Discover the Top Online Glasses for Your Eyes in 2023

Glasses have come a long way from their origins in 13th century Italy! Today, eyeglasses provide both medical aid and bold fashion statements. As more optometrists, retailers and manufacturers sell eyewear online, the options keep growing.

Let‘s explore why purchasing glasses online has gone mainstream and review 2023‘s top-rated brands for upgrading your look while protecting your eyesight.

Why You Should Buy Glasses Online

Sure, brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores still dot shopping plazas across America. But consumers increasingly pivot online for greater convenience, selection and savings when shopping optics.

In 2022, online glasses sales soared to $3.8 billion, up from $2.7 billion in 2020 according to Statista reports. Experts forecast over 6% compound annual growth through 2027 as more eyewear purchasing shifts online.

Benefits unique to online eyeglass shopping include:

Convenience – Skip crowded shops and browse thousands of styles on flexible 24/7 schedules. Virtual try-on tech lets you visualize frames from home.

Huge Selection – Online-only sellers aren‘t limited by physical inventory space. For example, retailer Zenni Optical stocks over 1,500 men‘s, 1,500 women‘s and 500 kids frame options spanning various materials, shapes and sizes. Find an exact eyewear match for your facial structure and style preferences more easily.

Home Try-Ons – Innovators like Warby Parker ship free sample kits to preview how shapes fit at no cost before committing. This reduces return hassles.

Greater Affordability – Online retailers spend less overhead on brick-and-mortar lease space and sales associate salaries. The savings often pass to customers through lower prices.

Prescription Lens Options – Modern advances allow ordering quality prescription lenses through online vendors using your latest optometrist-provided prescriptions. Some retailers partner with vision insurance too.

Enhanced Reviews – Quickly scan feedback from previous buyers across Reddit, YouTube and blogs on how specific frames actually look, fit and stand up over years of use – a huge advantage over in-store purchasing!

Factors to Evaluate When Buying Eyeglasses Online

Glasses must check several boxes to serve your eyes well over the long run. Assess online optical shops across these aspects:

Frame Quality & Durability – Inspect product images for construction clues and material descriptions to determine longevity. Lightweight cellulose acetate and titanium hold up better than cheaper plastics. See if replaceable parts are available too.

Lens Quality & Protection Levels – With or without vision prescriptions, verify lenses adequately block 100% UVA/UVB rays. Also check scratch-resistance ratings and optional upgrades like blue light coatings.

Accurate Sizing Guidance – Measure your current pair‘s lens width, bridge width and arm length. Compare to sizing charts providing dimensions for each online frame option to find best fits.

Fit & Measurement Tools – Innovators like GlassesUSA allow uploading photos for virtual try-ons. Additionally, precision pupillometer apps like EyeMeasure utilize phone cameras to gauge measurements for enhanced online order accuracy.

Vision Insurance Acceptance – Those needing prescription lenses should verify which vendors accept providers like VSP, Eyemed and Humana. The savings add up when budgets run tight!

Return Policies & Support – Shop seller policies to confirm you can easily exchange ill-fitting glasses or lenses within at least 30 days after delivery. Check responsive customer service options as well since sizing questions may pop up.

2023‘s Top 5 Online Glasses Retailers

We analyzed today‘s highest-rated online glasses stores stacking up well across key categories like style selection, lens quality, pricing, insurance acceptance and service. Here are the top contenders delivering affordable eye-catching eyewear to your door:

1. Warby Parker

Founded in 2010, Warby Parker disrupted online eyewear pricing through direct-to-consumer channels. By cutting out the middleman, its fashionable designer-quality frames run under $100. Try up to 5 pairs for 5 days before deciding thanks to their free home try-on program.


  • Prescription lenses – $95+
  • Non-prescription frames – $95+

Quick Facts

  • 30-day returns
  • Single vision, progressive, reading lenses
  • Blue light filtering available
  • Virtual try-on app with face scan
  • Small business of the year in 2012 per Entrepreneur

Top Frame Brands

Proprietary labels – Warby Parker, Clara, Louise, Percey

Best For

Finding affordable fashion-forward frames in men‘s, women‘s and kids sizes online.

2. Zenni Optical

Since the early 2000s, Zenni Optical has delivered shockingly inexpensive prescription glasses and sunglasses starting at $6.95. Frame quality won‘t match luxury brands given rock-bottom pricing, however the sheer variety impresses shoppers sticking to tight budgets.


  • Prescription lenses – $6.95+
  • Non-prescription frames – $9.95+
  • Single vision lenses – $33+
  • Progressive no-line bifocal – $64.95+

Quick Facts

  • Order lab-made lenses using your prescription
  • Standard plastic, polycarbonate & high-index materials
  • Anti-scratch, anti-reflective & UV protection coatings
  • Pupil distance measuring instructions
  • Partners with Optizmo telehealth for online eye exams from $49

Top Frame Brands

Zenni own labels

Best For

Maximizing extreme affordability and fun fashion colors.

3. GlassesUSA

Since 2009, GlassesUSA has delivered prescription eyeglasses and shades directly to doors from quality brands without retail markups. It shines helping vision insurance wearers save money thanks to accepting plans like VSP, EyeMed, Spectera and Humana.


  • Prescription lenses – $38+
  • Non-prescription frames – $28+
  • Single vision with basic Rx lenses – $78+
  • Premium progressives – $178+

Quick Facts

  • Allows insured customers to search plans
  • Partners with LensCrafters and Target Optical for eye exams
  • Try virtual try-on to visualize frames
  • Specialized computer and activity glasses
  • 65-day returns plus 1-year warranty

Top Frame Brands

Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci

Best For

Using vision insurance and designer name brands when buying prescription eyewear online.

4. EyeBuyDirect

This value-driven shop sells men‘s, women‘s and kids frames starting at just $6! With such affordable pricing, EyeBuyDirect makes "experimenting" with styles for different outfits accessible. They aim for a one-stop-shop covering computer glasses, sunglasses and safety eyewear too.


  • Prescription lenses – $18+
  • Non-prescription frames – $6+
  • Single vision basic lenses – $32+
  • Blue light filtering – $57+

Quick Facts

  • Carries over 3,000 styles
  • CR-39 plastic, polycarbonate and high-index 1.57 materials
  • Buy 1 get 1 free specials and frames under $39
  • 2-year manufacturing warranty
  • Free returns within 14 days

Top Frame Brands

House collections

Best For

Trying unique glasses shapes and colors affordably.

5. FramesDirect

Backed by eyewear titan Luxottica, FramesDirect gives online access to designer brands like Prada, Coach, Ray-Ban and Oakley at steep discounts. If you covet name brand quality, it delivers without overwhelming price tags thanks to cutting overhead.


  • Prescription lenses – $78+
  • Non-prescription frames – $58+
  • Single vision – $100+
  • High-index 1.67 lens material
  • Price match guarantee

Quick Facts

  • 60+ luxury brands
  • Progressive no-line lenses
  • Adjustable silicone nose pads for comfort
  • 30-day returns plus 1-year defect warranty
  • Optical professionals available via phone/chat

Top Frame Brands

Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada

Best For

Scoring coveted name brand frames for less online. Plus lens quality on par with brick-and-mortars.

Measuring Pupillary Distance For Glasses Online

To determine accurate eyewear size, you‘ll need your current pupillary distance (PD). This measures space between the centers of your pupils in millimeters.

Online optical retailers recommend having your optometrist measure PD at your appointment. If you don‘t have the measurement, carefully gauge it yourself staring straight ahead into a mirror:

Place rulers against the center of each pupil without obstructing sight

  • Face a bright light source like window to contract pupils
  • Position two rulers perpendicular against the inside pupil edge of each eye
  • Focus forward without moving
  • Read PD measurement in millimeters where rulers intersect pupils
  • Repeat several times for best accuracy

Apps like EyeMeasure for iPhone and Android can alternatively utilize phone cameras with facial recognition to auto-detect PD too.

Caring for Eyeglasses Over the Long Term

Like skin, eyeglasses benefit from regular gentle cleaning and exams to stay pristine. Follow these care steps:

Daily Cleaning

  • Use microfiber cloth and eyeglass spray
  • Avoid wiping dry lenses to prevent scratching
  • Rinse first if needed to dislodge debris before wiping

Proper Storage

  • Keep glasses inside hard case when not wearing
  • Don‘t loose-store inside bags or purses
  • Lay frame-side down on flat surfaces

Frame Adjustments

  • Manually reshape bent metal arms/bridges by gently bending (not snapping or forcing)
  • Replace damaged nose pads affecting comfort

Annual Vision Exams

  • Confirm prescription lenses still correct vision optimally each year
  • Update prescriptions with optometrist if needed
  • Inspect frames physically during visits

Follow this routine care to maximize glasses longevity and performance.

Enjoy Shopping Eyeglasses Online

Skipping crowded vision centers for online optical retailers allows effortlessly comparing thousands of quality frames at your own pace. Advanced digital try-on innovations better ensure you select flattering eyewear suiting your facial profile.

We hope reviewing highly rated 2023 merchants simplifies deciding where to order stylish durable prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses shipped directly to your door. Follow our accurate pupil measurement instructions for customized fits. And refer back to care tips for keeping glass lenses and frames spotless year after year.

Let us know if you have any other questions picking your perfect pair of specs online!

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