The 6 Best Solar Companies in Nevada to Save You Money

Nevada is one of the sunniest and most solar-friendly states in the U.S., making it a prime location to install residential or commercial solar panels. With ample sunlight, supportive policies, and over 910,000 Nevada homes already powered by solar energy, there is huge potential for continued growth.

Choosing the right solar company in Nevada is key to ensuring you maximize savings and get a high-quality system. This guide covers the top solar providers in the state and what to look for when evaluating installers. Read on to learn why Nevada residents and businesses are choosing to go solar!

Why Go Solar in Nevada?

Before diving into the top solar companies in Nevada, let‘s overview why the state is so well-suited for solar energy:

  • Sunny climate: Nevada gets over 250 days of sunshine per year on average. Some cities like Las Vegas and Reno enjoy 310 days annually. This abundant sunlight means solar panels can generate clean energy for the majority of the year.

  • Supportive policies: Nevada offers statewide policies that encourage solar adoption, including net metering and renewable portfolio standards requiring utilities to source energy from solar and wind. There are also generous solar tax credits and rebates.

  • Cost savings: Electricity rates in Nevada have increased recently. Installing solar panels allows homeowners and business owners to lock in rates for decades and reduce expensive electric bills.

  • Existing adoption: Over 20% of Nevada‘s electricity already comes from solar energy. With over 910,000 homes powered by the sun, solar has a strong foothold with proven results.

"Nevada‘s climate and supportive solar policies have allowed it to become one of the nation‘s leaders for renewable energy,” said Michael Anderson, director of the Nevada Solar Energy Industry Association. “For both economic and environmental reasons, there has never been a better time for Nevada households and businesses to explore solar."

The 6 Best Solar Companies in Nevada

1. SunPower

Founded in 1985, SunPower is one of the most experienced solar companies in Nevada and the wider U.S. What stands out about SunPower is their uniquely efficient panel technology. Their Maxeon solar panels can generate up to 5% more energy than conventional panels over the first 25 years.

For homeowners and business owners in Nevada looking to maximize energy production from their solar panels, SunPower is a top choice. Their systems also come with robust 40-year equipment and 25-year performance warranties, giving you peace of mind about system durability and performance.

2. Tesla Solar

As a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles and battery storage technology, Tesla has become a major player in residential solar panels and solar roof tiles. Their solar offerings integrate seamlessly with the Powerwall, Tesla’s home battery pack for energy storage.

What makes Tesla Solar stand out is their sleek design and integrated home energy ecosystem. Their solar roof tiles are virtually indistinguishable from non-solar roofing and come with a 25-year warranty. Tesla also offers an app so homeowners can monitor solar panel production and battery levels.

For Nevada homeowners looking to pair solar with home energy storage, Tesla’s integrated solar and Powerwall solution is a great option. This combination enables solar energy usage at night and provides backup power.

3. Elevation Solar

Elevation Solar is a growing regional solar provider focused on the Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida markets. Their focus is making high-efficiency solar energy systems more accessible through flexible financing programs.

A key reason Elevation Solar stands out is their Elevated Home program. This is a whole-home energy solution that pairs solar panel installation with insulation upgrades, air sealing, and other optimizations to reduce overall energy consumption.

For homeowners interested in combining solar power with broader home energy efficiency upgrades, Elevation Solar‘s Elevated Home program provides an integrated service. Their online Curb Energy Monitoring app also makes understanding home energy use a breeze.

4. Kota Energy Group

Since 2013, Kota Energy Group has offered solar panel installation, maintenance, and repair services across thirteen U.S. states. For Nevada homeowners specifically, Kota Energy Group stands out for transparent, educational guidance on finding the right solar solutions.

Rather than quick sales pitches, the company focuses time explaining how solar works so Nevada homeowners can make informed decisions. They back their installations with 25-year workmanship warranties. Kota also uses high-efficiency LG solar panels resistant to degradation in hot climates like Nevada.

5. ION Solar

ION Solar is another rapidly growing solar company making headway in Nevada due to quality installations, warranties, and customer service.

One highlight of ION Solar is their solar panel aesthetics – their flush-mounted panels hug rooftops rather than sticking out conspicuously. Homeowners also benefit from ION Solar‘s 30-year production and 10-year labor warranties, which surpass what many competitors offer.

6. Sol-Up

Sol-Up is a locally-owned Nevada solar company operating throughout the state. For homeowners who prioritize buying local and working with a Nevada-based team that understands state building codes, Sol-Up is an excellent choice.

Active in Nevada since 2009, Sol-Up collaborates with other leading brands like Tesla and LG to deliver reliable solar energy systems. They offer straightforward 25-year solar panel warranties. As a local company, Sol-Up makes customer service and community education a priority.

How to Choose the Best Solar Company in Nevada

With Nevada‘s solar growth, many solar installers now operate in the state. But not all companies are equal when it comes to pricing, quality, and service. Below are key factors to weigh when comparing quotes from different Nevada solar providers:


While large national solar companies can service Nevada, local and regional companies also understand state building codes best. A Nevada-located office indicates better post-installation support.


Reputable solar companies have North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified installers on staff. This demonstrates up-to-date training on safe, compliant installation practices.


Equipment warranties covering solar panels and inverters for 15-25 years are standard. High-performing solar companies also offer workmanship and production guarantees to ensure system performance.

Quality & Reviews

Talking to past customers and reading online reviews is the best way to evaluate contractors’ quality, timeliness, and service. High customer ratings indicate satisfied Nevada solar clients.

Financing Options

Since solar systems can require significant upfront investment, financing options like solar loans and leases help ease affordability. Good Nevada solar providers offer multiple ways to pay.


You want a solar partner that responds promptly to questions and sends technicians quickly for site evaluations. Slow response times signal potential future delays.

“My advice is don’t just go with the first solar company that offers you a free consultation or quote,” suggests Clark Wilkinson, president of the Nevada Solar Energy Industries Association chapter.

“Making an informed solar choice requires doing research on the provider’s experience, installation quality, equipment, and warranties. This home improvement investment is well worth getting right from the start.”

Financial Incentives for Nevada Solar

Aside from providing clean energy, top advantages of installing solar panels in Nevada are reduced electric bills and long-term cost savings. State and federal incentives also help offset Nevada solar panel system costs.

Current incentives Nevada homeowners can utilize include:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit – This offers a 26% tax credit for systems installed in 2023. Drops to 22% for 2024 installations.

  • Property Tax Exemption – 100% of the value of a NV solar system is exempted from property taxes for 20 years.

  • Net Metering – NV Energy‘s net metering program credits solar system owners when they generate excess energy. This offsets electric bills.

To give a sense of bill savings, the average Nevada home spends $1,700 per year on electricity. With a 6 kW rooftop solar system costing roughly $15,600 installed, homeowners could pocket over $28,000 in cumulative electric bill savings after 20 years when accounting for incentives.

Savings ultimately depend on system size, home energy use, electricity rates, and incentives. Reputable Nevada solar installers provide free assessments of potential cost savings during consultations.

Nevada Continues to Shine as a Solar Leader

Abundant sunshine, policies encouraging renewable energy adoption, electricity bill reductions, and available solar incentives make Nevada a state ripe for further solar expansion. More households and businesses continue choosing solar due to favorable economics and Nevada‘s commitment to clean energy.

By selecting one of the top solar energy companies profiled above, new system owners can feel confident their provider has the experience, technology, and warranties to deliver significant long-term solar savings.

To determine which company best matches your needs and priorities, consult our solar company comparison table below. Then reach out to providers directly for quotes or free consultations. With over a dozen installation companies now operating in Nevada, make sure you evaluate multiple options to find your best solar fit.

The bright solar future Nevada has charted makes now an ideal time to invest in cutting energy costs and securing predictable pricing for decades to come with solar panels.

Nevada Solar Company Comparison Table

CompanyBackgroundUnique StrengthsService Area
SunPower35 years experience. High-efficiency panels.Industry-leading 40-year warranty. 5% more energy than standard panels.National company with Nevada-local services.
Tesla SolarMajor U.S. solar and EV technology manufacturer.Integrates Powerwall and solar panels. Sleek solar roof tiles available.National company with Nevada-local services.
Elevation SolarRegional solar provider focused on home energy efficiency.Elevated Home program bundles efficiency upgrades with solar. Energy monitoring app.Regional services in Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas, Florida.
Kota Energy GroupSolar panel installer active in 13 U.S. states.Educational guidance helping homeowners make informed decisions. 25-year workmanship warranty.Regional services including Nevada.
ION SolarRapidly growing solar company with 85,000+ installs.Flush-mounted panels. 30-year production and 10-year labor warranties.Regional provider across 11 states including Nevada.
Sol-UpLocal Nevada solar company since 2009.Long-standing Nevada installer that collaborates with national brands. 25-year warranties.Exclusive Nevada-only services.

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