The 6 Best Solar Companies in Missouri To Save You Money

Missouri may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of solar energy. However, the Show Me State has seen considerable growth in residential solar adoption over the last decade. An estimated 4,500 Missouri homes now have rooftop solar installations, thanks to declining costs and appealing incentives. By going solar, homeowners can reduce and even eliminate pesky electric bills while also helping the environment.

But with over 100 solar companies now operating in Missouri, how do you decide which one to trust? The wrong choice could leave you with underperforming panels, headaches from poor workmanship, and little long-term savings to show for your investment. Vetting installers thoroughly is crucial.

That‘s why I‘ve put together this definitive guide profiling Missouri‘s top solar contractors based on product quality, warranties, financing options, customer service and proven ability to deliver savings. I‘ll explain what sets each company apart and provide tips on saving money with solar in Missouri. Let‘s dive in!

1. Sunpower: Legendary Efficiency and Outputs

In business for over 35 years, Sunpower is one of the most trusted national solar brands, with an "Elite" Certification from the Solar Energy Industries Association. While not the cheapest option, Sunpower panels are widely regarded as the most efficient on the market today.

Key strengths:

  • Industry-leading panel efficiency – Sunpower‘s patented Maxeon solar cells can achieve up to 22.8% efficiency. More efficient panels means you can fit more power generation capacity on your roof.

  • Robust 25-year warranty — Covers defects, reliability and 95% of nameplate performance.

  • Premium aesthetics – Sunpower‘s all-black panels have an elegant, high-end look.

  • Top-tier customer service – Sunpower maintains a 9.5/10 satisfaction score on SolarReviews.

While Sunpower commands a premium price, the stellar product and warranty protection ensure excellent long-term performance. Their efficiency lets you achieve a faster payback through higher energy production. In Missouri, you can expect to recoup your initial solar investment in 5-7 years with Sunpower.

2. Astrawatt Solar: Knowledgeable Technicians and Tier-1 Panels

Founded in 2009, Missouri-based Astrawatt Solar is a smaller but fast-growing installer that has already made a name for itself thanks to smart system design and friendly, consultative customer service.

What sets them apart:

  • Strong expertise in solar planning/sizing – Astrawatt‘s site evaluations help ensure the right panel capacity for your home‘s needs.

  • High-performing, tier-1 solar modules – Panels come with 25-year workmanship and performance guarantees.

  • Skilled in-house (non-subcontracted) install teams – Technicians take special care in rooftop work and electrical connections.

  • Stellar record of customer satisfaction – Over 20 glowing online reviews praising Astrawatt‘s quality and service.

While Astrawatt‘s smaller operation can‘t compete with the scale and name recognition of Sunpower, their focus on customization, quality tier-1 panels and workmanship is evident. Their expertise and attentiveness ensure you get a system that delivers max ROI.

3. Purelight Solar: $0 Down Financing and Design Experience

Purelight Solar stands out for making solar accessible even if you don‘t have thousands to spend upfront. Their affordable financing plans require no money down to start your project.

Why Purelight is worth a look:

  • $0 down payment options and low rates – Pay off your system over time through monthly payments as you realize energy savings.

  • Free home solar assessment – Purelight will assess your home‘s viability and provide custom quotes at no cost.

  • 25-year workmanship warranty – Covers repairs, troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • 90% customer satisfaction rating – Positive feedback for Purelight‘s quality installs and caring approach.

Purelight may not have the track record of some competitors, but their commitment to making solar affordable combined with zero-cost assessments makes them an attractive choice when budget is a key factor. Their expertise in panel siting and custom designs gives further peace of mind.

4. Solar Energy World: Key Understanding of Regulations

In business since 2009, Solar Energy World stands out for their stellar customer service, transparency around pricing, and deep understanding of Missouri‘s specific solar regulations.

Why you‘re in good hands with Solar Energy World:

  • Elite SolarReviews customer satisfaction rating – 5 stars across 200+ reviews – highest rating possible!

  • Panels made in the USA – Support American manufacturing and supply chains.

  • Savings guarantee – Solar Energy World provides a detailed simulation proving at least 90% projected cost savings.

  • Highly knowledgeable consultations – Sales team provides accurate, tailored advice based on MO laws and incentive programs.

While not a budget option, Solar Energy World‘s American-made panels and industry-best satisfaction scores give you confidence in their quality. Their transparency, performance guarantees and compliance expertise also ensure your system will be correctly sized, permitted and executed for optimal ROI.

5. Blue Raven Solar: Lengthy Financing Periods

Blue Raven Solar takes an innovative approach not commonly found with other Missouri solar companies. Namely, their emphasis is making solar systems more affordable through long financing timelines at reasonable rates.

What makes Blue Raven financing valuable:

  • Loans up to $60k – Only 5% down payment required.
  • Interest-free payment plans – Pay nothing extra for 18 months after installation.
  • Comprehensive 25-year warranty – Covers labor, equipment and roof penetration.
  • Operational within 30 days of signed contract – Fast project timelines.

Blue Raven‘s financing expertise removes much of the upfront cost hurdle of going solar. While not the most glamorous company, their payment flexibility, warranties and fast installs are useful perks when cash availability is limited. Expect your system‘s energy production to cover loan payments.

6. ADT Solar: Robust Warranties on Parts and Labor

You likely associate ADT security systems, but they also run a large solar division that‘s been operating in Missouri for years. What stands out about ADT Solar is their impressive workmanship and performance warranties.

ADT Solar advantages:

  • Industry-best labor warranty – Covers repairs, troubleshooting and replacement for 25 years. Far exceeds the Missouri‘s basic 5-year requirement!

  • Comprehensive performance guarantee – ADT warrants at least 92% production efficiency for first 10 years, 80% for following 15 years.

  • $0 down financing – Affordable payment plans from industry giant.

While ADT Solar may not offer the most cutting-edge products or customer experience, their robust warranties provide peace of mind should anything go wrong. Given ADT‘s financial strength, you know they‘ll be around long-term to fulfill guarantees.

Missouri offers some attractive incentives that enhance solar‘s ROI:

  • 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit – Lowers tax bill by over a quarter of total system cost.

  • Property Tax Exemption – Solar systems do not raise value used to calculate property taxes. Saves thousands long-term.

  • Net Metering – Utility pays you retail electric rates for excess power sent back to grid.

When claiming these incentives, a typical Missouri homeowner can recoup their initial solar investment in 5-7 years through energy bill savings. After hitting this breakeven point, your solar system will provide essentially free electricity for another 15+ years!

Not only is solar profitable, but it protects against volatile utility prices. Electricity costs have risen 50% nationally since 2010, and over 35% in Missouri specifically. Locking in solar can safeguard your rates for decades.

With the major players covered, here is some guidance on selecting the best contractor for YOUR situation:

1. Understand the various pricing structures – Some companies charge per watt installed, others per kWh produced. Get quotes across both models to compare affordability.

2. Check credentials and certifications – NABCEP certification is the gold standard for solar installers. Look for licensed electricians given complex regulations.

3. Read reviews – But avoid only checking those on a company’s website. Seek feedback on trusted solar sites like EnergySage and SolarReviews.

4. Get referrals – Ask neighbors in your area who have installed solar about their provider.

5. Interview multiple companies – Meeting in-person and assessing communication/professionalism is invaluable.

6. Compare warranty fine print – Understand exactly what maintenance and repair coverage is included.

I hope this guide has shined a light on Missouri‘s booming residential solar sector and given you confidence in who the quality players are. While costs have dropped significantly, you still want an experienced installer who can provide strong ROIs along with top-notch post-sales support.

The companies listed here have proven track records of seamlessly handling permits, grid connections, and incentives like net metering so that you can simply enjoy lower electricity costs for decades to come. Reach out for custom quotes today!

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