaluate companies. Take notes on what‘s most important for your situation. Do you prioritize pricing, warranties, panel efficiency?
  • Visit the websites of my top 5 recommended providers. Get a feel for their offerings, process and customer feedback.
  • Take advantage of free, no commitment solar estimates. Firms provide these evaluations based on specifics of your roof size, electric bills, location, etc. Review projected cost, savings, production and timelines to gauge fit.
  • Ask if they offer performance guarantees. For instance, SunPower offers a full refund if your system underperforms expectations. This gives peace of mind the analysis will match reality.
  • Speak with representatives to get all questions answered. Compare responses on experience, approach, components, and timeliness.

I wish you the best of luck finding your ideal solar installer to help meet home energy needs while saving money! Please don‘t hesitate to reach out with any other questions.

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