The 5 Best iPhone 13 Cardholder Cases

An iPhone 13 cardholder case allows you to carry your most essential cards and cash along with your phone in one convenient package. These slim yet protective cases have built-in slots that securely hold a few cards, keeping them hidden yet easily accessible whenever you need them.

Cardholder cases are useful for minimizing what you need to carry each day. With an iPhone 13 case that stores cards, you may be able to leave your regular wallet behind and avoid bulky pockets. As long as you pare down to just the essential cards, these cases allow impressive capacity while retaining a slim profile.

In this guide, we’ve researched the top iPhone 13 cardholder cases and identified the best options across several categories. We evaluated factors like storage, protection, price, wireless charging compatibility and more to suit different needs and priorities.

Our Top 5 Picks for Best iPhone 13 Cardholder Cases

Best Overall: Bellroy Phone Case

  • Holds up to 3 cards in concealed rear pocket
  • Made of eco-tanned leather and polymer for protection
  • Soft microfiber lining protects iPhone and cards
  • Magnetic card door doubles as kickstand

With its minimalist design and smart features, the Bellroy Phone Case is our top overall iPhone 13 cardholder case. Despite its slim form, it packs impressive capacity with space for three cards in the hidden rear pocket.

We like that the magnetic door keeps cards concealed yet accessible. This door even functions as a convenient kickstand for media viewing. The polymer and leather construction shields your phone while the microfiber interior prevents scratches.

While this case lacks wireless charging support, its balance of features, protection and subtle design captures our top recommendation.

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Best Leather Folio: Otterbox Strada

  • Genuine leather exterior covers screen when closed
  • Holds multiple cards + cash in folio cover
  • Passed 3X as many drop tests as military standard
  • Magnetic closure keeps case secure

The Otterbox Strada offers full protection with its folio design made of durable polycarbonate and high-quality leather. Close the case and the cover shields the touchscreen from scratches or cracks if dropped.

Inside the folio, slip cash and several cards into the dedicated card slots. The integrated magnetic clip keeps the case securely closed. And despite its protective materials, Otterbox Strada maintains a refined, classic style perfect for business.

While it lacks wireless charging support, this rugged folio case provides excellent protection paired with useful card storage.

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Best Value: Spigen Slim Armor CS

  • Air Cushion technology for anti-shock defense
  • Can hold 2 cards in rear slide compartment
  • Polycarbonate + TPU protection against drops
  • Under $20 price tag

Spigen is well known for tough cases at reasonable prices, and that holds true for the Spigen Slim Armor CS. Despite costing under $20, it still provides heavy duty protection against drops and dings.

Credit the combination of shock absorbing TPU lining with a durable polycarbonate exterior. The textured sides help with grip too. Cards slide into the exterior compartment, which fits up to two at once.

With its subtle style, rugged build, and sub-$20 price, the Spigen Slim Armour CS punches above its class as a budget iPhone 13 cardholder case option.

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Best Kickstand: OneTop Case

  • Can store up to 3 cards in shielded pocket
  • Converts to kickstand adjustable to multiple angles
  • Made of shock absorbing faux leather
  • Magnetic clasp closure for security

Functionality defines the affordable OneTop case, thanks to its ability to convert into an adjustable kickstand for hands-free media viewing. Close it up, and the magnetic clasp keeps your cards protected.

Despite the sub-$20 price, OneTop designed this case to last with reinforced corners and durable faux leather construction absorbing shock upon impact. Plus, enjoy unfettered access to ports and buttons.

For an iPhone 13 cardholder case equally focused on functionality and frugality, OneTop delivers plenty of convenience.

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Most Functional: Vena vCommute

  • Holds up to 3 cards in shielded metallic pocket
  • Flap kickstand adjustable to multiple viewing angles
  • Military grade drop protection with reinforced corners
  • Wireless charging compatible

The Vena vCommute has functionality covered. Despite lacking MagSafe support, it conveniently enables regular wireless charging when flaps are open. It also readily mounts to magnetic car fixtures when on the go.

When closed, the metallic cardholder flap keeps your essential cards protected yet handy. Pop it open, and the kickstand provides a comfortable hands-free viewing angle for your phone.

The combination of military grade drop resistance with useful features makes this case a slash of versatility.

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How To Pick the Best iPhone 13 Cardholder Case

Choosing your ideal iPhone 13 cardholder case involves weighing priorities like capacity, protection, price, and functionality against convenience factors like wireless charging. Consider the following criteria:

Storage Capacity

Determine how many cards and maybe some cash you need to carry daily. Slimmer cases designed for pockets hold 2-3 cards while more spacious folio cases store additional documents. But bulkier cases become more inconvenient for one handed use.

Protection Level

Look for durable materials like TPU, polycarbonate and leather that shield from drops. Reinforced corners better disperse shock. Cases meeting military drop test standards undergo rigorous testing. Folio flaps add screen protection.


Prices span from $15 – $65+ based on brands, materials, construction and features. More affordable options still offer decent quality and protection. Premium options integrate higher end materials and functionality.

Wireless Charging Support

Some cardholder cases lack wireless charging support due to thicker designs. But certain cases allow this when card flaps are open. Consider your charging preferences before purchase.

Prioritize the factors most important for your needs – whether protection, convenience, aesthetics or affordability.

What It‘s Like Using an iPhone 13 Cardholder Case

In practice, keeping your vital cards stashed behind your phone in a sleek case proves hugely convenient. Leave the wallet behind and enjoy quick access to payment cards when needed yet hidden security when not in use. Foilo cases add more complete protection.

However, these cases come with potential downsides. Some find them uncomfortable for long phone calls, especially flush to the face. The tight card capacity also requires carrying a secondary wallet in some situations. And having to remove the case to wirelessly charge introduces hassle.

But for minimalists willing to pare down to the essential cards, phone cases eliminating regular wallets continue gaining appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use iPhone 13 Pro cardholder cases interchangeably?

No – you need a properly fitting case designed specifically for your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro model given their different camera module size.

What should I consider when buying one?

Focus on capacity, protection level, budget, wireless charging capability and convenience factors like kickstand functionality. Prioritize the features mattering most.

Are thick cases still comfortable in pant pockets?

If holding just 2-3 cards, most cases remain pocket friendly depending on your tolerance and pants style – tighter fits prove more troublesome. More space in jacket pockets accommodates added bulk.

Do I need a screen protector with these cases?

You only need an extra screen protector if your cardholder case lacks front flap coverage. Many include sufficient reinforcement around the display. But added protection never hurts.

Can metal credit cards disrupt wireless charging?

Yes, metal card construction can interfere with wireless charging if located between the charger and device. Use non-metallic cards when charging wirelessly.

Bottom Line

The best iPhone 13 cardholder cases allow impressive convenience and organization without sacrificing protection. For those looking to slim down their daily carry, these cases supplant traditional wallets nicely.

Hopefully our top recommendations and buying considerations help you pick the ideal cardholder case meeting your personal needs and preferences. Any of the options above enhance portability and functionally for your iPhone 13 without compromising durability.

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