The 7 Best Solar Companies in Maryland to Save You Money

Hey there! Considering installing solar panels in Maryland but overwhelmed researching the options? We‘re here to provide everything you need to know. With Maryland pushing towards aggressive clean energy targets in the coming years, many homeowners stand to benefit by locking in rooftop solar energy now while incentives remain strong. We will overview the top-rated solar companies in Maryland worth considering and tangible tips to maximize savings on your solar purchase and installation costs.

Why Go Solar In Maryland Now

Maryland ranks among the most expensive electricity markets nationwide, with rates rising over 30% across Baltimore Gas & Electric and Pepco territories since just 2015. To accelerate the transition away from these volatile fossil fuel costs, Maryland implemented its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act in 2022 to require 50% clean electricity by 2030 and 100% by 2040 statewide.

The legislation also contained key incentives for homeowners who install solar panels before the 2040 deadline. This includes exempting solar equipment from state property taxes while offering rebates up to $1,000 per system. At the federal level, tax credits now refund 30% of total installation costs for new solar projects.

With utilities projected to hike Maryland electricity prices another 20-30% by 2040 even without policy shifts, residential solar presents a unique opportunity to lock in affordable rates for decades while increasing property value. As we electrify transportation with EVs also adding demand on constrained grids, rooftop solar allows generating emission-free energy right at home.

The catch lies in choosing your installer carefully during this market expansion period. With our breakdown of Maryland‘s highest quality solar companies, you can proceed confidently with your purchase knowing other households saved significantly over utility costs through our recommended providers.

Our Ranking Methodology

We researched over a dozen major solar companies offering designs, equipment and installation services across Maryland. Based on in-depth analysis of customer feedback, pricing transparency, warranties and overall track records, we narrowed our recommendation to the top 7 providers.

Key attributes we analyzed closely include:

  • BBB rating – Prioritizing A+ companies
  • Equipment used – Preference for high-efficiency panels and microinverters
  • Warranty terms – At least 10 years workmanship, with extended options ideal
  • Price range transparency – Wide cost variance suggests inconsistent quality
  • Purchase/financing options – Leases/loans can overcome upfront barriers

The following overview summarizes our trusted solar recommendations for Maryland homeowners wanting to cut electricity expenses and contribute towards statewide 2040 emissions reductions targets.

1. SunPower

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With over 500,000 installs under their belt, SunPower delivers an unrivaled product designed entirely in-house paired with the industry‘s strongest 25-year comprehensive warranty. Their proprietary panels rank among the most efficient solutions available, ensuring maximum production per square foot of rooftop space.

While their premium products come at a higher upfront cost, efficacy testing confirms SunPower systems generate up to 8% greater lifetime energy output relative to mainstream brands. This makes them an ideal long-term investment for homeowners wanting to maximize self-consumption from their roof.

SunPower handles the full customer journey in-house from custom design to installation to multi-decade monitoring and maintenance. Choose them for a truly turnkey premium solar experience.

SunPower Key Details:

BBB RatingA+
Equipment UsedProprietary SunPower Panels & Equip.
Warranty25 Years Products & Labor
Avg. System Cost$14,000 – $22,000

Ideal Customer Profile

Homeowners prioritizing system performance and quality above absolute lowest upfront pricing. Willing to pay moderate premium for market-leading efficiency, warranty and lifetime output.

2. Trinity Solar

Trinity uses trusted equipment like SolarEdge optimizers and Qcell panels across their 100,000+ installs to balance cost and performance. Their streamlined quoting process and strong customer service makes Trinity a favorite among Maryland solar shoppers.

While Trinity does not offer leasing or loans themselves, their upfront pricing transparency allows homeowners to easily arrange affordable financing options externally as needed. Equipment production estimates help determine the optimal system size for your available roof space and energy consumption needs.

With Trinity now expanding operations into additional states, their continued growth helps them leverage bulk equipment pricing to pass additional savings down to homeowners. Expect them to offer very competitive pricing compared to other national players.

Trinity Solar Key Details

BBB RatingA+
Equipment UsedQcells Panels, SolarEdge, Tesla Batteries
Warranty10 Years Workmanship
Avg. System Cost $15,000 – $25,000

Ideal Customer Profile

Budget-focused households wanting reputable solar equipment and installation without premium "name brand" upcharges. Willing to self-finance or leverage external solar loans.

3. SunRun

As one of the first leasing providers enabling $0 down solar installations, Sunrun now operates in over 22 states. Their solar-as-a-service model appeals to cost-conscious homeowners through fixed monthly fees averaging 10-30% savings on previous electric bills.

Equipment packages typically include high-efficiency panels from LG, Panasonic and REC manufacturers. Cash and loan purchases are also available from Sunrun directly starting around $8,500 before state/federal incentives.

Sunrun‘s continued national growth brings economies of scale that gets passed down via affordable pricing options for Maryland families serious about cutting energy costs. Their 20-year production guarantee also provides peace of mind once installed.

SunRun Key Details

BBB RatingA+
Equipment UsedLG, Panasonic, REC Solar Panels + Enphase Microinverters
Warranty20 Years System/Production
Avg. System Cost$15,000 – $25,000

Ideal Customer Profile

Families focused on slashing electric bills immediately with minimal upfront costs. Homeowners lacking confidence sizing/servicing a purchased system themselves.

4. Edge Energy

Locally owned and operated in Maryland for over 16 years, Edge Energy combines personalized service with over 1,500 satisfied homeowners. Edge simplifies your transition to solar through packaged system tiers based on home size and historical electricity consumption.

Equipment packages feature Peimar solar modules chosen for production reliability and longevity in Maryland‘s climate. Your panels pair with premium microinverters from SolarEdge and Enphase backing complete system performance.

Edge Energy handles all necessary local permitting paperwork and utility coordination hassles on your behalf. Their fixed pricing packages let you compare apples-to-apples across their product suite for your roof‘s needs.

Key Package Offerings

PlanDetailsEquipmentEst. Cost
6.9 kWAverage home20 x Peimar 320W panels + Equipment$14,500
10 kWLarge home30 x Peimar 320W panels + Equipment$22,000

We have only scratched the surface on the highest quality solar options available for Maryland households. Reach out with any questions while evaluating providers for your particular home specifications and budget!

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