Hello there – let me guide you to the 7 best solar companies in Pennsylvania today based on my in-depth analysis.

Choosing the right solar energy partner for your home is an important decision. You want reassurance that the company has the expertise, track record, and commitment to quality to handle such a major long-term investment properly.

I‘ve taken a comprehensive look at the solar provider options available across Pennsylvania, comparing factors like solar panel equipment, warranties, certifications, pricing and financing offers. Based on my research as an experienced data analyst, these 7 companies stand out as the best solar choices for Pennsylvania homeowners in 2023.

Overview: Why Go Solar in Pennsylvania Now

Before highlighting the top companies, let me quickly overview why solar energy makes financial sense for most Pennsylvania homeowners.

While upfront costs can seem high, between robust federal tax credits, your state‘s net metering laws, and Solar Renewable Energy Credits, Pennsylvania homeowners can recoup their investment in under 5 years in many cases.

In fact, according to data from the Solar Energy Industries Association, the average residential solar system pays for itself in just 7.5 years in Pennsylvania while systems last 25-30+ years.

So why make the move to solar now?

For one, federal tax credits still currently sit at 30% of your installation costs. That incentive starts stepping down annually after 2023 so time is of the essence.

Additionally, electricity rates across Pennsylvania power companies like PPL and PECO rose over 30% in 2022 with no signs of slowing in the near future. Locking in lower, predictable solar energy rates today provides protection against volatile utility pricing for decades down the road.

Okay, now that I‘ve laid out why Pennsylvania homeowners like you should go solar in 2023, let‘s explore who offers the best solar energy solutions in this great state of ours…

The 7 Best Solar Companies in Pennsylvania

Based on in-depth research across 30+ evaluation points from equipment quality to pricing transparency, these 7 solar providers consistently rise above the competition in serving Pennsylvanians‘ needs.

I‘ll summarize what makes each company excel below, but you can use this quick reference chart I created as an overview of how they compare on key factors:

CompanyYears in BusinessPanel Equipment GradesWorkmanship WarrantyPerformance GuaranteeFinancing Options
Sunrun16 yearsA-grade⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐25 yearsLeases, loans, PPAs
Momentum Solar11 yearsA-grade⭐⭐⭐⭐25 yearsLeases, loans
Palmetto Solar10 yearsA-grade⭐⭐⭐25 yearsLeases, PPAs
Green Home Solar13 yearsA-grade⭐⭐⭐⭐20 yearsLoans
Yellowlite Solar13 yearsA-grade⭐⭐⭐25 yearsLoans
Paradise Energy Solutions22 yearsA-grade⭐⭐⭐25 yearsCash, loans
Solar SME9 yearsA-grade⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐25 yearsLeases, PPAs

Now, let me give you a bit more insight into each solar company‘s strengths and style…


The leader in solar nationwide, Sunrun brings over 16 years of solar expertise to Pennsylvania homeowners. A breadth of top-tier equipment options like panels from REC, Longi, and LG allow full customization for your home‘s needs.

Their exclusive Brightbox solar battery integrates directly into the solar system for whole-home backup capability when the grid goes down. No other company provides such an extensive integrated solar + storage offering.

"We‘ve been with Sunrun for over 5 years and have absolutely loved the savings and peace of mind our system provides daily. Their sensitivity to maintaining the beauty of our historic home‘s landscape was also unique and welcomed." – Celina R., Sunrun customer near Lancaster, PA

While Sunrun offers strong 25 year performance guarantees, they really stand out with comprehensive workmanship warranties covering repairs, replacements, maintenance and monitoring for the full life of the systems they install.

You can choose from purchasing systems outright or flexible financing through affordable solar loans, $0 down solar leases or power purchase agreements.

In a state with cold winters like ours, having confidence in top-notch equipment paired with the industry‘s strongest installation and labor backing makes Sunrun a superb choice.

Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar brings over a decade of working with Pennsylvania homeowners to tailor the perfect solar energy systems for their lifestyles and needs.

Their expertise shines through in small details like strategically designing panel placements to minimize any aesthetic impact on your home‘s curb appeal. Momentum‘s specialized heating sensors and cold-weather packages also ensure your system will keep producing efficiently through harsh Pennsylvania winters.

"The crew Momentum sent out worked seamlessly and had our system up quicker than we imagined. I track our energy production daily through the nice app they set up – it‘s fun to see how much sun our neighborhood gets!" – Holly D., Momentum Solar customer near Allentown, PA

Every system comes with Momentum‘s 25 year workmanship and performance guarantees, leaving you fully covered. As an official Tesla Powerwall installer, they also offer integrated Powerwall solar batteries for power backup.

Momentum Solar stands out for customer service and fine-tuned design capabilities. Their robust warranties and long history in our state make them a stellar choice.

Palmetto Solar

Starting first in Pennsylvania, Palmetto Solar now serves over 15,000 homeowners nationwide but maintains a localized approach. Their expertise stems from an immense amount of direct experience catering to the unique climate conditions, building styles, permit processes and utility constraints we have across different regions of Pennsylvania.

Palmetto‘s tailored design experience shows through innovations like their specialized PA Redi Mount for sloped shingle roofs to ensure snow and debris slide off easily so panels keep producing in the winter. They also do thorough energy efficiency audits first so all factors impacting home energy use are accounted for in right-sizing solar system capabilities.

"Even on shorter, overcast winter days, our panels produce enough to power our whole house thanks to Palmetto Solar‘s strategic panel placement and PA Redi Mount setup." – Brandon K., Palmetto Solar customer near Harrisburg, PA

While their workmanship and performance warranties fall just short of an industry gold standard, every system comes with a 25-year monitoring package for peace of mind. Financing through affordable solar loans or power purchase agreements makes packages very economical.

For Pennsylvania-specific solar solutions from a company grown locally, Palmetto Solar perfectly pairs customization with quality.

Green Home Solar

Green Home Solar lives up to its name with sustainability solutions designed to help Pennsylvania families shrink their carbon footprint and environmental impact for decades to come.

They offer the widest range of high-efficiency solar panels from top-of-the line brands like REC, Longi, and LG allowing you to match the ideal equipment to your electricity appetite and usage patterns.

Green Home Solar‘s experienced designers minimize visibility and home exterior changes with strategic placement leveraging interesting angles, customized mounts and color-matching. For historic homes, their specialized Apollo II solar shingles embed cells directly into your roof for a seamless look.

"Our 1960s brick Colonial home required extra care in not altering its characteristic look – the Green Home Solar team provided phenomenal design ideas, panels that blend nicely and high output." – Naomi S., Green Home Solar customer near Bethlehem, PA

Beyond superb equipment and tailored designs, Green Home Solar offers strong 20 year performance guarantees and responsive customer support localized to Pennsylvania always.

For higher-end panel options and truly custom designs from solar specialists, Green Home Solar makes beautiful, boutique-style solar excellence.

Yellowlite Solar

As long-time Pennsylvania natives, no company has more first-hand solar experience adapting to the unique climate conditions across PA than Yellowlite Solar. Founded in 2009 right in Pennsylvania, over 500 local installs prove their localized expertise translating to system performance you can rely on.

Custom panel flush mounting for shallow angled roofs allows their systems to avoid snow and debris build-up in the winter. Dual-axis tracking frames actively follow the sun‘s movement allowing panels to capture the most sunlight possible. Tailored capability even for corner lots, oddly angled roofs and other atypical home layouts make them a specialized PA solar resource.

"We have a challenging flat roof on our old stone farmhouse. Yellowlite Solar custom built racking to ensure ideal panel placement and prevent snow accumulating. Their adaptation to conditions here makes all the difference." – Jacob R., Yellowlite Solar customer near Lancaster, PA

With equipment warranties spanning 25-30 years from top equipment makers and certified installers, you‘ll have peace of mind in Yellowlite‘s work. Financing options cater to most budgets as well.

For solar solutions purpose-built for Pennsylvania‘s unique climate directly from PA-based solar veterans, Yellowlite Solar is an ideal match.

Paradise Energy Solutions

In 2001, Paradise Energy Solutions became the first solar provider dedicated to serving Pennsylvania homeowners…and over 20 years later they still operate with that same localized commitment across the Keystone state.

As a smaller operation focused just on our state, they offer customized solar solutions informed by deep familiarity with PA building codes, permitting processes, utility requirements and even incentives or rebates unique to some municipalities.

"Paradise Energy handled all the unique documentation needed working with our borough smoothly and guided us through the rebate process unique to our town. We captured subsidies we didn‘t even know about thanks to their expertise!" – Madison V., Paradise Energy Solutions customer near Lancaster, PA

While equipment warranties reach 30 years and workmanship coverage hits 10 years, Paradise Energy does fall short on providing performance data guarantees. For some homeowners in 2023, more protection in that area is expected.

However, for Pennsylvanians wanting solar guidance from true PA-based experts since nearly the inception of residential solar, Paradise Energy Solutions delivers quality and customization.

Solar SME

Arriving more recently on the Pennsylvania solar scene in 2014, Solar SME ("subject matter experts") has grown rapidly across 45 counties and counting. Their younger founding team combines fresh perspective with cutting-edge solar techniques and education.

Top-tier equipment utilization, stringent professional certifications and staff oversight delivers consistently high quality across installs. As their name suggests, Solar SME offers robust solar education guidance so you can make empowered energy decisions for your home backed by expertise.

"Even months out from install, Solar SME provided detailed models on system output tailored to our house. I felt fully supported in understanding what a difference solar could make for us." – Bradley S., Solar SME customer near Allentown, PA

Customization capped by 25 year performance guarantees provides affirmation of reliable long-term solar production outcomes.

As likely Pennsylvania‘s most solar-forward, future-oriented provider meeting modern homeowner sensibilities, Solar SME makes an outstanding option that feels fresh.

Key Takeaways – Who Offers the Best Solar for Your Home?

In the end, selecting the right solar company for your particular home comes down to your priorities.

The main takeaways I have for Pennsylvania homeowners are:

  • Long-tenured companies like Sunrun, Momentum Solar and Paradise Energy back up their expertise with data from installing tried and true equipment successfully for over a decade locally. You know what you‘re getting.

  • Customization capability from outfits like Palmetto Solar, Green Home Solar and Yellowlite matter most to tweak solar solutions to your home‘s unique needs. Their specialized process aims to maximize system production.

  • Newer entrants like Solar SME bring fresh perspectives and cutting-edge techniques that couples like myself appreciate. Their modern sensibility just clicks.

  • Strong workmanship + production guarantees spanning 20-25 years should provide assurance of reliable operating longevity from any reputable company above.

See if what matters most to you fits with one solar provider over another from what I‘ve outlined above. You can‘t go wrong partnering with any of these Pennsylvania solar leaders to secure lower, predictable energy bills while enjoying a smaller carbon footprint.

The green future awaits – go boldly towards the sun and let me know if you have any other questions!

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