The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma may not be the first location that comes to mind when thinking of major tech hubs in the United States. However, the state has been steadily building a strong technology sector, offering excellent career opportunities for tech professionals.

With top companies like Paycom, Love‘s Travel Stops and Country Stores, and Hobby Lobby headquartered in Oklahoma, the state provides a business-friendly environment. Additionally, Oklahoma‘s lower cost of living compared to large coastal cities makes it an affordable place to work in tech.

According to data from CBRE, both Oklahoma City and Tulsa rank among the top U.S. cities for tech talent growth over the past 5 years. The state has seen increasing demand for skilled technology professionals.

This article will dive into the top 7 highest paying technology jobs in Oklahoma as of 2023, including expected salary ranges and required skills/credentials for each role.

1. Cyber Security Analyst

Average Salary Range: $86,818 – $132,308

Cyber security analysts play a crucial role in protecting organizations digital assets and sensitive customer/business from data breaches and cyber attacks.

As threats become more sophisticated, demand for cybersecurity expertise continues rising across industries like finance, healthcare, retail, and more. There‘s especially high need for cyber security pros in Oklahoma‘s energy sector, with lots of gas, oil, and utility companies based in the state.


Typical responsibilities of a cyber security analyst include:

  • Monitoring networks, systems, and applications for security threats
  • Investigating and responding to cybersecurity incidents
  • Performing vulnerability scans and penetration testing to uncover weaknesses
  • Implementing security tools and measures like firewalls, encryption, and access controls
  • Educating employees on security best practices and procedures

Required Skills & Certifications

To qualify for cyber security roles in Oklahoma, the following are key:

  • Bachelor‘s degree in cybersecurity, computer science or IT-related field
  • 1-3 years experience in IT security
  • Expertise across operating systems, network protocols, and security frameworks
  • Knowledge of penetration testing, risk assessments, and compliance regulations
  • Certifications like CISSP, CEH, Security+, etc. are a plus

As technology and cyber risks rapidly evolve, continuous learning is critical to succeed as an analyst.

Salary Information

The average salary for a cyber security analyst in Oklahoma ranges from $86,818 for entry-level roles up to $132,308 for senior/management positions, according to data from ZipRecruiter.

Salaries can vary based on location, company size/industry, years of experience, and certifications obtained. However, Oklahoma cyber security pros benefit from lower cost of living compared to tech hub cities.

2. Software Engineer

Average Salary Range: $117,753 – $190,338

Software engineers enjoy very high demand across industries in Oklahoma ranging from aerospace and aviation to finance and healthcare. These professionals use expertise in programming languages and software development methodologies to build, maintain, and upgrade critical technology applications and systems.


Daily work activities for software engineers include:

  • Analyzing system requirements and design specifications
  • Writing, updating, testing and debugging code
  • Improving software performance and scalability
  • Coordinating with QA team to identify defects and issues
  • Providing documentation and guides to support user adoption
  • Staying up-to-date with the newest languages and frameworks

Required Skills & Certifications

To secure software engineering roles in OK, the following qualifications are key:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or related discipline
  • Fluency in programming languages like Java, JavaScript, C#/C++ etc.
  • Working knowledge of operating systems, databases, and cloud platforms
  • Experience with Agile, Scrum or other development methodologies
  • Soft skills in communication, collaboration and time management
  • Certifications like AWS, Microsoft, Cisco etc. are valued assets

While formal education and previous experience are crucial, passion for coding and constant learning matter just as much when starting out.

Salary Information

According to ZipRecruiter salary data, the average software engineer earns between $117,753 (early career) up to $190,338 (senior-level) in Oklahoma.

As with cyber security roles, salaries differ based on specialization, location and employer. But lower living costs help Oklahoma software engineers stretch incomes further.

3. Systems Engineer

Average Salary Range: $59,310 – $133,548

Systems engineers architect and integrate the complex hardware and software infrastructures that power modern technology environments.

These infrastructure experts bring together their knowledge across servers, storage, networks, operating systems, cloud platforms and more to keep systems running smoothly. Their skills are indispensable for Oklahoma‘s booming sectors like energy, aerospace and financial services.


The day-to-day work of systems engineers involves activities such as:

  • Designing and planning out technology systems infrastructure
  • Performing hands-on deployment, configuration and integration
  • Conducting testing to validate systems meet requirements
  • Creating policies, procedures and documentation for infrastructure
  • Monitoring systems health, availability and performance
  • Identifying and troubleshooting technical problems

Required Skills & Certifications

To start a systems engineering career in Oklahoma, the following qualifications are expected:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, system administration or related major
  • Familiarity administering Windows/Linux operating systems
  • Understanding of virtualization, networking, scripting, and hardware tech
  • Strong problem solving and analytical abilities
  • Certifications like CCNA, RHCSA, VCP, and AWS SysOps
  • Willingness to continuously learn new technologies

While systems roles focus more on infrastructure than coding, knowledge across IT domains is hugely beneficial.

Salary Information

The average salary for systems engineers in Oklahoma ranges between $59,310 for entry-level and $133,548 for senior positions, according to Indeed.

Specific pay varies based on industry, exact job title/duties and technical specialization. But competitive tech salaries combined with Oklahoma‘s affordable lifestyle make systems engineering an attractive field.

4. Application Security Engineer

Average Salary Range: $66,515 – $89,992

Application security engineers protect the code powering key software from vulnerabilities and exposures that could lead to compromised data.

These specialists provide deep expertise scanning apps for risks, architecting security features directly into code, and training development teams on best practices like OWASP Top 10.

Oklahoma‘s push to grow its tech ecosystem translates into strong appetite for application security talent across sectors.


The core application security job duties include:

  • Performing static/dynamic analysis security testing on code
  • Providing remediation guidance to address identified coding flaws
  • Ensuring applications meet security compliance requirements
  • Recommending security solutions to enhance software resiliency
  • Promoting adoption of secure software best practices
  • Educating teams on emerging threats to application security

Required Skills & Certifications

To qualify for application security roles in Oklahoma‘s job market, key prerequisites are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer science or related major
  • Hands-on experience performing security testing activities
  • Expertise with programming languages like Java, JavaScript, C# etc.
  • Understanding of web architecture, encryption, identity models
  • Knowledge of regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX etc.
  • Certifications such as CASE, CISSP, CSSLP or OSCP

Both soft skills and technical capabilities are equally important for succeeding as an application security pro.

Salary Information

Based on data from, application security engineers in Oklahoma earn average base salaries ranging from $66,515 (early career) up to $89,992 (experienced).

As one of the most in-demand security roles today, application security salaries continue rising with the criticality of software across every industry.

5. Information Technology Manager

Average Salary Range: $116,130 – $141,149

IT managers occupy senior leadership positions directing all facets of technology capabilities for an organization.

These seasoned professionals manage teams, budgets and complex initiatives spanning infrastructure, applications, security, data and more to transform how business gets done.

Strong leadership and deep technology expertise make IT managers among Oklahoma‘s best-compensated tech professionals.


Common IT manager responsibilities include:

  • Developing and executing on multi-year IT strategy roadmaps
  • Overseeing daily operations across infrastructure and software engineering
  • Managing capital and operating budgets for technology spending
  • Leading large transformational projects expanding IT capabilities
  • Building productive working relationships with executives and lines of business
  • Tracking emerging innovations in cloud, security, automation and preparing adoption plans

Required Skills & Certifications

The credentials needed to reach IT management roles in Oklahoma are:

  • Bachelor’s degree, Master‘s degree preferred
  • 8+ years overall experience including people management
  • Expertise governing complex technology portfolios
  • Strong leadership, communication and presentation abilities
  • Business acumen with financial/contract management skills
  • Certifications like PMP, CISM or CISSP are valued

Aspiring IT leaders should look for opportunities to gain experience directing projects and teams early on.

Salary Information

The average salary for an IT manager in Oklahoma falls between $116,130 and $141,149 annually, as shown by data.

Compensation for senior technology executives can rise even higher with stock incentives factored in, especially among Oklahoma‘s largest employers.

6. Data Scientist

Average Salary Range: $94,000 – $153,000

Data scientists are one of tech‘s most sought after roles in 2023, using their advanced analytic, statistical, and machine learning skills to uncover transformational business insights from data.

These highly-skilled professionals work across sectors in Oklahoma like energy, finance, healthcare and more helping drive innovation and competitive advantage through data.


The core job activities data scientists perform include:

  • Collecting, cleaning and organizing structured/unstructured data from multiple sources
  • Running complex data analysis to surface relationships, patterns and trends
  • Building and optimizing machine learning models to automate decision-making
  • Data visualization for presenting insights to key business stakeholders
  • Developing plans to scale data and analytics platforms
  • Staying updated on latest techniques like natural language processing (NLP)

Required Skills & Certifications

To start a data science career in Oklahoma‘s job market, key qualifications are:

  • Bachelor’s or Master‘s degree in data science, analytics or mathematics
  • Fluency in programming languages like Python and R
  • Experience building SQL queries along with data modelling
  • Knowledge of machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow
  • Math/stats competency in algorithms, A/B testing etc.
  • Certificates from vendors like AWS, Google Cloud or Cloudera

Curiosity and critical thinking skills are just as crucial as the technical background when getting started in data science roles.

Salary Information

Data scientists in entry-level Oklahoma positions earn approximately $94,000 on average annually, while more seasoned data leaders can make up to $153,000 as indicated by Glassdoor.

Salaries continue rising across most industries as demand for advanced analytics and AI talent intensifies. Data science skills also have massive freelance/consulting opportunities.

7. Database Administrator

Average Salary Range: $55,000 – $124,000

Database administrators (DBAs) are critical for overseeing the massive data platforms powering essential applications and workloads.

These professionals apply specialized expertise in leading database management systems like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and more to ensure optimal performance, security and reliability.

As data volumes and complexity grow exponentially, skilled DBAs are indispensable across Oklahoma‘s corporations and state agencies.


Typical DBA activities involve:

  • Installing, upgrading and configuring relational database systems
  • Establishing data standards and governance procedures
  • Proactively monitoring and fine-tuning database performance
  • Ensuring high availability and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Performing backup/restore activities and data refreshes
  • Collaborating with developers and engineers on data needs

Required Skills & Certifications

To start a database administration career in Oklahoma‘s tech landscape, key requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT or related major
  • Hands-on expertise with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc.
  • Understanding of programming languages like PL/SQL, T-SQL
  • Ability to write advanced SQL queries and database scripts
  • Knowledge of machine learning and analytics is a plus
  • Certifications like OCA, MCSE Data Management help

Strong troubleshooting and communication abilities are equally important for succeeding as a DBA.

Salary Information

According to Glassdoor data , the average database administrator in Oklahoma earns between $55,000 at entry-level ranging up to $124,000 in senior roles.

Specialization in high-demand software like Oracle or niche skills like sharding allow DBAs to command top salaries, especially among large corporations with complex database landscapes.


Job TitleAverage Salary Range
Cyber Security Analyst$86,818 – $132,308
Software Engineer$117,753 – $190,338
Systems Engineer$59,310 – $133,548
Application Security Engineer$66,515 – $89,992
Information Technology Manager$116,130 – $141,149
Data Scientist$94,000 – $153,000
Database Administrator$55,000 – $124,000

Despite its reputation as a lower-key technology location compared to coastal city hubs, Oklahoma offers high-paying careers across many different tech roles.

With rising demand for skilled IT professionals across sectors like energy, aerospace, finance and more – plus a lower cost of living – the state provides a very compelling environment for tech workers.

Whether just getting started or an experienced leader, the jobs highlighted in this article show Oklahoma enables technology talent to earn excellent compensation while enjoying a high quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 best-paying tech jobs in Oklahoma?

The 7 highest-paying tech roles in OK are cyber security analyst, software engineer, systems engineer, application security engineer, IT manager, data scientist and database administrator.

What is the average salary for a cyber security analyst in Oklahoma?

The average salary for a cyber security analyst in Oklahoma ranges from $86,818 to $132,308 depending on seniority, industry, certifications and other factors.

How much can a data scientist earn in Oklahoma?

An average data scientist makes approximately $94,000 to $153,000 annually in Oklahoma. Senior data science leadership roles can earn even higher compensation packages.

What is the salary range for a IT manager in Oklahoma?

The typical salary range for an IT manager in Oklahoma stretches from $116,130 on the low end up to $141,149 at senior levels based on available data.

How much can a Database Administrator expect to earn in Oklahoma?

Database administrators in Oklahoma earn average salaries starting around $55,000 for entry-level roles reaching up to $124,000 for expert-level DBAs according to reported data.

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