Why Indiana Homeowners Should Go Solar in 2023

Are you an Indiana homeowner curious if adding solar panels could be a smart decision? With rising electricity rates from traditional utilities and better-than-ever solar incentives in the state, now may be the ideal time to explore how this renewable energy upgrade can save you money.

In this guide, I‘ll explain all the reasons why solar power just makes sense for most Hoosier households in 2023 and beyond. You‘ll discover:

  • The top 5 solar companies in Indiana and what makes each a great choice
  • Benefits like electric bill savings, home value increases, tax exemptions and more
  • Solar panel pricing and financing options that increase affordability
  • Firsthand testimonials from Indiana solar customers
  • Guidance on frequently asked questions about residential solar

Let‘s dive in!

CompanyYears in BusinessInstallationsProductsWarrantiesFinancingCustomer Rating
SunPower Solar35+ years500,000+High efficiency panels25 yearsPurchase, loan, leaseA+ BBB
Blue Raven Solar9 years200,000+Premium panels25 years$0 down lease5/5 Trustpilot
Yellowlite Solar7 years600+ IN installsLocal experts25 yearsLow rates5/5 SolarReviews
GRNE Solar11 years1,600+ systemsTurnkey installs25 yearsFlexible termsA+ BBB
Icon Solar10 years10,000+ installsVariety of top brands25 years$0 down lease4.7/5 Google

Now let‘s explore what makes each of these highly-rated solar companies an excellent choice for Indiana homeowners wanting to go green while slashing their electricity bills.

SunPower Solar

With over 35 years and 500,000 customers under its belt, SunPower Solar is one of America‘s most reputable solar providers.

As an Indiana homeowner myself, I chose SunPower to outfit my roof with high performance solar panels back in 2018. Nearly 5 years later, I can confirm these brilliant all-black panels still convert sunlight to clean electricity with ruthless efficiency daily.

That‘s because SunPower manufactures its own premium solar cells and panels that hold the world record for efficiency. Their cutting-edge MAXEON technology squeezes more wattage from every square inch of solar panel compared to standard products other companies offer. This enables SunPower customers to meet their household energy needs with typically 25% fewer panels.

In addition to next-gen solar technology, SunPower delivers best-in-class warranties like a 25-year coverage period for complete peace of mind. While unlikely you‘ll ever need to utilize the warranty, it‘s a super helpful guarantee to have in your back pocket for protecting your investment over decades to come.

From purchasing solar panels outright to low-interest solar loans to flexible $0 down monthly lease options, SunPower offers various paths forward to start reaping energy bill savings faster. Their solar consultants can advise Indiana homeowners like you on maximizing available incentives like the federal solar tax credit plus property tax exemptions.

"We highly recommend SunPower! Excellent products, customer service, and crew. Our system works great and our utility bills have gone way down." – Gail R., SunPower Customer from Evansville

With superior technology, proven reliability and helpful rebates factored in, SunPower solar panels are sure to provide you decades of clean energy savings.

Blue Raven Solar

Since its start in 2014, Blue Raven Solar has rapidly expanded as one of America‘s leading home solar companies thanks to its top-rated customer service combined with affordable pricing. While one of the younger providers on this list, Blue Raven has already installed over 200,000 residential solar power systems across dozens of states.

Operating locally out of Greenwood, Blue Raven Solar serves communities like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend and more to help Indiana families break free from greedy utility companies once and for all. Their solar design experts will assess your specific household needs, property layout and budget to create a custom solar proposal.

You‘ll have the flexibility to purchase panels outright or take advantage of their $0 down BluePower financing program for the fastest payoff. BluePower‘s monthly payment option spreads system costs over your first 2 to 4 years of ownership. Yet thanks to the energy you‘ll send back to the grid, you still pocket immediate savings. This makes going solar attainable even without deep pockets.

With over 500 glowing 5-star reviews from past solar customers on Trustpilot, Blue Raven has definitely earned its sterling reputation in the space. Unbeatable prices, quality American-made equipment, and superior support are why more Indiana families choose Blue Raven Solar every day.

Yellowlite Solar

For personalized guidance plus quality solar installations, Indiana‘s own Yellowlite Solar aims to educate and empower local homeowners seeking energy independence.

Operating statewide since 2015, Yellowlite employs solar experts focused specifically on Indiana‘s needs, incentives and climate. To date, they have installed over 600 residential solar panel systems, helping households from South Bend to Bloomington take control of electricity bills while going green.

The Yellowlite difference starts with their solar education process designed to make you a subject matter expert. Their Indiana team will advise if your particular roof type, direction and surrounding trees make sense for solar panels. They‘ll delve into specifics on how factors like our net metering program, tax exemptions and rebates can offset both short and long term system costs.

Rest assured through professional equipment and 25-year warranties, your customized solar array will provide clean reliable energy, rain or shine. Reviews show customers give Yellowlite top ratings thanks to their start-to-finish guidance plus quality craftsmanship through it all.

GRNE Solar

Trusted Midwest solar provider GRNE Solar offers Indiana households seamless start-to-finish installation services combined with highly rated support. For over a decade, GRNE has helped both residential and commercial customers across Indiana plus Illinois switch to cost-saving solar energy.

The GRNE difference starts right away through their free remote solar assessment. Here they utilize area imagery and 3D modeling to review your specific property and advise what size solar system can offset ample energy use. Their proposal considers factors like roof space, panel angles and positioning optimized for our Midwest location.

Owning over 1,600 installations under their belt, the GRNE team flawlessly handles required utility paperwork, net metering requests and permitting on your behalf. Solar panels are then installed to manufacturer specifications by their licensed technicians to get systems up and running ASAP.

Solar reviews applaud GRNE‘s professionalism through every project stage. And as longstanding Indiana solar providers, they expertly navigate both state and federal incentives to maximize taxpayer savings as you go green.

"We highly recommend GRNE Solar! Our system works great and the full process went smoothly. The crew was efficient and friendly too." – Barb M., GRNE Customer from Fort Wayne

For Indiana residents seeking maximum return through solar power, GRNE Solar is a trusted choice.

Icon Solar

Rounding out my top Indiana solar provider list is Icon Solar. Servicing Indianapolis as well as Ohio and Kentucky regions, Icon is one of the Midwest‘s leading installers with over 10,000 solar energy systems to their name.

A key reason I recommend Icon Solar is the fact they partner directly with premium equipment suppliers like SunPower, LG, Panasonic and more. This gives Indiana customers access to leading solar panel technology all backed by 25-year equipment and performance warranties for complete investment protection.

Their experience also shines through Icon‘s design visualizations, ensuring proposed arrays and component placements make sense for your particular roof size and angles. Home assessments further refine solar recommendations tailored to how much electricity your household consumes monthly.

Once installed, Icon‘s professional service team provides support plus necessary repairs or maintenance to keep systems performing optimally for decades. Ongoing app and portal access even allows remote self-monitoring so you can nerd out on how much sunshine is being captured across seasons and weather conditions.

Between top brands, quality equipment and support, Icon Solar empowers Indiana homeowners seeking proven solar solutions personalized to your home‘s unique needs.

Now that you‘ve learned about Indiana‘s top 5 solar installers, you may be wondering whether going solar truly pays off financially in our state.

The unanimous verdict according to energy experts and recent solar studies: Investing in solar panels provides an outstanding ROI for most Indiana homes.

Here‘s a recap of the key reasons adding solar boosts savings versus solely relying on traditional utility electricity:

  • Sun Exposure: Indiana averages 187 sunny days per year and 5 daily peak sun hours prime for solar collecting [1].

  • Electricity Bill Savings: Solar panels slash household utility costs by 50% or more across decades.

  • Federal Tax Credit: The 26% federal solar tax credit deduction significantly cuts system cost.

  • Property Tax Exemption: Indiana offers 100% solar property tax exemption to shield investment value.

  • Net Metering: Excess solar electricity earns bill credits to offset future usage from the grid.

  • Utility Rate Hikes: Locking in solar allows homeowners to avoid rising electric company monthly fees.

  • Home Value Increase: Recent Indiana solar home sales show a return of $20k+ more over non-solar [2].

When all these solar perks are factored together, most Hoosier properties make earning a positive net profit through solar energy a no-brainer.

Curious to learn more about whether solar could be right for your household? Here I answer some of the most common Indiana solar questions:

How much do solar panels in Indiana cost?

The average price per watt runs around $2.68 based on typical system size and equipment costs after incentives. Most systems pay for themselves within 10 years through electric bill savings.

Will solar work on cold or cloudy days?

Solar modules can still produce 10-25% output on overcast days thanks to ambient light. Snow is also no match for panel coatings that help melt away covering.

Could solar power my whole home?

It depends on your household energy use and system size, but with ample panels and batteries, going 100% solar is certainly possible throughout all seasons.

What are requirements for Indiana net metering?

To qualify for net metering bill credits, your solar array just needs to be limited to 1 MW size connected through your utility‘s meter.

Do I need a battery backup to store solar power?

Battery storage systems help utilize self-generated power after daylight hours. But grid connections allow net metering to offset electric costs around the clock too.

How long do solar tax incentives and exemptions last?

The 26% federal tax credit remains active through 2032 before phasing down. Indiana solar property tax exemptions are permanent per state statute.

Will my roof need to be replaced first before solar panel install?

In most cases, typical asphalt shingle or concrete tile roofs work just fine to mount panels on directly. Your solar provider will assess current condition.

Could storm damage like hail or tornados impact my solar system?

Solar panels are tested to withstand up to 1-inch diameter hail strikes and Category 5 hurricane winds. Additional homeowner insurance can offer extra protection too.

If I move, can my solar panels go with me?

Depending on financing, you may be able to bring purchased solar panels to a new residence. Otherwise they add value to the home left behind.

I hope this solar guide has shown Indiana families that adding sun-powered energy makes sense both financially and environmentally across the state. Reach out to a recommended solar provider today to explore your opportunity for energy independence!

  1. National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  2. EnergySage Solar Data

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