Landing a High Paying Tech Job in Oregon: An In-Depth Guide for 2023

As one of the top emerging tech hubs in the country, Oregon offers a thriving job market where skilled technology professionals can truly maximize their earning potential. From Portland‘s vibrant startup scene to established industry leaders across The Silicon Forest, coveted roles spanning software architecture to data science boast impressive salary packages averaging well over six figures.

But with so many options to choose from, what are the highest paying tech jobs currently in-demand across the Beaver State? Which cities or companies offer the top salaries? And what background, skills and education do you need to land these lucrative careers in Oregon? This comprehensive guide has all the insider details you need to chart a prosperous path!

Overview: Oregon‘s Hot Tech Job Market

Let‘s start with the bird‘s eye view of Oregon‘s sizzling technology employment landscape.

Driven by rapid expansion of the software, hardware, healthcare tech and clean energy sectors, employment growth for high-tech occupations easily outpaces most other industries throughout the state over the past decade according to Analysis from the Oregon Employment Department. They forecast this trend continuing strong into the future.

Further, competitive salaries for in-demand specializations like data analytics and cybersecurity lure top talent from across the country. Based on recent data from recruiting resource Built in Oregon, average tech salaries exceed national levels by 15% – giving Oregon a compelling edge even over other high-priced hubs like Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.

So whether you currently live in Oregon and want to maximize your earnings potential close to home, or you‘re considering relocation for a fresh career start in an exciting new destination, you‘ll discover highly lucrative opportunities across the state.

Now let‘s explore the 8 current highest paying technology roles:

1. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Average Base Salary$290,000
Average Total Compensation$313,941
Top Paying CitiesPortland, Hillsboro, Bend

Chief Technology Officers occupy the envious C-Suite positions directing all aspects of technology strategy and systems for enterprises. It‘s a role offering rich financial rewards but also requiring substantial previous experience managing IT organizations to qualify according to leading hiring experts Robert Half.

For successful CTO candidates in Oregon, average total compensation approaches a staggering $314K when factoring generous bonuses, equity incentives, and other perks provided by large companies like Nike, Adidas and Columbia Sportswear headquartered locally.

CTOs earn amongst the highest salaries compared to other C-suite peer roles like CFOs and COOs according to comparative data from Glassdoor – highlighting the strategic importance placed on technology leadership to drive growth.

Portland CTO Salaries By Years Experience

0-2 years | NA
3-5 years | $152,000 
6-10 years | $218,000
10-20 years | $295,000

As key executive strategists charting their company‘s technology roadmaps, CTOs tackle wide-ranging responsibilities from infrastructure and engineering operations to cyber risk and emerging innovation areas like AI.

It‘s a highly complex role to master. But for experienced infrastructure heads ready to make the leap after years managing large scale systems, Oregon provides a prime hub to amplify your impact – and income!

2. Information Technology Director

Average Base Salary$175,000
Average Total Compensation$191,633
Top Paying CitiesBend, Portland, Eugene

Not quite ready to lead the entire technology show as Chief Technology Officer? Then serving as an Information Technology Director represents the next logical step for infrastructure heads looking to advance into influential six-figure management careers.

In Oregon, IT Directors earn nearly $192K annually directing comprehensive technology solutions for companies like Columbia Sportswear, Daimler Trucks NA and Oregon‘s many hospitals/health systems. Responsibilities span guiding infrastructure teams, managing security operations and budget decisions through high level strategic planning.

Strong communication abilities are vital for Directors to clearly align technology capabilities with executive leadership priorities while translating plans into realistic execution by their teams. Leadership capabilities also distinguish candidiates qualified for director roles rather than individual contributor positions according to regional recruitment experts Motus Recruiting. They estimate $175K as current competitive Oregon salaries for IT directors with at least 8 years of experience.

For technology leaders who enjoy conceiving strategic visions paired with tactical follow-through exceeding $190K compensation, Information Technology Director roles offer the ideal balance and earning power!

3. Information Security Analyst

Average Base Salary$140,000
Average Total Compensation$156,201
Top Paying CitiesBeaverton, Portland, Bend

With cyber attacks representing one of the most significant business risks today, talented security analysts who fortify organizations against digital threats earn some of Oregon’s highest salaries – reaching upwards of $156K!

This represents a striking +72% premium over national averages for this profession highlighting Oregon employers’ urgency around security, especially firms handling sensitive data like financial transactions or healthcare records.

What’s propelling Beaverton ahead of even leading tech hubs like San Francisco and Seattle as the country’s hottest InfoSec job market? Anchored by Nike’s global headquarters alongside trusted healthcare tech innovators like Tektronix and Planar Systems, this Portland suburb concentrating analytical talent pays a premium for sensory expertise.

Beaverton Information Security Analyst Salaries by Experience 

0-2 years | $95,000
3-5 years | $118,000
5-10 years | $142,000
10-20 years | $172,000

For BS/MS graduates eyeing exciting cybersecurity career paths or current systems administrators looking to specialize further, Oregon – especially Beaverton – represents a highly lucrative hub to launch your expertise without breaking into one of the nation’s toughest job markets down in Silicon Valley!

4. Software Architect

Average Base Salary$140,000
Average Total Compensation$152,408
Top Paying CitiesPortland, Hillsboro, Eugene

Successful software projects require rockstar developers… and incredible architects! This prestigious role centers around designing the structural blueprints for complex applications — plotting everything from the overall platform ecosystem down to granular technical patterns so development teams can build efficiently and scale.

Oregon development shops eagerly compete for skilled software architects currently, driving average salaries above $150K not even counting substantial annual bonuses and equity grants that push total compensation even higher.

This state is home to tech giants like Greenheck Fan designing industry-leading HVAC systems and Portland upstarts like cloud computing star Puppet that provide awesome launching grounds to make your mark architecting modern solutions.

Oregon Software Architect Salaries by Years Experience  

0-2 years | NA 
3-5 years | $95,000
6-10 years | $135,000  
10-20 years | $195,000

Between its open innovation culture and concentration of groundbreaking companies, Oregon attracts creative architects by funding the chance to build pioneering systems from the ground up!

5. Data Scientist / Data Analyst

Average Base Salary$132,000
Average Total Compensation$142,017
Top Paying CitiesBend, Medford, Portland

Insight sits at the core of strategic decisions. That‘s why data scientists and analysts who translate raw information into analytically-backed guidance to inform plans across functions like marketing, finance/risk, infrastructure monitoring and more find no shortage of high value opportunities throughout Oregon organizations.

Employers ranging from leading health services networks like Legacy Health and Providence to data-dependent tech innovators like Rigado and R aryl lure skilled analytics talent by considerable salaries reaching $142K.

Bend – already renowned as a hub for bright software engineers staffing thriving firms such as VKP Brands – now also emerges as a hotspot for analytics App development fueled by surging regional demand. Meanwhile the Medford region down south represents Oregon‘s most economical metro area while still delivering a lower cost of living adjusted wage premium for data science over larger markets like Seattle according to compensation research firm

Oregon Data Analyst Salaries by Years Experience

0-2 years | $86,000
3-5 years | $108,000  
5-10 years | $136,000
10-20 years | $178,000  

For analytics leaders who can communicate complex quantitative insights through clear visualization and commentary, Oregon presents a welcoming home offering exciting challenges and lucrative salaries over $140K in emerging hubs and established strongholds alike!

6. Data Engineer

Average Base Salary$132,000
Average Total Compensation$142,510
Top Paying CitiesHillsboro, Medford, Eugene

Data may unlock invaluable guidance, but first it requires expert architects developing the complex backend pipelines and infrastructure to collect, organize and store the sheer volume of information generated today so data analysts can actually derive meaning from the noise.

These highly technical masters – Data Engineers – build the critical foundations enabling enterprise analytics and insights. Thus Oregon companies eagerly compensate skilled data engineers averaging salaries exceeding $142K to attract and retain top talent within the red hot analytics space as organizations push to become increasingly data-driven.

The Silicon Forest region encompassing Hillsboro, Beaverton and surrounding suburbs hosts the state‘s densest concentration of data engineering jobs across large scale employers like Intel and Nike combined with trusted healthcare analytics innovators like Planar and Tektronix developing cutting edge analytics fueled medical systems.

However, opportunities also thrive statewide in unexpected hubs like the southern city of Medford offering economic appeal through Oregon‘s lowest cost of living while still delivering competitive tech compensation packages across specializations like data engineering.

Oregon Data Engineer Salaries by Years Experience   

0-2 years | $91,000
3-5 years | $112,000
5-10 years | $136,000
10-20 years | $163,000   

So for developers seeking new challenges migrating into one of technology‘s hottest emerging roles, data engineering teams throughout Oregon eagerly welcome reinforcements with lucrative salaries reaching $140K+!

7. Technical Sales Manager

Average Base Salary$120,000
Average Total Compensation$129,884
Top Paying CitiesPortland, Bend, Eugene

Beyond strictly technical positions, technology solution selling leveraging expertise around platforms, hardware, analytics and more also pays off handsomely through sales management roles averaging nearly $130K total salary across Oregon.

Guiding teams spread across large geographic territories, Sales Managers at leading Portland tech companies like Rigado and Puppet require technical acumen comparable to Solution Architects to accurately position capabilities against customer needs.

They‘re compensated accordingly with base salaries typically exceeding $120K supplemented by commissions and annual bonuses yielding total earnings packages north of $140K.

Oregon Tech Sales Management Salaries by Team Size

1-5 sales reps | $137,000 
5-20 sales reps | $152,000
20-100 sales reps | $168,000    

For business-oriented technology professionals with solid technical grasp and the people leadership abilities to inspire sales teams, transitioning into Sales Management merges the best of both worlds to amplify your earnings power!

8. IT Support Specialist

Average Base Salary$68,000
Average Total Compensation$73,200
Top Paying CitiesBend, Medford, Salem

The exciting tech jobs don‘t stop at advanced specialized or senior executive levels. Oregon also provides friendly avenues to launch technology careers through entry-level support roles blending customer service with broad technology troubleshooting.

These assignments let you get hands-on solving computer issues, debugging networks, resolving user help tickets and rotating across IT areas – no strict experience required in most cases beyond fundamental computer skills.

In return, competitive starting salaries approach $73K on average throughout Oregon metro regions positioning these roles well against other entry-level opportunities like sales associates and administrative assistants that typically pay under $40K according industry data Site Economic Modeling Specialists Intl.

With immense demand for trained IT staff overflowing statewide, support specialist jobs represent promising on-ramps even for non-technical degree holders or career changers through learn-as-you-earn progression in Oregon‘s flourishing technology sector.

Oregon IT Support Specialist Salaries by Credentials   

High School Diploma | $65,000  
Associates Degree | $69,000
Bachelors Degree| $72,000    
Relevant Certification | $76,000  

So whether starting fresh out of college or transitioning from a different field entirely, Oregon employers stand ready with open doors into exciting technology careers – no experience required!

  • Salaries Exceed National Averages By Over 15%: Competitive compensation across occupations entices talent.
  • Leading West Coast Employers: Top companies like Nike, Intel, Oracle, Puppet and SAP.
  • Emerging Startup Hotspot: 1000+ early stage ventures throughout Portland and Bend.
  • Broad Industry Strengths: Enterprise software, sports tech, healthcare IT, semiconductors, outdoors gear, and sustainable energy tech thrive statewide.
  • High Livability Scores: Family-friendly communities combining urban conveniences with easy outdoor recreation access differentiate Oregon job markets versus pricier congested coastal cities like San Francisco and Seattle.

The Beaver State‘s recipe mixing high quality employers hungry for talent across blossoming industries against an appealing lifestyle backdrop outside major metros creates a uniquely lucrative – yet comfortable – destination for technology professionals to amplify earnings.

So for your next career move, strongly consider discovering the dual rewards thriving today throughout Oregon‘s flourishing technology sector!

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