Hello Fellow Music Lover! Join Me in Spotlighting the Best Pop Icon Funko Pops Worth Collecting

As an experienced data analyst and avid collector myself, I can‘t wait to guide you through the vibrant world of music icon Funko Pops! These adorable vinyl figures have quickly become a pop culture sensation thanks to their low cost and sheer nostalgic fun commemorating our favorite artists.

In the sea of thousands of Funkos available though, how do you know where to start when seeking pops to represent your favorite pop icons and music legends? Not to worry – I‘ve got you covered! Let‘s highlight some exceptional inspired music star Funko Pops that any fan would love to proudly display.

A Quick Background on Funko Pops

But first, let‘s start with some key facts for the uninitiated about Funko Pops. These stylized bobblehead-like figures first appeared in the late 1990s but didn‘t gain a cult following until their 2010 relaunch and subsequent licensing deals with major brands like Star Wars, Disney, and DC Comics.

Funko Pop Timeline

Today Funko produces thousands of unique Pop figures, covering everything from beloved movie characters, nostalgic cereals, and of course – influential musicians. Music icons officially entered the Funkoverse around 2013.

Funko PopRelease YearHeight
Elvis20133.75′′ inches
Michael Jackson20143.75′′ inches
Freddie Mercury20193.75′′ inches
Billie Eilish20214′′ inches

Most music Funko Pops fall under the company‘s aptly named "Rocks" collection. Key aspects collectors consider when evaluating music Funko Pops include:

  • Rarity: Harder to find figures or limited edition runs
  • Condition: Keep boxes intact and pops damage-free
  • Personal meaning: Artists carrying nostalgia or significance
  • Stylization: Eye-catching designs capturing signature looks

Now that you‘ve got the basics on Funko Pops, let‘s jump into the good stuff and highlight exceptional music icon options worth grabbing for your shelf!

History Computer‘s Can‘t-Miss Recommendations

Below I spotlight all-time great music Funko Pops in various categories that I confidently recommend based on their significance, visual appeal, and likelihood of retaining long-term collectible value. Shall we start the vinyl ceremony?

🥇 Best Overall – The Beatles

Beatles Funkos

Ask most music historians to name the most influential pop icons ever and The Beatles will likely top the list. Hence why Funko‘s original 2013 Fab Four set remains the #1 music Funko Pop get. Sadly the full collection has been "vaulted" so complete sets now auction for $600-800!

As both an analyst and lifelong Beatles devotee, I can verify nothing epitomizes pop icon status like John, Paul, George and Ringo immortalized together. Any reputable Funko Pop music display must contain this legendary band. Good luck finding one!

Originally released in 2013
Rarity: 10/10 💎

🆕 Newest – Post Malone

Post Malone Funko

If the Beatles represent iconic bands of the past, Post Malone symbolizes the present pop music landscape. With his face tattoos, man bun, and chilled out style, this 2023 Post Malone Funko Pop will resonate with today‘s listeners.

I love seeing Funko keep things fresh by featuring contemporary artists, and they nailed Posty‘s signature look perfectly right down to his red solo cup! Already vaulted musicians are great, but current chart-toppers like Post Malone will appeal more to the next generation of collectors.

Released January 2023
Rarity: 7/10 💎

📈 Rarest – Mariah Carey Christmas

Mariah Carey Christmas Funko

Transitioning into rare finds, nothing encapsulates festive musical nostalgia quite like Mariah Carey‘s iconic "All I Want for Christmas is You." This glittery Mariah Christmas Funko Pop allows fans to unwrap Mimi all year long! She shines in a Santa-esque gown and golden curls.

Given its highly seasonal design, this Christmas Mariah Funko was only available in 2020. That brief one-year window coupled with strong holiday demand makes finding one under the tree quite difficult. But I say that sky-high resale value possibility makes this a smart long-term Funko investment! 💰

Released in holiday 2020, vaulted
Rarity: 9/10 💎

🎸 Best Pop Rock Icon – Prince

Prince Funko Pop

When judging pop rock icons, the "Purple One" Prince simply can‘t be topped. Befitting the late legend‘s flamboyant musical reinvention, this 2022 figure commemorates the 40th anniversary of Prince‘s epic Purple Rain era. The ruffled blouse, cloud guitar, curls – it‘s a spot-on vinyl tribute!

As both a data analyst and former 80s kid, I can confirm Prince remains a top music nostalgia figure. Thus, any Funko Pop collector should snap this pop rock pioneer up ASAP! It‘ll get the vinyl party started unlike any other. 🎉

Released in 2022
Rarity: 8/10 💎

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Top Boy Band – Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys Funko Pops

Shifting to musicians I personally grew up adoring, this Backstreet Boys five-pack transports me back to 90s boy band hysteria! As a pop culture analyst, I feel Funko did an exceptional job capturing the Boys‘ nostalgic appeal in one vinyl set.

White suits, varied facial hair, Brian‘s iconic hat – it‘s all there! My early teen self would have gone nuts for these. And with boy band mania back in vogue, the Backstreet Boys remain top music icons whose singers any fan should snag in Funko form. Quit playing games with my heart, Funko! 😍

Released in 2022
Rarity: 7/10 💎

👑 Best Classic Pop Star – Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Funko

No all-time music Funko Pop list would be complete without the legendary Whitney Houston. This vibrant 2022 vinyl channels Whitney‘s iconic vibrant 80s look with voluminous hair, hoop earrings and purple club dress.

As a pop culture buff, I appreciate how this Funko visual encapsulates Whitney‘s peak era that first made her a global sensation. Any fan eager to always love Whitney‘s exhilarating dance-pop hits and soaring voice should grab this funky memento. Whitney definitely deserves VIP treatment in any music Funko display!

Released in 2022
Rarity: 7/10 💎

Displaying Your Music Funko Pop Collection

I hope spotlighting exceptional pop music icon Funko options gets your vinyl juices flowing! 💿 As you amass your collection though, be sure to:

  • Display creatively – Group by color, genre, or era for bold arrangements
  • Protect from sunlight – Direct light can damage boxes/figures over time
  • Use risers – Distinguish rare finds by lifting them via acrylic risers
  • Dust regularly – Keep your vinyl superstars sparkling

Properly showing off treasured Funko Pops lets you fully appreciate their novelty while protecting their condition. Display them with care and that $500+ Beatles set could fund a nice vacation one day! 🛫

For me, music Funko Pops shine brightest when evoking nostalgia. My eclectic collection takes me back to vieleing memories across decades – be it seeing Nirvana live in 1992 or my first Backstreet Boys concert. Though your nostalgic touchstones may differ, we all have special musical moments worth commemorating.

So if you‘re itching to liven up your space with music icon decor, I encourage you to browse Funko‘s vinyl archives! With new rockin‘ Pop figurines released routinely, you‘ll have no trouble finding the perfect shelfmates.

Now then, who‘s up for cranking some tunes and sorting through our Funko collections together? Message me anytime to gab more about music icons or trading vinyl finds! I‘m always seeking insightful fellow Funko enthusiasts. 😁

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