The 7 Best Outdoor TVs On Earth Today

Outdoor televisions unlock new possibilities for alfresco entertainment. But with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which model best suits your needs.

To help simplify your buying decision, we thoroughly researched over 50 outdoor TVs and selected the top 7 models across a range of price points. Our Choices were evaluated on critical criteria like weatherproofing, brightness, smart capabilities and overall performance.

Below you’ll find detailed reviews of each outdoor television, along with pros/cons breakdowns and a helpful buyer’s guide.

Our Picks for Best Outdoor TVs

Overall Best: Samsung Terrace 55" Partial Sun Outdoor 4K QLED Smart TV

The Samsung Terrace 55” Partial Sun Outdoor TV tops our list for its best-in-class weatherproofing, stellar image quality and smart platform.

This 4K QLED TV carries an IP55 rating, meaning it resists dust ingress and can withstand heavy sprays of water from multiple directions. And thanks to its operating temperature range of 23°F to 113°F, you can confidently keep it outside year-round without durability concerns.

Visibility is superb courtesy of a 2000+ nit peak brightness–ideal for combating glare in sunny conditions. The anti-reflective screen also facilitates wide viewing angles up to 178°, so more friends can enjoy the action.

Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth allow access to all your favorite streaming apps. And hands-free voice controls via Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant make operation a breeze. The Terrace also features Multi View for screen mirroring mobile devices.

With stunning picture quality that overcomes challenging outdoor lighting, robust weatherproofing and extensive smart features, the Terrace 55” Partial Sun secures our Best Overall distinction.

Key Specs:

  • Brightness: 2000+ nits
  • Resolution: 4K QLED


  • Leading IP55 weatherproof rating
  • Vibrant HDR imaging with anti-glare tech
  • Built-in WiFi/Bluetooth and voice control


  • Pricey at over $3,000
  • Narrower viewing angles than IPS TVs
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Best Budget: AKASO 43" 4K Outdoor TV

The Akaso 43” Outdoor TV proves you don’t need to spend a fortune for solid performance outside.

For less than $700, you’re treated to gorgeous 4K Ultra HD resolution powered by a direct LED backlight system with HDR support. This translates to pin-sharp clarity and expanded contrast for realistic depth.

While not the brightest at 700 nits peak, the matte anti-glare display remains visible in partial sunlight. Just don’t expect great results in direct sun.

Physical connectivity includes 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports for attaching media players, game consoles and other devices. Dual-band WiFi also comes standard for streaming and screen mirroring sans cables.

And attaining an IP55 rating confirms the Akaso 43” can endure rain, snow and temperature swings between -4°F to 104°F when wall mounted properly.

If your outdoor TV budget is limited but still want solid 4K quality and weatherization, the Akaso 43” is a prime value.

Key Specs:

  • Brightness: 700 nits
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD


  • Great bang for buck
  • Crisp 4K Ultra HD imaging
  • Robust IP55 weatherproofing


  • Mediocre brightness limits sun visibility
  • Not a smart TV (no built-in streaming)
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Best Full Sun: Samsung Terrace 65" Full Sun 4K Outdoor TV

Designed for sun-soaked patios and pool decks, the Samsung Terrace 65” Full Sun retains image integrity even in harsh daylight.

It achieves a class-leading 1500+ nits of peak brightness to cut through glares and reflections. Automatic adjustment helps sustain clarity as conditions change. The anti-reflective panel also maintains color accuracy at wide viewing angles.

Robust weatherproofing enables operation between 23° to 113°F and storage from -13° to 140°F. And achieving an IP55 rating confirms the Terrace 65” resists water, dust and humidity with aplomb.

Built-in WiFi facilitates app streaming in conjunction with the Tizen smart platform. You also get support for Multi View screen mirroring and hands-free Bixby, Google Assistant and Alexa control.

If you demand a gorgeous 4K QLED picture under perpetual sunlight, the vibrant Samsung Terrace 65” Full Sun is purpose-built for the task.

Key Specs:

  • Brightness: 1500+ nits
  • Resolution: 4K QLED


  • Class-leading brightness
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Robust weatherproofing


  • Very expensive at $4,500+
  • Auto brightness limiting in extreme heat
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Best Viewing Angles: LG 65" All Weather 4K Outdoor TV

LG’s All Weather outdoor TV brings gorgeous IPS-level viewing angles and slick webOS smart features outside.

Using advanced NanoCell IPS technology, the 65” display retains color accuracy and contrast even at extreme 178° angles. So more friends can enjoy the big game regardless of seating position.

The television produces 700 nits peak brightness to combat moderate sun interference on patios and porches. And carrying an IP55 rating means it shrugs off rainstorms and temperature extremes ranging from -4°F to 113°F.

Built-in WiFi connectivity and the webOS platform provide quick access to popular streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. Support for Apple AirPlay and HomeKit also come standard.

Overall, the LG All Weather 65" Outdoor TV excels for wide-angle 4K HDR viewing and seamless smart integration outdoors.

Key Specs:

  • Brightness: 700 nits
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD


  • IPS-quality 178° viewing angles
  • webOS smart platform
  • Sleek minimal bezel design


  • Higher price tag
  • Mediocre brightness vs. rivals
![LG All Weather][10][Buy Now][11]{#afflink}
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Best Sound: SunBriteTV Veranda 55" Outdoor TV with Detachable Soundbar

In addition to brilliant 4K UHD imaging, the SunBriteTV Veranda 55" Outdoor TV ships with a weatherized 20W soundbar for audio punch.

The dedicated outdoor speakers produce clear, powerful sound that easily fills a patio or deck. Volume gets plenty loud for party scenarios as well. The soundbar conveniently detaches when not needed.

Visuals shine courtesy of a direct LED backlight system with up to 500 nits brightness and anti-glare tech. Just don’t expect great sun visibility. Fortunately, integrated WiFi allows streaming sports so you can follow the action.

And attaining an IP55 weatherproof rating confirms the Veranda 55” withstands the elements across an extreme 23°F to 104°F temperature range.

If you want a weatherproof TV with enough sound output for outdoor gatherings, the SunBriteTV Veranda 55" with included soundbar fits the bill.

Key Specs:

  • Brightness: 500 nits
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD


  • Detachable 20W soundbar
  • Crisp 4K Ultra HD resolution w/ anti-glare
  • IP55 weatherproof rating


  • Mediocre brightness
  • Not a smart TV
![SunbriteTV][13][Buy Now][14]{#afflink}
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Most Durable: Peerless Radeon 65" Extreme Outdoor TV

The aptly-named Peerless Radeon Extreme 65" endures the most extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Not only is it entirely water, dust and insect-proof courtesy of aircraft-grade metal housing, but operational temperatures range from -22°F to 140°F. Good luck finding an outdoor TV that survives colder winters or hotter summers.

The television also carries an IP68 rating–the highest possible. So feel free to blast it with the garden hose to clean dust and dirt without electronics risk.

Visuals impress with 700 nits peak brightness for combating moderate sunlight. Just add your preferred streaming device or game console to unlock smart connectivity.

If you demand legendary 4K durability across virtually any climate, the Radeon Extreme 65" Outdoor TV delivers exactly that.

Key Specs:

  • Brightness: 700 nits
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD


  • Withstands -22°F to 140°F temperatures
  • IP68 dust/waterproof rating
  • Cleanable aircraft-grade housing


  • No built-in streaming features
  • Expensive at $4,000+
![Peerless Extreme][16][Buy Now][17]{#afflink}
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How To Choose The Best Outdoor TV

Selecting the right outdoor television involves assessing a few key variables:


An outdoor TV must withstand the elements including rainfall, humidity, extreme heat/cold and more. Models carrying IP55 or IP65 ratings confirm protection against water and dust ingress without failure.

Many quality options today also handle temperatures ranging from at least 0° to 120°F while operational. And minimum storage temps of -4° to 140° guarantee winter and summer viability when not in use.

Shoppers wanting literally bulletproof construction could consider commercial-grade or marine televisions as well. But most residential outdoor TVs handle typical rainfall, sprinklers and weather shifts reliably.


Unlike living room televisions, outdoor models must overcome glare and reflections from sunlight so viewers enjoy clear images.

Shoppers in full shade (like covered patios) can get by with 300-500 nit displays. Just expect washed-out blacks under direct sun.

For better partial to full sun visibility on pools decks and open yards, consider a 1,000+ nit television or higher. Brighter options like Samsung’s QLED Terrace (2,000 nit) excel in challenging sunny spots. But prepare for a higher price tag.

Resolution & Panel

4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) represents the benchmark for detail and clarity now. Support for advanced Quantum Dot (QLED) color and High Dynamic Range (HDR) also help outdoor TVs render nature’s vibrant palette accurately.

Shoppers wanting the best viewing angles at the expense of contrast could consider IPS panel televisions as well. Just temper expectations for true blacks under sunlight.

Audio Quality

While some outdoor televisions integrate high-quality sound systems, most require an external speaker setup to sufficiently fill an open-air space.

If audio clarity matters, factor a wireless soundbar, rock speakers or home theater package into your overall budget. Fortunately, good Bluetooth options start around $100.

Smart Features

Integrated WiFi and smart platforms like Fire TV, Android TV and webOS allow easy streaming from services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and more.

Models lacking apps can still access content using a plug-in streaming device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku Express. Just ensure your television includes enough HDMI ports first.

Outdoor TV buying guide

Follow this helpful checklist when shopping for an outdoor TV:

  • Brightness – Evaluate peak nit ratings. Higher is better for sun visibility
  • Weatherproof Rating – IP55 or IP65 confirms water/dust protection
  • Operating Temperature – Look for -4°F to 140°F for extreme durability
  • Channels, Ports & Smart Features – Assess if built-ins apps meet needs or if streaming stick required
  • Audio Quality – Factor in soundbar or speaker costs for sufficient volume
  • Viewing Angles & Glare Reduction – Consider off-axis visibility needs

The Complete Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Life‘s best moments happen outdoors. So why limit entertainment to the living room?

Outdoor televisions free you to grill steaks, host family movie nights, cheer sports teams and enjoy content virtually anywhere on your property rain or shine.

Spruce up your patio, deck or yard further with:

  • Cozy seating
  • Weatherproof outdoor speakers
  • Fire pits or chimineas
  • String lights
  • Patio heaters
  • Weatherproof covers
  • Outdoor kitchens w/ beverage fridges

With the right outdoor TV and complementary accessories, your backyard bash possibilities are endless!

The Best Outdoor TV Models: Summarized

TVPriceResolutionBrightnessNotable FeaturesRating
[Samsung Terrace 55" Partial Sun][19]$$$$4K QLED2000+ nitsLeading brightness/smart features*****
[Akaso 43”][20]$$4K UHD700 nitsGreat budget option****
[Samsung Terrace 65” Full Sun][21]$$$$4K QLED1500+ nitsUnbeatable brightness*****
[LG 65” All Weather][22]$$$4K UHD700 nitsSuperior viewing angles****
[SunBriteTV 55" Veranda][23]$$4K UHD500 nitsBuilt-in 20W soundbar****
[Peerless 65” Extreme][24]$$$$4K UHD700 nits-22° to 140°F durability*****

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