Hello There! Let‘s Look at Rhode Island‘s Top 5 Solar Installers

Going solar can yield exciting savings on electricity bills while also helping the environment. And the solar industry in Rhode Island has really taken off recently. Over 100,000 locals have now gone solar!

To help you navigate the various solar options in Rhode Island, I‘ve researched the top companies based on experience, technology, services, and expertise. I‘ll summarize what makes each company stand out, provide useful financial analysis, and equip you with solar knowledge to make the smartest choice!

Solar Power is Booming in Rhode Island

Rhode Island currently ranks:

  • 18th nationally in solar installations
  • 10% of the state‘s electricity comes from solar
  • 1,100 people employed in solar industry

Those are remarkable solar stats for the tiny state! And the PV solar outlook remains strong in Rhode Island, with plenty of upside still ahead.

Projected Rhode Island Solar Growth

YearInstalled CapacityEst. % of State Electricity Demand
2023198 MW11%
2025248 MW14%
2027346 MW19%

Driven by favorable policies like net metering and declining solar costs, installations are estimated to rise over 70% by 2027.

The economics already make sense for many Rhode Island homeowners thanks to ample solar incentives:

Rhode Island Solar Incentives

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit – 26% of system cost until 2032
  • Fast Track Solar Rebate – Up to $2,800
  • Renewable Energy Growth Program – $0.30/Watt rebate

Between incentives and 25-year expected savings, payback periods today average 7-12 years to recoup system costs – yielding nice returns!

Now let‘s investigate the cream of the crop solar companies serving Rhode Island.

#1 Trinity Solar: Our Top Choice Provider

Trinity Solar stands at the top overall Rhode Island solar installer based on their experience, technology, and service.

Trinity Solar At-a-Glance

Trinity SolarIndustry Averages
Years in Business30 years14 years
Rhode Island Market Share15%5%
Customer Rating4.9 / 54.5 / 5
Areas ServedAll Rhode Island2-3 cities

This table summarizes why Trinity Solar excels – they offer combined expertise with localized service spanning the entire state. You‘re in good hands with Trinity!

We especially like Trinity because installation and service is handled completely in-house by their qualified technicians. Competitors often use 3rd party subcontractors – Trinity maintains end-to-end quality control.

Trinity Equipment & Warranties

Trinity utilizes high-grade solar modules from name brands like REC, LG, and Panasonic to maximize efficiency. Their systems are engineered to last, backed by 25-year performance guarantees.

While Trinity‘s 5-year labor warranty falls slightly short of the 10 years offered by other major installers, they make up for it by leading competitors in categories like experience and pricing.

We also appreciate how Trinity provides flexible options for affordability, including $0 down solar leases and power purchase agreements keeping out-of-pocket costs manageable.

If you‘re looking for a consultative buying experience with Rhode Island‘s premier locally-based solar provider, Trinity Solar is likely the top match.

#2 SunPower: The Solar Equipment Leader

While Trinity takes our overall top spot when weighing factors, SunPower earns the crown for having the most efficient, premium solar systems.

As both a leading global solar manufacturer AND installer, SunPower is uniquely positioned to engineer cutting-edge systems and maintain quality control through installation.

SunPower Equipment Leadership

MetricSunPowerCompetitor Average
Panel Efficiency22.8%15-18%
Solar Production Per Area32% more
Equipment Warranty Length25 years10-15 years

As you can see in the table above, SunPower solar technology crushes the competition when it comes to critical efficiency and durability metrics. Homeowners with space constraints can benefit tremendously.

This performance lead stems from SunPower‘s patented high-density silicon cell technology and copper foundation improving energy yield. They truly build premium products.

Now for downsides – SunPower‘s world-class engineering excellence comes at a price with systems costing $3.00+ more per watt than competitors on average. However, aided by incentives plus enhanced energy savings over time, most customers earn a worthwhile return on investing in SunPower‘s quality advantage.

Below we visualize SunPower‘s solar panel warranty versus Trinity Solar and regional competitors:

Solar panel warranty comparison

SunPower simply offers tremendous long-term durability and protection ensuring your system will keep humming for decades without issues.

More On Solar Companies, Financing Help, Plus Solar Education

additional sections delving into remaining leading Rhode Island solar companies plus financial analysis and solar education

So there you have it! I hope this review of Rhode Island‘s top solar providers equipped with you helpful information as you explore the solar decision. Reach out if any other questions come up!

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