The 6 Best Large Dell Laptops for 2024

Dell has long been a leader in large screen laptops thanks to high-performing offerings like the XPS 17 and the Alienware gaming laptops. With demand for bigger displays to enhance productivity and entertainment, 17 inch laptops strike an appealing balance – more screen real estate than traditional 15 inch models without compromising too much on portability. In 2024, Dell continues to push the envelope on performance in this category, packing the latest specs into thin and innovative chassis designs.

If you’re shopping for a powerful, feature-rich 17 inch Dell laptop that won’t weigh you down, read on for our picks of the best for 2024 based on use case scenarios. We’ll break down which excels as the best overall workhorse, the top choice for gaming enthusiasts, creative pros and more.

Overview of Benefits for a 17-Inch Laptop

Before diving into the specifics on Dell‘s lineup, let‘s look at why you may want to choose a 17-inch screen size in the first place:

  • Multitasking powerhouse – The extra real estate is extremely useful for being productive with multiple windows and apps open side-by-side.
  • Immersive entertainment – Whether gaming or binge-watching shows, the experience is more engrossing on the larger display.
  • Graphics performance – The bigger chassis allows for beefier GPUs than you typically find on 15-inch models.
  • Numeric keypad – For tasks like data entry, having a dedicated numeric pad speeds up workflow.

While the overall footprint is not as portable as a smaller 15-inch alternative, today’s 17-inch laptops shave off a lot of bulk from earlier generations. Dell in particular has focused intensely on refining the form factor to achieve the optimal balance. If maxing out screen space is important for how you work and play, Dell has very compelling options as we’ll explore next.

1. Best Overall: Dell XPS 17 9720

The Dell XPS 17 delivers the complete package for a high-performance 17 inch laptop thanks to an excellent combination of speed, graphics, display quality and innovative design.

Key specs:

  • 17-inch 4K+ UHD display
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7 and i9 processors
  • Up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 discrete graphics
  • Up to 64GB DDR5 RAM and 2TB SSD storage
  • 80Wh battery for over 8 hours of use
  • Just 4.4 lbs and 0.77 inches thick

The vibrant UHD+ touch display pops with over 8 million pixels, 500 nits brightness and strong color reproduction that brings work and entertainment to life. Despite the ample 17 inch screen, Dell manages to make this a relatively portable machine thanks to tiny bezels, CNC machined aluminum and carbon fiber materials along with the unique hidden hinge design.

You’ll breeze through intensive workloads like video editing, 3D modeling and heavy multitasking thanks to abundant RAM, the latest Intel CPUs and RTX graphics. The XPS 17 keeps up with whatever you throw at it while lasting over 8 hours on a charge.

For those needing the ultimate in 17 inch productivity and graphics performance without skimping on mobility, the Dell XPS 17 9720 stands out as the best overall choice.

Recommended Config:

  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM
  • 1TB SSD storage
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB graphics

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2. Best for Gaming: Alienware x17 R2

Serious gamers who demand top notch performance will love the Alienware x17 R2. As Dell‘s flagship 17 inch gaming laptop, it‘s a portable powerhouse with bleeding edge components to crush titles with buttery visuals.

Key gaming focused features:

  • 17.3 inch FHD 360Hz display with NVIDIA G-SYNC and Advanced Optimus
  • 13th Gen Intel processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 series graphics
  • Advanced Alienware Cryo-tech cooling technology
  • CherryMX ultra-low profile mechanical keyboard
  • High speed DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen4 storage

That blazing 360Hz refresh rate display keeps up with twitch movements while G-SYNC eliminates stuttering and screen tearing. The latest NVIDIA RTX GPUs like the 4090 can hit triple digit framerates to exploit the panel’s capabilities. Alienware’s Cryo-tech and vapor chamber ensure peak performance without thermal throttling even after hours long gaming marathons.

The revamped, even thinner Legend industrial design fits Killer WiFi 6E, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.1 outputs and other ports critical for gaming rigs. Up to 64GB DDR5 RAM, 4TB SSD RAID storage and 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13980HX processors provide ridiculous multitasking abilities.

For gaming enthusiasts who need their competitive and cinematic games to shine on a bigger 17 inch screen, the Alienware x17 R2 brings best in class immersion and speed.

Recommended Config:

  • 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700HX
  • 16GB DDR5 RAM
  • 1TB SSD storage
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 8GB graphics

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3. Best for Creators & Designers: Dell Precision 7770

Creative professionals who work on graphically intensive applications like 3D modeling, CAD, video production and advanced design will find excellent performance and accuracy from the Dell Precision 7770 mobile workstation.

Key features for creators:

  • 17.3" UHD+ (3840 x 2400) touch display with 100% Adobe RGB
  • NVIDIA RTX A5500 graphics with 16GB VRAM
  • Latest Intel Xeon and Core i9 processors
  • Up to 128GB ECC memory and 8TB storage
  • ISV certifications for reliability

The Precision 7770 is VR ready and tackles GPU based workflows with ease thanks to NVIDIA‘s most powerful RTX graphics outside of the gaming space. Certified drivers and components stabilize intensivecreative software from crashes over long render sessions.

Vibrant 10-bit color and HDR400 True Black compliance accurately represents work while the touch display and included Dell Premium Active Pen encourage working more naturally. Numerous connectivity options allow seamless workflows from external devices.

For designers, engineers and video editors needing ISV certified performance in a highly flexible 17 inch form factor, the Dell Precision 7770 excels as a true mobile workstation.

Recommended Config:

  • Intel Xeon W-1290P processor
  • 64GB ECC RAM
  • 2TB SSD storage
  • NVIDIA RTX A2000 12GB graphics

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4. Best Battery Life: Dell Precision 5770

While 17 inch workstation laptops typically sacrifice battery runtime for peak graphics and CPU performance, the Dell Precision 5770 breaks expectations with extraordinary battery life without giving up speed.

Key traits of the Precision 5770:

  • Up to 15 hours battery life while browsing
  • 17" 16:10 QHD+ display with 500 nits brightness
  • 12th Gen Intel Core and Xeon processors
  • Professional NVIDIA Turing GPUs
  • 94Whr battery and ExpressCharge Boost

Creative applications like Photoshop and Premiere Pro run smoothly thanks to NVIDIA‘s RTX GPUs. The latest Intel CPUs chew through intensive tasks faster than ever. Despite the desktop-class internals, Dell still fits in a giant battery, allowing over 14 hours of use on a single full charge.

The vibrant 2560×1600 touchscreen showcases HDR content in fine detail. Dell Optimizer software enhances performance over time through AI adaption tailored to you. The aluminum/carbon fiber chassis weighs just 4.65lbs – very portable for the category.

If you need a highly capable 17 inch mobile workstation without worrying about battery life or lugging around extra weight, the Precision 5770 is a standout option.

Recommended Config:

  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12800H processor
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM
  • 1TB SSD storage
  • NVIDIA RTX A2000 graphics

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5. Best Budget-Friendly: Dell Inspiron 17 3793

Shoppers looking for decent big screen performance on a budget will find excellent value in the Inspiron 17 3793. While not as premium feeling or future-proof as Dell‘s XPS line, it delivers solid productivity and entertainment at a more affordable price point.

Key value traits:

  • Large 17.3-inch Full HD display
  • Configurable with latest 12th Gen Intel processors
  • Discrete NVIDIA GeForce GPU options
  • Starts under $700 fully configured
  • Wide range of ports including Ethernet

Casual gamers will appreciate entry level dedicated graphics from NVIDIA. General multitaskers get plenty of screen space for juggling multiple apps and windows. Thanks to narrow bezels, Dell fits the big display in a traditional 15 inch laptop sized body.

While seasoned professionals may want higher-end materials and components only found in Dell‘s premium models, budget seekers get quite a bit of computer for the money with the Inspiron 17 3793‘s combination of display size, respectable performance hardware and ample connectivity.

Recommended Config:

  • Intel Core i7-1260P
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • NVIDIA GeForce MX550 2GB graphics

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What to Consider When Buying a 17" Dell Laptop

From the many options highlighted, think about your primary use cases and must have features/specs when deciding on the best large Dell laptop for your needs:

Performance needs – Casual users are fine with integrated graphics and mid-range processors while creative pros need certified GPUs and maxed out memory configurations similar to desktop workstations. Gamers fall somewhere in the middle but lean towards high end components. Match the laptop capabilities for power and speed to your workflow intensities.

Graphics requirements – If 3D modeling, video editing and PC gaming are critical, choose aconfiguration with mid-range to high-end dedicated NVIDIA RTX, GTX or Quadro graphics. Integrated GPUs found in processors work fine for general tasks.

Display priorities – Standard 1080p resolution is suitable for most folks but those working with visual media and games benefit from 4K clarity, advanced color reproduction and high refresh rates for smoothness. Touchscreens improve interactivity.

Portability expectations – While lighter than past generations, 17 inch models are still bulkier than their smaller siblings. The XPS 17 and Precision 5770 strike a nice balance but pure gaming rigs like Alienware sacrifice thinness for cooling.

Future proofing needs – Prioritize laptops with the newest components like 12th/13th Gen Intel processors and DDR5 memory if you plan to hold onto it for 4+ years. SSD storage, Wi-Fi 6E and ample USB-C ports also help boost longevity.

Experience Using a 17-Inch Dell Laptop

I’ve used various big screen laptops from Dell for both work and personal enjoyment over the years. The experience can vary quite a bit depending on the model lines.

The consumer Inspirons feel solid if a bit plasticky while the business-oriented Latitudes sport understated, durable builds. The XPS line offers a more premium aesthetic with machined aluminum, carbon fiber and Gorilla Glass while workstations like Precision feel very utilitarian yet mighty.

Gaming models like Alienware throw in eye-catching customizable RGB lighting and tumble dryer level cooling fans that roar under load. All have relatively sharp 1080p displays while only certain configs offer richer 4K resolutions.

In practical use, I greatly prefer the additional desktop area compared to traditional 15 inch laptops when multitasking with my typical 20+ open Chrome tabs. Work flows more smoothly across apps like Slack, Office and analytics software.

But the extra screen acreage does cut into mobility somewhat regardless of model. While fine for office commute use, lugging around any heavy-duty 17 incher through airports quickly loses appeal. I suggest a good laptop bag to ease shoulder strain.

The Bottom Line

Dell gives buyers excellent choices when prioritizing big displays and top tier components in a laptop package. The XPS 17 leads the mainstream category while Alienware, Precision and Inspiron models target specific demands around gaming and professional graphics needs.

Just be realistic about the mobility tradeoffs inherent to super sizing your screen compared to mainstream 15 inch clamshells. Utilize Dell‘s sophisticated configurators to strike the right balance of portability and performance based on your personal workflow needs.

When specced thoughtfully, Dell‘s lineup of large laptops rewards owners with enviable productivity, gaming and creativity potential from the desk to the occasional commute.

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