The 7 Best Solar Companies in Utah: An In-Depth Guide to Saving Money

If you live in Utah, going solar is a savvy move to lock in lower energy rates while also doing something good for the environment. This sun-drenched state enjoys more than 200 sunny days per year in cities like St. George, creating prime conditions for solar panels. On top of that, Utah electricity prices have increased 20-25% over the last 5 years and continue trending higher.

This guide will highlight the top 7 solar companies in Utah to help homeowners navigate the process of finding reputable installers who deliver maximum home energy savings. We‘ll overview what makes Utah favorable for solar power, profile the strengths of leading Utah solar providers, and equip you with insider knowledge to help secure the best deal as you embrace renewable energy.

Why Go Solar In Utah?

Before covering leading solar companies in Utah, let‘s examine what makes investing in solar so smart in the state.

Sunny Climate

Utah ranks as the 12th sunniest state overall with certain southern cities like St. George averaging 283 sunny days per year – prime for solar harvesting. Even Salt Lake City still sees an average of 226 sunny days annually [1]. Utah consequently ranks #12 nationally for cumulative installed solar capacity, with over 1,300 megawatts online statewide as of Nov 2022 that powers over 190,000 homes [2].

Rising Electricity Prices

Utah residential electricity rates averaged:

  • $0.0821 per kWh in 2011
  • $0.1032 per kWh in 2021

That equals a 26% price hike over the last decade with rates continuing to rise 3-5% each year [3]. Solar locks in lower rates for decades while shielding households from volatile utility price swings.

{{Insert Chart of Utah Electricity Rate Increases over Past 10 Years}}

Financial Incentives

Homeowners who install solar in Utah stand to benefit from:

  • Federal solar tax credit – 26% credit through 2032
  • Utah state tax credit – Covers 25% of system costs up to $400 cap

Between these incentives, going solar in Utah can yield 50%+ total installed cost savings when also factoring long-term utility bill reductions.

With excellent solar resources and strong financial incentives, Utah offers a prime market for renewable energy. Next let‘s cover the top solar providers in the state.

#1 SunPower

SunPower is a leading nationwide…

{{Detailed profiles on each of the 7 companies with expanded details}}

Comparing Electric Bill Savings in Utah Cities

To estimate your potential savings in different Utah cities, here is a breakdown of average electricity costs along with estimated first year solar offsets assuming a 6 kW system size:

Salt Lake City

  • Avg. Electricity Rate – $0.11 per kWh [4]
  • Est. 1st Year Production – 8,900 kWh [5]
  • Potential 1st Year Savings – $978

St. George

  • Avg Electricity Rate – $0.13 per kWh [4]
  • Est 1st Year Production – 10,500 kWh [5]
  • Potential 1st Year Savings – $1,365

With more sun resources translating to higher solar output, St George residents generally see faster payback periods compared to Salt Lake City.

Get quotes for your specific home to calculate precise annual energy offsets and bill reductions.

How To Save Money On Your Utah Solar Installation

Beyond benefiting from federal and state solar incentives, you can further reduce costs on your new solar system by:

  • Comparing Quotes – Getting 3-5 proposal estimates highlights the best deal on equipment and financing
  • Seeking Referral Rewards – Some Utah installers offer $500+ for new customer referrals
  • Paying Upfront – For those who can pay 100% in cash rather than finance through loans

Every bit of savings helps improve solar payback duration. Discuss all options with installers during consultations.

Key Considerations For Choosing A Utah Solar Company

While there are many great solar options to choose from in Utah, make sure to evaluate each on:

Years In Business Locally

Fledgling companies may offer cheaper pricing but lack the experience and reputation of longer-tenured local installers who better understand Utah building codes and permitting nuances.

Training & Certifications

Well-credentialed solar pros who invest in regular training and education will perform higher quality installations. Verify licensure and voluntary credentials like NABCEP certification.

Equipment & Warranties

Reputable solar equipment brands like LG, Panasonic and SunPower coupled with 25+ year manufacturer warranties ensure systems sustain peak performance for decades.

Project Pricing Transparency

Avoid companies that won‘t provide detailed project quotes clearly outlining all equipment, labor charges and fees so you can accurately compare offers.

Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Online reviews spotlight real-world feedback on installers. Pay attention to what past customers say about overall quality, pricing, and service.

Thoroughly vetting solar providers gives you assurance of an optimal customer experience.

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Hopefully this guide provides you clarity entering the solar purchasing process. With Utah‘s favorable economics and policies, going solar should deliver significant long-term savings while also bringing you satisfaction from embracing renewable energy.

Reach out to any of the top solar companies profiled above for quotes catered to your household power needs. They can also help explain available incentive programs to further reduce costs. With over 200 sunny days per year across most of the state, now is the perfect time to join the 17% of Utah homes who have already gone solar! [6]

[5] Estimated using based on sample 6 kW system

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